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Yuria’s jaw trembled as she seemed to deal with Jiksen firmly. After hesitating for a while, her mouth closed completely.
Jiksen deliberately clicked his tongue loudly, as if he wanted it to be heard.
Then, he touched the basket Yuria was going to give to the knights.
Yuria reflexively gave strength to the hand holding the basket, but Jiksen widened his eyes threateningly.

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re smart. If you get anything in the future, bring it to me first right away.”
“Even your fiancé liked Lilika, not you, because you’re frustrating like that. Gosh…”

“Please be just half of what Lilika is,” with that remark, Jiksen left the training hall.

In the end, all the sunscreen that Yuria was going to give them this time was lost to Jiksen.
Yuria’s head dropped helplessly.
Seeing that, the knights became stunned.

‘He asked why she didn’t give him the sunscreen. Doesn’t that mean that he needs it after all?’
‘Why is he calling Young Lady Yuria stupid when she brought us the useful sunscreen?’

It didn’t make sense.
Jiksen was obviously coveting the after-sun cream and the sunscreen, but he didn’t have much pretext for it, so he was nitpicking for no reason.
But could Yuria, the person involved, be able to grasp Jiksen’s intentions?

All the accusations he spit out of his mouth today were ridiculous.
It was never an admonition he was giving for his sister’s sake.
The raw words that poured out in front of others, whether they heard them or not.
She couldn’t see well because she lowered her head, but Yuria’s ears were burning. It was very humiliating and unfair.
No, maybe she was crying. She must have been.


Even after Jiksen disappeared, the knights could not comfort her. They only looked at each other. They didn’t know what to say in this situation.
If it were Lilika, she would have caused a commotion with her thick tears to the point that the castle would be boisterous.


However, Yuria soon rubbed her face roughly. And vigorously raised her head.
Then, before the knights could say anything, she opened her mouth bravely.

“I’m fine. To a certain extent, Brother Jiksen is right.”
“Young Lady Yuria, that’s…”
“There’s something clumsy about how I treat people. It’s only natural that Sir Vieira likes the adorable Lilika.”

However, her appearance actually made the spectators sad.
No matter how in the dark the knights were regarding the rumors of the duke’s castle, they knew that Yuria was hung up on Sir Vieira.
That was because she followed him around, and some of the knights were called to escort her each time.

However, Jiksen publicly mentioned her ex-fiancé, who had nothing to do with this incident, in front of everyone.
It had only been a month since Yuria broke off her engagement with Sir Vieira.

‘Young Lady Yuria… shouldn’t be treated like this.’
‘Is she used to this?’

Yuria said she was fine. She didn’t cry pathetically, like Lilika.
But she caught their attention.
To the point that they couldn’t take their eyes off her.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll go back today. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your things and give them to you in a different way.”

And Yuria worried about them until the moment they disappeared.
The knights looked at the place where Yuria had been standing for a long time, even after she had left the training hall.
For so long they did not realize it themselves.


I was actually thankful that my brother Jiksen blamed me in front of everyone.
Just because I gave the after-sun cream to the knights didn’t mean that their attitude towards me had softened.
They were clearly wary of what I was planning to appear so suddenly.

But yesterday, I felt it from the way they looked at me.
At that moment, I realized that the Primrose Knights, who were not favorable to me before, were on my side and not Jiksen’s.

‘I should completely solidify the current mood.’

Memory is temporary. Gratitude and compassion also disappear easily.
Even in the novel ‘Please Love the Poor Princess!’, not all of them were hostile towards me.
Whatever the case, I was a young lady who had grown up in a duchy since I was born, so I wondered if there were even one or two people who looked at me favorably.

But it was for nothing.
They all turned away from me for whatever reason.
As a result, I died a lonely death at the hands of my father and brother. No one helped me, who had swallowed poison.

‘I need something to keep reminding them of what happened today.’

Did Lilika send him? In fact, it didn’t matter.
What happened today with my brother inspired me amid my troubles.

I went to find my mother right away.

“I was wondering if there was anything more I could do for the knights and employees.”
“I see my daughter had a wonderful idea.”
“But I need a little budget.”

My blurry ideas, which were nothing but vague thoughts, took shape.
Rather than taking care of them as a one-time thing, it was a way to consistently do so.
My mother, who heard all of what I had to say, smiled brightly.

“Yes, I heard that you gave cosmetics to knights who were struggling after going to the southern provinces. I thought you might have made it, but it’s a helpful idea.”
“The cream you gave me last time was just what I needed.”
“Well… Summer is coming soon, after all. I’ll make another cream to use in the summer.”
“Since when has my daughter been able to make things for others?”

My mother looked at me with a commendable gaze.

“You hated the blessing of growth before, so it’s nice to see that you seem to have come to like your power.”
“Yes… At first, I thought it was the power of a farmer, and that it was not suitable for a noblewoman. And I was compared to my brother, who has the blessing of the sword and is an excellent knight.”
“But do you like it now?”

I nodded silently. Seeing that, my mother smiled.

“Above all, I like that you look more energetic than before. Reaching out to the knights first and dreaming of doing business.”
“Me too… I think I look better now than I did before.”
“But, Yuria… Even if things don’t work out with your business, you’re still my proud daughter.”

After hearing the unexpected words, I stared blankly at my mother.

“Just go in the direction that makes you happy. That’s the most important thing.”
“I wish Mother would do the same…”
“Yes, let’s both live happily.”

I kept my mouth shut at my mother’s words and avoided her gaze, but it wasn’t because I hated it.
… No, I actually liked hearing this.
I was just a little shy.
I didn’t know what to say.

“I’m always grateful to you, Mother.”

My mother was always on my side, both before and now. Whether I was a bad daughter or a good daughter. I felt that certainty.

“I’ll make the facility you suggested right away. I thought it was difficult for them to go to the South, too, but I couldn’t find a specific way to help them. I think it will help not only the knights but also the employees.”

“Isn’t it nice for more people to be happy, and not just us?” she laughed as she added.

Then, she stroked my head.
Once again, my determination stood firm.

‘I’ll protect my mother. I will never lose her again.’

In this life, I will be happy with my mother.
Without being swayed by anyone else.


With her mother’s permission, Yuria immediately began to build a resting area for the knights and employees.

“I’ve been thinking about what I can do for you.”

The things placed in the resting area were considered for convenience.
Trivial things like a pain relief gel that can be used when muscles are sore, and air fresheners to clear the head. In addition, she placed desserts that could be easily eaten.
They were the perfect items for knights and employees who used their bodies a lot while working.

Everyone sat on the couch where they could lie down, and examined the items Yuria had left behind.
They now used them with admiration every time, but the reaction wasn’t explosive from the start.
The resting area itself, which was equipped with a sofa, was welcoming, but they were confused with the items Yuria had prepared.

“Let’s see… What is this ‘pain relief gel’? I’ve never seen this before. Does anyone know?”
“I’ve never seen that before, either. Well, it’s supposed to be applied evenly on sore shoulders or waist.”
“It’s not bad for your body, is it?”