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As I called him, he flinched as if he had been caught doing something bad. Well, using poison wasn’t exactly a good deed. However, that didn’t mean he could just stand here and let himself be taken advantage of, right?

In the end, Diello approached me and discreetly took the documents from my hand. After that, he spoke softly.

“…I was just too angry to stay still.”

That was understandable. I nodded my head in agreement. However…

“If Cartiel finds out what you did, he will start to be wary of you.”

That was the problem. I knew all along that the mansion was crawling with spies, that was why I can’t let it slide.

If Diello suddenly undergoes such a drastic transformation that casts off all former images, it would be troublesome, wouldn’t it? However, Diello wasn’t surprised by my words. It meant he had considered that possibility.

“That would be better.”

And those unexpected words fell from his lips.

“Rather than you becoming the target, this would be preferable.”

Suddenly, he leaned closer to me, coming fully close to the desk. The ceiling lights were obscured by his shadow. His shadow covered me.


He kissed me on the forehead. Through the gap, I could see the slightly open door.

The maids were passing by, so it was certain that the people outside heard it too.

“They won’t target you again.”

He smiled beautifully.

I looked into his sparkling eyes and slightly opened my mouth. It was undoubtedly a staged sweet kiss.

Since other people were passing by, it was as if we were trying to convey that we were an incredibly sweet newlywed couple, and soon, the rumors about his body’s lilies would disappear.

That was what the kiss was supposed to be.

However, there was no warmth in his expression.

The warmth that was briefly seen vanished in an instant, and now he looked not only determined but even cold.

…Was it the aftermath of the outburst?

I scrutinized him. His eyes, still shining with magic, seemed to confirm it.

Emotional outbursts were the revelation of the suppressed nature.

In the end, Diello had acted like that for my sake. It was surprising to see that his true nature was more brutal than I had expected, but on the other hand, I was grateful for him.

Who would dislike someone who cared for them?

Diello cared about me.

When I thought about him using methods he didn’t usually use for my sake, I felt more sorry and thankful than worried about what would happen next.

“Come here.”

In the end, I gestured to him.

He obediently turned around the office desk and approached me. I gently embraced him.

“You’ve been through a lot, truly. You weren’t originally someone who would do these things.”

I closed my eyes as I rubbed his shoulders.

I smiled and said, “They get what they deserve, of course!”

Despite unintentionally getting involved in an underground revenge scheme, I didn’t feel the slightest bit sorry for Cartiel.


* * *


“They get what they deserve, of course!”

Krua’s voice rang out cheerfully. Diello felt relieved upon hearing that voice.

Contrary to what he had expected, he didn’t sense any resistance.

Considering the rumors surrounding Krua Alors, known as a villainess, she wasn’t surprised that hr had resorted to poison. However, her personality exhibited here was much purer than he had anticipated.

He was worried that she might be startled like a rabbit with a fire in front of it, but it turned out to be quite the opposite.

“Well done!”

Even though she appeared gentle and amiable, she knew how to act when necessary. It seemed that her constant praise came from a truly resolute and unwavering character.

…It was others he wanted to fool, not Krua.

Diello’s mind was filled with crooked thoughts.

“I was preparing to attack Cartiel’s intelligence department. You must have heard it from Rick.”

There was no way the task assigned to the head of intelligence wouldn’t reach him.

Even if he pretended not to notice her movements, she was already considering him and his actions.

It was only natural, and he was happy about that fact.

“I was worried that you might say that my revenge was too excessive.” Krua continued speaking.

According to what Rick told him, Krua had found the headquarters of Cartiel’s intelligence department using an unexpected method. It was quite adorable.

“But I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that.” Krua said that and glanced at him.

“So, since it turned out this way, let’s create some smoke.”

In response to her words, Diello laughed. “Will you teach me something else?”

His wife confidently smiled back at him.

“Yes, watch carefully.”

After a brief pause, she tilted her head slightly. It was an expression that Diello knew well. The expression she showed whenever she wanted to ‘teach’ him something.

A look as if feeling guilty for staining pure white snow.

‘It’s supposed to be me who feels guilty…’

Crooked thoughts entered his mind.

Diello embraced Krua once again. The scent of water, no longer unpleasant, immediately enveloped him.

He loves this about her; it made him feel like he was going crazy.

In this dirty world, she, who was strong and bright, kept protected him.

He took a short breath.

In Krua’s blind spot, Diello tightly clenched his fist.

He wants to possess her. He wants to possess her even more. So she won’t be thinking about leaving.

“Rick, huh?”

After Krua hugged him tightly, she turned to Rick. Her eyes filled with vitality sparkled.

“Plant someone in Cartiel’s intelligence department. And…” Krua looked back at Diello.

“Will you help me a little?”

“What do you need?”

She slightly tilted her head and extended her hand to him.

“I want you could turn my power into power crystal.”

“…Your power, Krua?”

Diello hesitated. What was she planning to do now?

Undoubtedly, whatever she does will be charming. However, if it puts her in danger…

He narrowed his eyes.

“I will disguise this incident as Alors doing. By making the Cartiel people discover Alors power.”


The blue Alors power sparkled in her hand.

“Since the Duke Cartiel must have heard of my pathetic abilities, they will undoubtedly think it’s the work of Alors family instead of me.”

Moreover, if it was power crystal, even someone sensitive to the flow of magic would find it difficult to locate the owner.

“If we deliver the crystal containing my power to Argenta people, who will infiltrate Cartiel, we can confuse Cartiel while also keeping an eye on Alors.”

She frowned as she said that.

“That way, they will be less suspicious of Diello too.”

Her words caused Diello’s expression to relax.

“…Of course, I will have to help as well.”

His hand grabbed Krua’s.


The magical power she held in her hand turned into droplets and gathered into a large blue crystal in Diello’s hand.
It was the power crystal of Alors.

“How do you think of things like this?”
Diello exclaimed in admiration as he handed the crystal to Rick.

She was a dazzling person. So dazzling that it was blinding, but still captivating to the point where they can’t look away.

Furthermore, there was a sharpness that pricked at places one couldn’t even think of.

What if, without him knowing, she uses that intelligent mind of hers to leave him behind and run away?

Diello narrowed his eyes.

“This will reduce the suspicion on Diello. It gives me some peace of mind.”

The enigmatic Krua smiled as she said that.

Diello and her gaze met.

Her gaze was so clear that it lit up his blackened mind. His wife was a wicked woman. The kind that leaves people hanging without realizing it. The kind that drives them crazy. If only she were this evil only to him.

“…Thank you for worrying, Krua.”

He softly smiled as he tightly held her hand, struggling to suppress the dark desires within him.

That was the only thing he couldn’t restrain. If he didn’t hold on tightly like this, it felt like she would disappear in an instant.


Krua’s voice called his name like a melody.


“As ordered!”
Rick stood up and left.

Diello, without giving a single glance to his subordinate, kept his eyes on Krua.
More precisely, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.


Diello slowly closed and opened his eyes. There was a word lingering in his mouth that he couldn’t bring himself to say to wife.

He was just a gentle man to her. He had to act cautiously.

If he approaches her now, she’ll be surprised like a rabbit.

His eyes sparkled with a blue light.


He took a deep breath.

He wished she could know him better. He hopes she can love him even after seeing the real him.

If not, if she prefers the gentle him and if she dislikes his change, he will live however she wants him to.

He needs to have her just for a moment, before he loses control and goes crazy. His fingertips tingle with desire.