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Felicia and Pogos frequently met before or after class, or whenever they found free time, to discuss matters concerning spirits.

They were particularly curious about how I summoned intermediate spirits at once and what my thoughts were on the water element.

Despite my insistence that there was no special secret, their questions persisted.

Eventually, I promised to occasionally observe their practice, and we parted ways with satisfied expressions.

After completing the remaining classes and having dinner, I made my way to the First Library.

Several people, especially seniors, were seated, engrossed in books and studies.

I quietly settled at a desk toward the back.

The library closed at 10 o’clock, after which all entrances to the lecture halls and buildings were securely locked.

Despite bringing a few books to pass the time, it felt absurd to waste away listening to idle chatter.

However, a persistent inner whisper urged me to give it a try, hinting at the possibility of a significant boost in my spirit magic abilities.

As the night wore on, students gradually departed.

Quietly rising from my seat, I retreated to a secluded corner of the library.

In this remote aisle, amidst towering shelves, where few ventured, lay ancient texts predating the Empire.

Seated between bookshelves, I watched dust lazily drifting in the dimly lit corridor.

“What’s this?”

As I absentmindedly followed the dust with my eyes, something on the lowest shelf caught my attention.

‘A blanket?’

“It’s closing time. Please tidy up and leave,” the librarian exclaimed loudly at the odd item.

Approximately ten remaining students departed one by one.

I hugged my knees tightly, alert to the librarian’s bustling organization and the sound of footsteps.

Soon, it seemed she was checking if anyone remained.

Footsteps drew nearer to my aisle.


Softly, I whispered. Poof! A shimmering water spirit materialized.

I gave Undine instructions, which she warmly acknowledged.

“Go over there…”

After some time, the librarian’s annoyed voice reached my ears.

“Oh, I told them not to drink anything in the library! Who spilled water like this? Anyway, students!”

The footsteps quickly faded away, drowned out by her muttering about ‘students who don’t appreciate the value of books and their reckless behavior’ as she continued cleaning.

Swoosh. I heard the sound of a mop sweeping.

Undine returned to me, squinting one of her tiny eyes in acknowledgment.

“You did well.”

I praised her with a smile. Undine smiled happily and returned to the spirit realm.

Finished with cleaning, the librarian did not return. There was the sound of putting the mop back in its place, then thud, the library door closed.

Listening closely, I heard the faint click of the lock. There were a few tugs to ensure it was securely locked, then silence.

‘So cold….’

Only then did I exhale heavily. I covered myself with the blanket, feeling the chill.

As the night deepened, anticipation inevitably grew stronger.

Despite trying to dismiss it as mere fancy, the anticipation intensified, my heart pounding louder and louder.

I sat there and waited for quite some time.

It was only about ten minutes until midnight when it happened.

Thud, thud, thud, thud. The sound echoed through the quiet library.

“What’s that?!”

Startled, I grabbed the blanket.

‘Do ghosts make footsteps?’

It seemed unlikely. Yet, the sound from outside the door was unmistakably footsteps.

‘A student? The librarian? At this hour? Who?’

Whoever it was, the fact that someone was approaching at this hour, when the library should be deserted, felt eerie.

After the sound of the lock clicking, the door soon opened.


The sound echoed unusually loudly in the quiet library as the mysterious visitor stepped inside.

For some reason, their footsteps seemed to draw closer to where I was.


I whispered, summoning the spirit quietly. With her calmly guarding behind me, I felt somewhat relieved, but I remained tense.

I gripped the blanket tightly as the approaching footsteps mixed with the sound of my pounding heart.

Finally, when the unidentified visitor’s face appeared beyond the shelves, I was so surprised that I inadvertently blurted out their name.


His eyes widened in surprise.

Oops. His expression made me realize what I had just blurted out.

Trying to cover my slip, I quickly added, “Your Highness Valentine, it’s a pleasure to see you.”

Since the battle in the forest, I had forsaken formalities when thinking of him, often referring to him with derogatory terms only.

Claude Valentine stood there, frozen, neither advancing nor retreating, appearing awkwardly uncertain.

Despite quickly composing his expression, Claude appeared as flustered as I was.

‘What on earth is he doing here?’

He was two grades above me, so we never shared classes. Moreover, I spent most of my time outside the academy.

Thus, it had been quite some time since our last encounter.

If we could even deem this unexpected meeting a ‘reunion.’

The presence of Claude Valentine in the middle of the night brought back unpleasant memories.

My nerves gradually woke up. Undine behind me seemed to sense my tension even before I did.

Her previously subtle presence suddenly became palpable. The presence of the spirit distinctly filled the air.

It was a breath-holding moment.

“That blanket, it’s mine.”


He pointed at the red blanket I was unknowingly clutching tightly.

“It’s mine.”


Dumbfounded, I handed him the blanket from my shoulder into his outstretched hand.

Taking the blanket from me, Claude casually draped it over himself.

Without a backward glance, he left the shelves.


Was he just going to leave like that? Where to?

Panic-stricken, I reached out. But Prince Claude kept moving away from me at a steady pace, not running but walking at a consistent speed.

Emerging from between the shelves, he made his way to the center of the library.

Making his way to the center of the library, he gathered a few desks together.

Once enough space was cleared, he climbed onto them, settling into a comfortable position.

Covering himself with the blanket up to his toes, he stretched out his arms and rested his head against them, closing his eyes.

[“Strange human.”]

Undine murmured.

Even as I approached, Prince Claude lay still with closed eyes, not even blinking.

“What’s going on?”

The tension that had filled the narrow space between the shelves just moments ago, along with the prickling nerves, all vanished. My voice carried only bewilderment.

“Your Highness.”


“What do you want to say? Isn’t this situation strange, Your Highness?”



Prince Valentine responded without opening his eyes.

“Leave. I have nothing to say to you. Didn’t we agree that I wouldn’t even spare you a glance or a word after what happened? Don’t you remember?”

Oh right. The memory came rushing back.

Before the actual altercation, I did make such a promise when pleading with him to leave me alone.


“Wasn’t that agreement nullified when you deliberately let go of the door of the dining hall we were holding onto?”

Finally, he opened his eyes.

In the dimly lit area, illuminated only by fragmented moonlight through the window, his gray eyes melded with the darkness, making them difficult to discern.

I couldn’t fathom why the memory of his gaze that had pinned me down while climbing the stairs to the lectern came to mind. It must have been the capricious allure of the moonlight.

Claude Valentine, aged twenty-one.

The image of him, worn out and unassuming, staring at me incessantly, overlaid itself on the young face before me like a hallucination.

As Claude blinked, the illusion shattered. He staggered momentarily, appearing dizzy.

He glanced at me before closing his eyes again and turning over to lie on his side. His voice flowed over the desk with a low hum.

“The longer we talk, the more likely we are to fight, so I’m just trying to prevent needless conflict. It’s late, and the night is deep. Will you leave me alone now?”

Ignoring his irritation, I pulled out a chair and sat down. Claude muttered irritably, his tone suggesting discomfort.

“You really don’t intend to listen to what people say, do you?”

“Aren’t you the same, Your Highness?”

Engaging in banter felt strange, as if it were an ordinary conversation.

My heart felt refreshed. Since recalling the image of Claude before his transformation, I suddenly felt lighter.

Was it the caprice of the moon again? I hoped so.

Whether he sensed the change in my demeanor or realized I wouldn’t back down no matter what, Claude subtly turned his head to look at me.

Under his gaze, I sat quietly before letting out a deep sigh and straightening up, smoothing out my disheveled hair.

“At least get rid of that annoying spirit, if you want to talk.”

“Of course.”

Upon my glance, Undine nodded slightly in acknowledgment before returning to the spirit realm.

Prince Claude descended from his makeshift bed and sat on the chair opposite mine. Casually, he draped the red blanket over the chair in front of him.

Despite the fatigue evident in his eyes, he teased me with a sarcastic tone.

“So? What catastrophic conversation and lengthy, meaningless effort did you have in mind that required keeping me awake, Miss Estelle?”