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The sudden urge to push the man beside Hazel aside came over him. He was about to stand up and go to Hazel, but he stopped.

‘I can’t let Hazel be embarrassed now when the goal is so close.’

The red-haired man who had been talking to Hazel added a couple more words, then reluctantly turned and left the hotel.

Kairos’ gaze was fixed on the man leaving.

‘He looks familiar.’

Where had he seen him?

‘Ah, he’s the heir to the Banker family. He’s been designated as the successor.’

Dylan Banker. Hazel’s social circle was narrow, so his identity was quickly revealed. When he was investigating Hazel before they got married, the information came up that they were colleagues. And he thought Hazel said that he was a colleague and close friend who asked her for help this time.

‘Well, first of all…’

Kairos put his thoughts aside and turned to Hazel.


At his call, Hazel, who was about to press the button to go upstairs, turned her head with a start. The moment their eyes met, her face turned even paler, and her eyes widened like lanterns.

“… N-Noah?”


* * *


No, why was the hotel so empty? What if a guest come? I had such useless worries, so as soon as Dylan said goodbye and left, I hurried to the elevator.


At the low voice piercing my ears, I felt like an arrow had pierced my body. Whose voice did I just hear? My head turned faster than my thoughts. As soon as the image was imprinted on my retina, my eyes felt like they were popping out.


I screamed inwardly and turned pale.


Noah Edith, no, Kairos Hadid? If my eyesight wasn’t wrong, there couldn’t be another perfect specimen like that. But why was he here?

How could he be here?

Somehow, the corners of his mouth were turned up in a more satisfying way than usual. His cheeks were slightly sunken, yet his jawline was still sharp—the beautiful eyes that I liked the most… the deep red eyes. No matter how I looked at it, it was Noah.

No, so… why was he here? Why was my husband here? Why wasn’t he hiding himself?

He approached me with a steady gait and a nice smile on his face.

“Are you coming from the palace?”

His low, melodic voice made me shiver involuntarily.

“Hh-h-how… how are you here?”

My fingertips trembled as I pointed at him.

Kairos took my outstretched hand familiarly and pressed his lips firmly on the back of my hand. Despite the countless kisses we had shared, I felt like a fish on a hook.

“I came because I missed my wife… Is that not allowed?”

As he looked down sadly as if he was upset, I suddenly came to my senses.

“Oh, of course it’s allowed! I mean, that’s, I thought you were home… T-this must be a dream!”

When I pretended to pinch my cheek, Kairos burst out laughing softly.

“I wish I had come sooner if I knew my wife would be this happy.”

Oh my God, crazy

I wrapped my arms around my increasingly delirious husband. Even though I tried to take him to the elevator, he was too heavy for me to move. I couldn’t help but look up. I forced a laugh, trying to hide my anxiety.

“Noah, let’s go to my room. I want to be alone with my husband right now.”

Was my voice too desperate?

Kairos burst out laughing. He took my face in his hands and gently caressed my cheek with his thumb.

“We’re alone right now.”

Oh, that was why I should go before someone else came!

I tried to keep the corners of my mouth from turning down at the thought.

“No, I don’t like it. It’s still outside. Let’s go to the room and be alone. Hurry….”

First, I had to lock him up in the room, or rather, hide him.


I didn’t know how I ended up on the top floor, inserting the key and turning it.

I was determined to hide Kairos Hadid here. As soon as I pulled him inside, the door closed, and my back hit the wall. Noah’s hands were on my back, so it didn’t hurt. However, before I could think about it, our soft, smooth lips met.

Like a spreading fire, Noah instantly ignited all my senses and sent them soaring. This d*mn kiss was both good and bad.

I barely came to my senses amidst the sweet, hazy breaths.

“No-Noah. Wait, just a minute.”

He pulled away slightly as I pushed his broad, solid shoulders.


I flinched at the low, husky voice. The temperature around us suddenly rose.

“W-well, just, just a little later.”

“You said you were in a hurry.”

Noah leaned in again, his head tilted. As soon as our lips met, I pushed him away again.

‘…No, don’t fall for it. I won’t fall for it.’

I smiled bashfully and placed my hand on my stomach.

“Noah, I’m… I’m so hungry.”

I had to say the magic words to stop him.


* * *


Rumble, rumble.

The heat that had flared up disappeared, and I found myself enjoying a feast in the middle of my hotel room. Noah, who had miraculously disappeared when I said I was hungry, told me to wait a moment and called one of his aides, Sid, to serve this food in an instant.

He handed me a fork and knife, seeing my mind was filled with countless thoughts.

My trembling hands, still shaking from the tension, took a bite, and I felt as if all my worries and troubles were melting away.


Oh, man, this was delicious. It was on a whole other level compared to the food I’d been eating here. What did he put in it to make it taste so good? I couldn’t stop myself from eating faster and faster. The food here had been satisfactory, but this was heavenly.

I felt a pang of regret that I hadn’t learned to cook. I would have been spared all this trouble!

As I ate, Noah watched me intently, his jaw clenched.

“Why? What is it?”

I blinked, and Noah’s hand gently brushed my lips.

“Because you’re beautiful.”

Ahem, ahem.”

Have I lost my immunity?

I cleared my throat and took another sip of water. When I was somewhat full, I regained my senses, which had been half-gone.

Noah was in the capital. This was a big deal.

If Dylan had seen Noah earlier, he might have recognized him. Unlike me, Dylan often attended banquets. I had only been knighted while he was the heir to the banker family, so a family with a Marquess title would definitely know Kairos Hadid, especially if they were central nobles who spent much time in the capital.

The thought made me dizzy again.

“Why aren’t you eating anymore?”

Noah asked with a hint of disappointment as I put down my fork and wiped my mouth with a napkin.

“I ate a lot. But what’s really going on? Did you wait for me at the hotel until I arrived? Did you… wait too long?”

“I didn’t wait long. I saw Hazel coming while I was waiting.”

Noah opened his arms as if inviting me.

While I stood up in a trance, I felt a cold sweat breaking out. I had to send him away quickly, at least before I went to the palace tomorrow.

“Oh, I see. That’s good, though aren’t you busy? You must not have slept properly yesterday.”

It was scary how habits work.

As I sat on his firm thigh, my hand instinctively went to the corner of his eye, where he must have gotten dark circles from staying up late because of me last night. Noah accepted it naturally, but he turned his head and kissed the plump part of my palm.

It tingled where his lips touched.

“I’m fine as long as I can see my wife.”

I thought it was just empty words again, but his face was genuinely filled with contentment. He seemed relieved that I wasn’t causing trouble and was quietly doing my job in the capital.

However, he still didn’t seem to know that I was aware of his existence.

Let’s see…

I’ve been at the hotel for seven days.

He had been following me for seven days. His surveillance was looser than I thought, and a glimmer of hope appeared.

At that moment, my arm was pulled up.

Huh? Why was my arm suddenly…