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“You’re saying they can cross the swamp by freezing it with a magical artifact?”

Nira’s method for the Alors’s movement was certainly creative.

“Well, since they’re a family that uses water, I guess it makes sense that they’d be interested in ice magic.”

I nodded.

After all, while it was surprising, it wasn’t entirely incomprehensible. Rick, who had come up by then, was also listening to Nira’s story with an intrigued expression.

“Though are you saying that the Alors have an artifact capable of freezing a swamp of this size to the point where it can be crossed by an army?”

Nira shook her head at my question.

“The artifact itself doesn’t originally have that much power. However, by utilizing their water ability, they can use it with much greater power over a wide area.”

Diello added to his explanation.

“If they use their water ability properly, they should be able to minimize the slipperiness even if the surface melts a little.”

I nodded at his words. If they could make use of water, there was no way they couldn’t do that.

“That’s really creative…”

This was definitely something that we wouldn’t have known without an insider.

“Yes. And once everyone has crossed, they’ll release the artifact and melt the ice in an instant.”

They could do that with their water ability as well.

I nodded slightly.

“Then, the answer is simple.”

I looked at Diello. He seemed to have the same idea as me.

“While they’re crossing the swamp, we melt it.”

That way, we would make them fall into the swamp.

As Diello and I locked eyes, he stared at me for a moment before asking,

“…Krua, what would you do if I were unable to do so?”

It was an unexpected question, so I answered without thinking.

“I’ve never thought about that.”

Oops, did I sound too confident?

Diello, who had been blinking, let out a soft laugh before he opened his mouth again, “Then, I suppose I’ll have to do it even at the cost of my life.”

He couldn’t disappoint his wife, could he?

The next moment, he kissed the tips of my fingers that were holding the glass. Even here on the fourth floor of Argenta, he was a sweet husband.

Almost suspiciously so.


* * *


Argenta’s secret mercenary guild, ‘Kin, ‘ hurriedly moved as they prepared to resume their distribution.

“Hurry up and move!”

It was even larger in scale than the previous one, as if they were in a great hurry.

…And the enemy took the bait.

“There’s movement from the Alors’ side.”

When Rick reported as soon as he noticed it, Diello and I locked eyes in the office.

“What should we do?”

Rick already had a bright, almost sunny, expression on his face. It was as if another sun had risen over there. He only smiled that brightly when he smelled blood.

“Prepare to take action.”

Diello answered before he smiled at me as if to ask, ‘Did I do well?’ It wasn’t good to hesitate when dealing with the enemy.

I nodded at him.


Rick, who was unusually excited, dashed out of the office. There was a reason why he was especially bright this time.

Rick was a loyal subordinate in Argenta, so he was very sensitive when it came to Argenta’s well-being. There was no way he would look kindly upon those who touched Argenta’s shadow distribution.

No, there was no way he would let them live.

“The Executor is moving again.”

“This time, they say he’s ‘executing’ the mercenary guild for the distribution raid.”

In Argenta, the word ‘execution’ meant an immediate execution ordered by the head. It was a chilling word, to say the least.

“Preparations for departure?”

After Rick left, Redias entered the office.

Since it was an official setting, Diello’s voice was cold and commanding. It was a voice that went well with his chiseled face.

I was absentmindedly staring at his face, feeling a strange sense of incompatibility.

“Are you two really planning to depart together?”

Redias suddenly asked carefully.

I nodded.


The vast ice was frozen by the artifact’s power. So, in order to neutralize the attribute of the magic, we needed powerful flames.

Of course, that wasn’t the only reason.

By personally taking revenge for Argenta, Diello could show the Argenta insiders that he was still a benevolent head.

And my participation was for a similar reason. I wanted to make sure that even if I were an Alors, they would know that I wasn’t on their side. I had been worried that someone might object because I was from Alors, but there was no opposition.

“If the Madam goes, I’m sure we’ll be able to deal with any variables that may arise in the swamp.”

“I’d be grateful if the Madam would go!”

I wondered if it was because Vielle and Rick had actively defended me.

“Thank you.”

When I expressed my gratitude for their trust, they replied matter-of-factly.

“We were simply showing proper courtesy to the head of the family.”

“You’re an Argenta, Madam.”

They didn’t seem to think I was going out of Argenta soon, as Rick even added, “You’re not really going to leave us, are you?”

Still, it was the deal?

Of course, before I could answer, Vielle grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him away.

“My apologies, Madam.”

“…The two of you seem closer than I thought.”

At my words, Vielle made a surprisingly unexpected remark, her face showing how humiliating it was to be lumped together with someone like that.

“We’re… friends.”

“Wow, really?”

One was strict and cold, while the other was unpredictable. Surprisingly, they were an unlikely but compatible combination.

Recalling the recent past, I smiled and gestured.

“Just make sure the issue is resolved.”

“Of course.”

Redias bowed his head.

“Since the head himself will be going, there is a discussion about how to disguise their faces.”


Well, since the mercenary guild wasn’t in Argenta’s name, they couldn’t look like people from Argenta. Of course, they would wear mercenary outfits, and it would be better to cover their faces.

The problem was….

“Are you saying that you’re going to cover them with cloth?”

Redias bowed his head politely at my words.


It won’t be easy to disguise their faces while pretending to be mercenaries. If they were assassins, it would be easy to wrap them up in black cloth, however…

“What about other methods?”

At my words, not only Redias but also Diello looked back at me.

“Other methods, Madam?”

I pointed to the collarbone area of ​​Diello’s at those words. However, as our distance suddenly became closer, I ended up poking him, and I was so startled that I pulled my hand away. His cheeks flushed slightly as he simply blinked his eyes.


I could see Redias turning his head, too.

I-it wasn’t like that!

“Like when we covered this up.”

That was what I was trying to say, that…!

Meanwhile, Diello’s face, which had briefly lit up at my words, fell.

‘…What were you expecting, Diello?’

I thought that he had changed a lot since I first met him.

“You mean we should use Nira’s ability?”

I nodded at his words.

“There’s no need to cover their faces. They can just disguise themselves as other people.”

It was possible for Nira of the Shadow Blade family, who owned the ability of disguise. At the same time, Redias’ face lit up at my words.

“I’ll prepare right away.”

He seemed to be worried that Rick and his men wouldn’t be able to move properly either.

After Redias left, Diello tilted his head slightly towards me when we were alone in the office. I could see him while looking at the door in the corner of my vision. There was a troubled smile on his lips.


As I blinked, he pressed his lips against my forehead before he whispered softly, almost inaudibly.

“Please stop doing that.”


When I asked back, Diello whispered, his lips still pressed against my forehead instead of meeting my gaze.

“I’m getting more tempted.”

‘…What is he talking about?’

However, he got up from his seat before I could ask. It was as if nothing had happened.

“Just in case, I’ll go and check the perimeter of the Endless Sea again.”

He then disappeared from the office the next moment.


I blinked blankly, left alone.


‘…Why are you running away, Diello?’

Of course, Diello wasn’t there to answer.