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“The social circles can be a complicated place. It’s not a place where you can survive just by being smart. I believe Lady Avelin understands that well.”

Leona’s words sounded even more sincere, perhaps because they were spoken by a Jewelie, who couldn’t navigate the central social circles. Andra examined Leona’s expression keenly. She had to discern whether Leona saying this was for her sister was genuine or if it was a trap set against Andra.

The Jewelie sisters were known for striking unexpectedly from unforeseen angles.

“I know it well. But I think Lady Jewelie also understands it quite well? And above all, Lady Jewelie will be disappointed in Lady Leona.”

“Stephanie? She doesn’t hate me. Not like I hate her. There’s no one else who cares about each other as we do. We know each other well. Stephanie will understand why I made that choice.”

Leona’s voice held conviction as she spoke. Andra thought there was great trust between the sisters. On one hand, she envied it a little.

What would it be like to have sisters supporting and helping her? While her elder brothers were not stingy with their support and assistance, there was a distinct difference between sisters and brothers.

“Lady Leona, I have no sisters. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have them. But….That’s why I don’t feel like getting involved in the fight between you two.”

“Does that mean you have no intention of taking Lady Venetolia’s position?”

“I’ll handle it on my own.”

Andra rose from her seat with a gentle smile. Leona gave a short laugh in response. As Andra distanced herself, Leona threw a piece of advice, sounding almost like a warning.

“Be careful with Lady Venetolia.”

As Andra turned to Leona with a puzzled face, Leona added one more sentence.

“Lady Venetolia has the knack to surprise people unexpectedly. After all, who knows where her roots lie?”

Leona chuckled with a mocking tone, sipping her wine. Andra noticed Ansel approaching from a distance and promptly left.

After the boring ceremony and before the main event began, there was a short break of about three hours. Andra decided to stroll through the garden with Jonathan, who came to visit her during this time. The garden was filled with various vibrant flowers, catching Jonathan’s eyes.

“Do you enjoy flowers so much?”

Jonathan explained each flower they passed every three steps, took a couple more steps to enjoy the fragrance, and then picked a few flowers to create a small corsage, which he placed in Andra’s hair. He chuckled in response to her question.

“It’s possible to enjoy without any particular thoughts. It’s not like you need to overthink while looking at flowers. It helps to ease the mind.”

Andra looked at the flowers. Indeed, when looking at flowers, there was no need for anything else, making it a good way to clear the mind. They were undeniably beautiful.

Perhaps because of this, in Jonathan’s Phlox Palace, there was a garden and a greenhouse personally tended by the prince. Andra remembered helping Jonathan decorate the place each time she came to visit.

“Next time, I’ll bring some hyacinths from the East. This time I had forgotten to bring something because I was so busy with the coming-of-age ceremony.”

“It’s okay. Right now, I have the most precious guest in front of me. By the way, I heard an interesting piece of news. Is there anything you’re curious about from me?”

Jonathan stared at Andra as if he knew everything. In fact, the reason Andra accepted Jonathan’s offer to accompany him during the break was because of the important information he would share with her.

“I heard that Lady Venetolia is going to Pohas.”


Jonathan stroked his chin. He hesitated to answer as if he were weighing the pros and cons. Finally, he gestured for her to be quiet by bringing his index finger to his lips, then walked ahead while finishing his response.

“Half true, half false. She is indeed going to Pohas.”

“So, Lady Venetolia is not going to Pohas for marriage?”

Andra, quick to pick up on things, asked for clarification. Jonathan brought his index finger to his lips again, gesturing for her to remain quiet. Although there seemed to be no one else in the vast garden, this was the imperial palace, a place where caution was necessary. Someone might be eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Well, she is retiring. But Lady Venetolia is… forced to leave. Her Majesty also permitted it. Perhaps this could be Lady Venetolia’s last activity.”


When Andra asked, Jonathan simply smiled, indicating that he couldn’t say more about that. So, Andra naturally closed her mouth.

The two walked through the garden in silence. When there was a fork in the path, Jonathan suddenly opened his mouth.

“Anna, do you want Lady Venetolia’s position?”


Andra couldn’t answer that question easily. Now that she was an adult, she felt the need to actively participate in social activities. However, on the other hand, all of this seemed a bit overwhelming to Andra.

Of course, Andra was well aware that she couldn’t miss this opportunity. Entering the central social circle as someone not from the central nobility was a challenging task, and having a chance like this was rare.

It was a well-known fact among the elites that inheriting Lady Venetolia’s position and entering the social circle was a safe path. Therefore, it was not surprising that Lady Jewelie was eyeing this opportunity.

‘I can’t always stay in the East…’

Andra was born and raised in the East, but she couldn’t spend her entire life there. She had been engaged to Jonathan for a long time, and unless a significant change occurred, he would be her husband. In that case, leaving the East and becoming active in the central social circle was a natural course of action.

Grabbing the current opportunity would not be harmful to Andra, especially since she planned to enroll in the academy. She would be leaving the East anyway.

Yet, why did everything feel so stifling?

“…I don’t know.”

Andra sighed softly and confessed her feelings to Jonathan, who reached out to hold her hand. Why didn’t she know?

“It’s natural, and I understand that it’s something I have to do, but sometimes everything just feels frustrating. Occasionally, I wonder how things would have been if I weren’t born as Avelin.”

Andra gained a lot as Avelin in the East, but she also had to endure much. The position of a prestigious family was not easily obtained. Building a tower was a simple and straightforward task, but completing the tower and maintaining it were challenging.

Throughout the long history of the empire, there were numerous families that enjoyed immense power and wealth. However, with a single choice, they could crumble and collapse. Maintaining a tower for eternity was practically an impossible task.

Initially, Avelin was not more than a modest family in the East. However, Avelin knew how to read the currents, had a quick wit, and with a consistently warm and abundant land, they took their advantages to climb up to this point. Luck played a role, but it could not be said that there was no effort.

Therefore, Andra had to endure a lot to contribute to maintaining this tower. For now, Andra was the only daughter of Avelin.

‘Once Avelin establishes a position in the central social circle, it will be easier to operate. It will help support my brothers and increase the family’s reputation.’

Even now, a majority of people are coming and going on the central social circle, driven by their family’s interests or personal desires. The social circle was not just a place for laughter and chatter, but rather a place where people, money and politics were measured.

The casual words they laugh and chatter about today could lead a certain family down the path of ruin or lift them to prosperity tomorrow. Reputation, too, could rise and fall. This place was nothing short of a silent battlefield, without swords and shields.

To settle down safely in such a place.

Andra couldn’t help but be aware that there was nothing as certain as the position of Lady Venetolia. No one knows if the road others had paved was smooth.

“Do whatever you want, Anna. Your life won’t change completely just because you move away from the center.”

“In return, my influence will narrow. I will always be Avelin, but ultimately, I can’t rise above that name.”

Jonathan made a groaning sound at Andra’s firm tone. It was a valid point.

“I understand. This is just a complaint done in indulgence. I know there are many people who struggle because they can’t live like me. They probably look at me and think if they were in my place, they wouldn’t have to live like this.”


“So, I have to endure. Since I was born into Avelin, there’s nothing I can do. Did you ask if I want Lady Venetolia’s position? As Lady Avelin, I need that position.”

Andra took a moment to take a deep breath. Then, after glancing briefly around, she quietly asked Jonathan.

“How much longer does Lady Venetolia have to live?”