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When someone who had the ability to handle elements died, that ability was scattered back into the world. However, there were those who possessed the power to crystallize and contain these scattered abilities. These were, of course, the most skilled and powerful among those who could manipulate the elements—the head.

“Now that we have dealt with the betrayers involved in this incident.”

Diello’s calm voice echoed in the bedroom. He brought some work documents into the room, stating that he only felt at ease when I was present.

He was working beside me at his desk.

“It would be best to return them to where they came from.”

Essentially, it was no different than beheading the betrayers.

His rampage this time did not last long. By the time I got him under control, Diello had rounded up the entirety of Argenta’s servants and interrogated them for a mere twenty minutes.

In that short time, he not only caught the tails of the betrayers that the intelligence department couldn’t uncover but also beheaded seven of them. As a result, the atmosphere in the mansion was chilling; the aftermath of his rampage still lingered.

I sat silently in front of the round table in the bedroom, observing him.

“I never thought I would see you like this. It’s the first time I’ve witnessed such an emotional outburst.”

The servants were so afraid that they didn’t even dare to breathe. Perhaps the perception of ‘gentle Diello’ would change drastically in the future.

After all, when he got emotional, he was known as the merciless Argenta. Nevertheless, there was also another matter of not letting the betrayers off the hook, especially since they hurt me and Diello. For now, while we had only taken out those directly involved in this, it was also time to weed out all betrayers below the third floor.

So, in that sense, it was a good thing.

“Should I send this to Alors and Cartiel?”

Diello raised the power crystal that contained the elements of the betrayers. These crystals were transparent, sometimes with a red tint, and clearly bore the marks of the abuse.

Wait, what did he just say?


I barely managed to stop him from sending it off as it was. In the past, the old Diello would never even think of sending these crystals, but now, things are different. And not only did he want to send the power crystals, but he also wanted to send them covered in blood?

This man, he was still too hot-headed!

“If we send it like this, both Duke Cartiel and Duke Alors will be extremely cautious of you.”

Until the real Ferro appeared and his ability bloomed, it was crucial that we make sure he didn’t let his guard down.

“Let’s clean the blood off the crystals before sending them.”

Sending the power crystals with blood on them was essentially the same as sending mutilated corpses. Of course, there was not much to hide from those who were trying to kill us, yet it was important to instill the perception that ‘even if Diello gets angry, it’s only this much.’

As I spoke, Diello turned to me, his mouth closing tight before uttering.

“I don’t think the anger will dissipate so easily.”

His voice was soft, but his words were sharp. His cold, shining eyes were a reflection of his inner turmoil. If he continued to suppress his emotions, I feared that he might lose control.

Still, I had a plan.

“Then, let’s do this.”

I uttered as I reached for the power crystal in his hand. As it rattled in my palm, I couldn’t help but shiver.

“If you want to send it away like this, say it was Krua Argenta’s decision. It would be easier to explain away the actions of the villainous Krua than your own.”

Diello furrowed his brow at my words, clearly displeased.

“We shouldn’t make them wary of you.”

I scolded him calmly.

At least if it was done in my name, there would be no suspicion towards him. As I turned to face Rick at the thought, I could see the concern etched on his face.

“These power crystal, in my name–”

However, before I could finish, Diello snatched the power crystal from my hand with a loud sound.

“Send it in my name.”

He commanded, interrupting me. Although I tried to protest, he began to clean the power crystal without hesitation. I could see the red marks being wiped away by the white handkerchief he must have taken out at some point.

“I-I’ll do it.”

As Rick spoke quickly, taking the power crystal from his hand, Diello turned to me, waiting for praise.

“Will this do?”

He asked, a faint smile on his lips.


* * *


[ Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse. Though thankfully, it didn’t escalate into a major disaster.

As we both know, there are some who fail to understand the importance of the three families coexisting for maintaining peace. I had believed that we had successfully removed all of them, but it seems that was not the case.

I will take necessary precautions to ensure that this does not happen again. ]


A few days after, Diello sent a letter demanding an explanation.

Cartiel, the mastermind behind the poisoning, replied. After that, there were many things written down, but to summarize, it said something like this — There were some overly loyal people? I’m sorry.

Even though I went to his office to see what the reply was about, I felt like he was a ticking time bomb. Diello raised an eyebrow, the blue light in his eyes flickering once again. He was still struggling to control his emotional side.

“He seems to want to handle this diplomatically.”

His voice was calmer than I expected.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Cartiel had also sent various precious gifts, all under the guise of ‘sincerity.’

Of course, Deilro immediately burned it, but nevertheless, Cartiel had put in enough diplomatic courtesy. If we continued to provoke them even more, not only would it lead to long-term diplomatic friction with Cartiel, but it would also distance Diello Argenta from the image he had previously presented.

“For now, I will handle this, Krua.”

Diello uttered softly, his voice gentle once again.

“It’s okay, I can manage.”

I said as I approached his desk, cautiously taking back the work that he had been doing for me while I was sick. Still, I couldn’t let him do everything for me. I might end up hearing that I was a lazy mistress who just lounged around and ate at the mansion as an excuse!

“No, you can’t.”

However, Diello remained resolute. He silently pulled the stack of documents that were my responsibility towards me and spoke.

“Take a break until the end of this week. Nias also emphasized the importance of rest.”

Hadn’t I been told that rest was important a week ago?

Despite this, he showed no signs of wavering. When I tried to approach him, he pressed his index finger to my lips.

“Krua, please don’t take away my chance to work for you.”

His whisper was sweet and had the power to make me avert my eyes. It would seem odd to take away the documents after all this talk.

“I’ll just take the rest of the day off.”

From tomorrow on, it would truly be mine!

When I said this with a cold expression, Diello nodded helplessly.


‘I would take it easy until today.’

With those words, Diello rose from his seat.

“Shall I escort you to your bedroom?”

I shook my head at his offer.

“No need.”

My condition was not so dire that I needed to be helped up by someone who was working.


As I left his office, I narrowed my eyes.


Those d*mn thugs.

If it weren’t for my ability, I would have surely died.

“This poison is called Nightmare.”

The information about the poison that I received from Nias was surprisingly severe. Simply dreaming of it could be proved fatal. It was instinctive for me to understand that if my ability couldn’t expel the poison, I would die. Nonetheless, was there nothing I could do diplomatically? Should I just sit idly by?

This was not in line with my temperament, and I was sure the same would have been true for the original Krua.

“I cannot simply sit and take it.”

Upon reaching the bedroom, I turned to Vielle, who had come in with me.

“Is it possible for me to give a personal order to the Intelligence Department?”