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Just as he made up his mind to leave, he saw Lexius shamelessly occupying the sofa. As if wondering what he was doing, Lexius watched him from a distance before turning his gaze to Ariel. His audacious face contained a subtle smirk as if tempting.

At the sight of it, a feeling of intense displeasure that outweighed the embarrassment rose up in his throat as a foul curse lingered in his mouth. Instead of spitting them out, he gritted his teeth and re-entered the parlor.

Leaving behind the bewildered Ariel, he grabbed Lexius by the collar.

“You’re coming with me.”

“Why me?”

Lexius naturally frowned and refused. Nevertheless, Skylar showed no sign of backing down.

“There’s no reason for you to be here.”

As he spoke fiercely as though threatening, his eyes glowed with a blue light. In response, Lexius was about to emanate ferocious air around him, but he abruptly stopped. He suppressed his volatile temper and observed his opponent.

Skylar today was strange. It seemed like he was ready to explode at the slightest touch.

While there may be some speculation, it didn’t seem to be the actual cause. His anger and agitation weren’t a result of him damaging the royal vehicle and intruding on his person. Rather, it was more personal and primitive… an irrational emotion that arose regardless of benefits and losses.

The epitome of inefficiency spewed out by someone else…

At the thought, Lexius’s eyes were directed at a potentially influential figure… a girl with a slender figure stood in the doorway.

“Do you like her?”

Skylar’s expression froze at the casually thrown remark.

A face that was completely blank and devoid of any emotion due to shock by something. Then, little by little, emotions welled up. As his narrowed eyes widened, the fiercely glaring eyes began to quiver. His lips, which seemed ready to spew an insult at any moment, were tightly bitten.

The pale face reddened as if scorched by fire.

Lexius, who had been looking at it, was rather embarrassed. Taken aback, he asked again.

“You, seriously…?”

Skylar hastily interrupted him, covering his mouth. He had to shut up that mouth that was probing his true intentions. On the other hand, Lexius, whose mouth was forcibly sealed, became aggressive. He immediately grabbed Skylar’s wrist, tensing his muscles to forcefully remove it.

However, the ripple effect of the feeling of being cornered was powerful. Skylar’s strength was so strong that even he who rolled over the battlefield was slow to resist.

“Shut your mouth.”

His eyes fluttered dangerously as he threatened Lexius. It seemed as though he was confused because he realized something he didn’t want to realize.

Naturally, Lexius also noticed his feelings.

From that moment, it was Lexius’s turn. He giggled through his closed mouth as he looked at Skylar, who looked like a young boy. The sensitive Prince’s embarrassment reached even his ears.

‘…Of all people, to be caught first by this guy.’

“Um, you two… What are you doing?”

Ariel, standing at a distance, cautiously threw in a question. She was nervous at the sight of the two, who seemed ready to clash, tilting their heads. It was a good thing that they weren’t getting closer to each other.

Still, even that good news wouldn’t last long.

Skyler couldn’t keep Lexius subdued for long. If things continued like this, his true feelings might be exposed by someone else’s mouth.

“…Ariel! Go… towels! Go bring towels, water, and clothes!”

He shouted urgently. Since it was difficult to restrain Lexius, he needed to send her away as soon as possible.

Ariel nodded in surprise.

“Yes, yes!”

After repeating the answer twice, she quickly left the corridor.

When the sound of her footsteps had completely faded into the distance, and there was no indication of anyone’s presence, his grip loosened. Skylar left Lexius alone and slumped onto a nearby sofa, his face dark with fatigue. After he roughly swept his face before he placed his palm on his forehead, he lowered his head and let out a long sigh, muttering curses under his breath.

Lexius, who leisurely enjoyed the scene from the side, asked teasingly.

“Is this your first love?”

“…Shut up.”