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After tying the clothes that were blocking the holes in the bottom of the boat, Luca held Sylvia around her waist and connected them together. Then, without delay, he dressed her in the life jacket that was on the boat, and jumped into the sea.
Fortunately, the monster fish did not seem to live near the shore.

‘I wish I had the ability to speed up like Sylvia.’

He looked at her pale face and bit his lips. What if something happened to her? His heart seemed to collapse as he thought that, and he felt a pain as if someone was poking him in his chest with a needle. He tried his best to swim ashore, trying not to have any ominous thoughts.

“Aah, ah…”

Swimming with someone who had fainted was much harder than he thought. After swimming for a long time, he was able to reach the shore, perhaps because there was a way to live.

“Sylvia! Wake up!”

He tried to shake Sylvia, but she was silent. Luca came up to the sandy beach with the last of his strength, her body resting on his arm. And as soon as he carefully put her down on the sand, he threw up the seawater.
Luca moaned as he wiped his mouth with his hands, then looked back at Sylvia in surprise. Come to think of it, even he, who was conscious, swallowed sea water like this. Would Sylvia be okay?

He hurriedly approached her and examined her. Her face was paler than before. Seeing her unconscious as if she were dead, his heart instantly became convinced.
Luca practiced mouth-to-mouth without pondering. After releasing the clothes tied around Sylvia’s waist and resting them on the back of her neck, he covered her nose and breathed in her mouth a few times. After doing mouth-to-mouth, he applied pressure on her chest several times, and repeated the process.

A long time later, sea water came out of her mouth as she coughed. After taking a few more breaths, Luca let out a sigh of relief as Sylvia’s breathing stabilized.
His handsome forehead was covered with sweat. Did he ever become so desperate to save someone before?

After confirming that Sylvia was breathing weakly, Luca belatedly looked around. He couldn’t tell when he saw the island from the sea because it was surrounded by fog, but when he arrived at the shore, he could see that the bushes had grown like an uninhabited island untouched by humans.
Was this island always like this? He tilted his head at the view of the island, which was much different from the last time he came here.

Whatever the case, he had to resolve the urgent matter first. Luca embraced her again, still trembling, and headed towards the place he remembered. He overcame a crisis with artificial respiration, but he had to warm Sylvia, whose whole body was ice-cold.

The environment had changed, but he walked carefully past the rocky area next to the shoreline, as he remembered, and found a cave covered in lush weeds. It was a hideaway made on the island to prepare for an unforeseen event.

When his grandfather first told him about this place, he thought his ancestors had done something useless. It wasn’t a structure that anyone could invade because the barrier was strong anyway, so he wondered why it was made. He even wondered at one time if he should get rid of it.

However, it was fortunate that there was such a place in the present situation. The anxiety he felt from the time he noticed that the color of the barrier had changed only worsened once he realized that the island’s environment was completely different. It was clear that it had become a dungeon because of the contaminated energy that was giving a headache to the imperial family these days.

‘Fortunately, this place is still the same.’

The cave was well-equipped for hiding. In the hideout, which had been artificially carved out of a natural cave and made wider, there were preserved foods, clean bottled water, and simple bedding. Luca placed Sylvia, who had blue lips, on the mattress on the floor and checked the boxes covered in plastic cloth.

‘There’s no sign of anyone looking through this place. We can stay here for a while and wander around the island.’

At that moment, Sylvia, who had been laid down, groaned weakly.

“Ugh… I’m cold…”
“Sylvia, please wait a moment. I’ll make you warm soon.”

Fortunately, the family’s signature business item, the jade floor mat, was placed on the mattress. After attaching the electric mat to the tourmaline in the cave, he reassured Sylvia even though he knew she wouldn’t be able to hear it.

“You will get warm now…”

Luca paused as he spoke. Come to think of it, shouldn’t he take off all her wet clothes? No matter how much she lay on a warm jade mat, it would be useless if she was wearing wet clothes.

‘Should I take off her clothes?’

Luca gulped roughly. His heart began to beat violently as he thought he had to remove Sylvia’s clothes when she was unconscious. His breathing became faster and faster, and his hands grew wet with sweat. He even kept salivating in his mouth, like a person who had delicious food placed in front of them.

‘Wow, oh my God. What kind of strict imagination are you having now? You’re saving someone.’

Luca patted his reddened cheeks with the palms of his hands. However, instead of calming down, the redness turned even more red and came down to his neck. Shaking his head to shake off his thoughts, Luca touched the seaweed dress with trembling hands. Then, he tilted his head.

‘How in the world am I supposed to take it off?’

He had never taken off a woman’s clothes before, so he was confused about what to do. No, apart from that, it was a seaweed outfit he had never seen anywhere… Inevitably, Luca fumbled around and inspected her for any zippers or buttons. It was a confusing design he had never seen before.

With her whole body wrapped in seaweed, Sylvia looked like a spring roll. It was a visual that wasn’t racy at all, but it was different now that he was fumbling around her body with his hands. It felt strange that he was inevitably touching her body, but the slippery touch made him feel more and more strange.

Naturally, the more he touched her body, the more his lower part began to swell. He tried to endure it, but he couldn’t control himself. Gradually, a sultry sigh escaped his mouth. At first, it was just half-heartedly standing up, but the more he touched Sylvia’s body, the stronger it felt as if it was going to rip through his pants.

‘I must be crazy.’

Luca bit his lower lip hard and frantically rumpled his red hair.

“Ah, please… come on! Do you have no tact in this situation?”

He looked down with a reddened face and sighed softly. At that moment, Sylvia turned around and crawled further inside the mattress. Because Sylvia got closer to the wall, he thought that he had to go up on the mattress to take off her dress. He was going to go crazy.

Luca hesitated as he was about to raise his knee on the bed, feeling like he was a vicious s*xual harasser. He had taken off his top a long time ago, but he was still wearing his wet pants. If he got on the mattress like this, the bedding would become wet quickly, which would make things difficult.

‘Yeah, that’s why I have to.’

That was why he was taking off his pants, but it felt strange. He threw off his pants that were clinging to his legs and touched his underwear. He was startled by what he had done.

‘Crazy bastard! What would Sylvia think of me if she suddenly woke up? Let’s be humane and not take this off.’

Nervously walking back and forth in his underwear, he approached the supply box in the corner. As he rummaged through the box, he was fortunate to find a large mat made of cloth.

‘I should at least put this around me.’

Wrapping the cloth around his lower body, he took a deep breath and climbed onto the mattress. As Luca, who had a large body, climbed up, the mattress squeaked awkwardly. He regretted that if he had known this would happen, he would have put a better bed in the hideout before the island got to this point.

Sylvia curled up and let out a gasping breath. He had to remove her clothes quickly. What should he do? He hesitated before deciding to tear the dress. However, he wondered how the damn dress was made as he could not tear it apart. He had never thought he was weak, so why was this happening?

He thought the appearance of the dress was unusual, but it must be much sturdier than he thought. After frowning and trying to tear her dress apart a few times, Luca finally gave up and fumbled around her body again. He touched it everywhere, but he couldn’t see any zippers or buttons on the dress, which was smooth on the outside.

‘How do I take this off? Should I just take it off in one piece?’

Taking it off from the top seemed to be the only way. Seeing Sylvia’s bluish lips, he made up his mind. He held the bottom of the dress with trembling hands and lifted it, revealing her white thighs.
As he pulled it up further, he could see the wet underwear in front of me. Luca’s mouth widened foolishly at the nakedness that was clearly visible on the area the underwear was supposed to cover. The erected lower part of his body had now reached a point where it was painful.

‘This is driving me crazy, really.’

He couldn’t hesitate any longer. He was well aware of how dangerous hypothermia was.
Forced to raise his gaze, Luca gently pulled up Sylvia’s dress, which was clinging to her because it was wet. The dress was pulled up smoothly, revealing a flat white belly, but it was caught in one section.
The dress was tight on the area below her chest, so even if he pulled it up carefully, it didn’t move from that spot. Luca rubbed his throbbing temples at the insane situation.
He wondered what to do, seeing that he couldn’t even tear it apart. With a hot breath, he touched the lower part of Sylvia’s chest with his hands, and his face turned even more red.

‘I guess… I have to press her chest with my hands and take it off… Ah, I’m sure she won’t be hurt like this…’

His red eyes shook violently as he became a shameless man who was molesting a sleeping person.
Luca exhaled wildly. He tried to ignore the discomfort in his lower body and sat down on his knees in a crooked posture, trapping Sylvia between his legs. He carefully slipped his hand under the dress to pull it off. Then, in astonishment, he pulled his hand out again. She wasn’t wearing any underwear to cover her chest. The soft flesh touching his fingertips was dizzying.

‘What is going on? Why is she wearing only panties and not a bra?’

The 〈Seaweed Witch’s Dress〉 was a mysterious garment made of seaweed-like material, and thankfully, it had a chest cap. So Sylvia was bare-chested, not wearing a bra.

‘Wow… What am I going to do!’