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What Ravia wanted to disclose was simple.

The carriage accident that killed Duke Leontine was a cleverly crafted murder.

If you know the method, what’s so hard about taking revenge?

“There are many ways to pay back without dirtying your hands, Vincent.”

Ravia handed him the revenge sword.

And Vincent looked at the young lady as if he couldn’t believe what he heard.

It wasn’t a look of awe or admiration as others might have.

And it wasn’t the kind of gaze belonging to the knights whose sense of duty was ignited

Rather, it was more like an unextinguished spark of sadness.

During the mourning period for Duke Leontine, Vincent was certain that he was the one who cried the most in the mansion.

And that he was the most responsible for his death.

It happened because he couldn’t serve the duke properly.

The weight of those words managed to keep him awake all day and night.

He also had some resentment toward Ravia.

Since people who are grieving intensely often look for someone else to blame.

He hated the young lady who lured him into the Leontine mansion.

If it wasn’t for her, he would have taken the duke to the palace safely.

Even if the accident was unavoidable, he could sacrifice himself for Duke Leontine to survive by any means possible.

Vincent was tormented by countless assumptions.

Even when he was told to take the lady to Duke Leontine’s funeral this morning, he could feel nothing but resentment.

He was tormented by the reality that he must go to the funeral of the benefactor of his life whom he couldn’t repay.

The fact that he had to escort his benefactor’s daughter, who didn’t look as sad as him.

But all that thought disappeared by the time he faced Ravia in a black cloth.

What’s the use resenting such a skinny and pale-faced girl? She was just another victim of the duke’s death, just like himself.

She was robbed of her status as a successor due to Duke Leontine’s mistake, and the father who belatedly apologized died in an accident, and all that was left was this gaunt young lady.

Clovia said she didn’t get up for two days after she collapsed.

-I’m worried because my lady refuses to eat anything. What if something bad happens to my lady, too…she didn’t eat anything and just lay down as if she were dead….

Clovia made a fuss about how she really looked like a dying person, and that she didn’t look like the young lady she knew before.

He thought it wasn’t that serious because Clovia would always become unhinged at the smallest thing.

But it turned out Clovia wasn’t exaggerating when he saw the lady today.

She looked completely helpless compared to when she told him to escort her back to the mansion.

To the point he wondered if it was possible for someone to change that drastically in a span of a few days.

But the moment he saw the blade lurking beyond that spare face, Vincent realized.

That people don’t change very easily.

Her helplessness was just an act. Vincent suddenly recalled what Duke Leontine said on his way to the villa.

He told Vincent of all his mistakes and also said this as he ordered Vincent to bring Ravia

-Vincent, please take good care of Ravia.

Perhaps Duke Leontine had foreseen his death from then on.

That was evident from his solemn expression and earnest request.

-You always said you owe me your life. Use it for my daughter.

How could someone say this unless they faced death?

Vincent was very aware of Ravia’s reputation in the mansion.

She was a strict and sharp lady, until Tidwell came.

Most of the people who had worked in the mansion for a long time had ignored Ravia because she didn’t have silver hair.

The master who was like a savior to him was actually not a good parent for her.

As a result, Vincent had a lot of mixed feelings.

Duke Leontine’s death made his blood boil just thinking about it. And the worst kind of con man whose death alone wouldn’t be enough to atone his sins.

And the girl who became that con man’s victim handed him the blade of revenge.

And what Duke Leontine said before he left his daughter to Vincent’s care and set off alone.

It wasn’t enough that he killed Duke Leontine, that con man was trying to destroy everything he cherished as well.

It was the moment when scarlet embers turned into blazing flames in an instant.

He accepted the sword of revenge from Ravia without hesitation.

Until winter came.

* * *

The weather had gotten colder.

The season without roses had finally arrived in Leontine, where roses didn’t wither until autumn.

Ravia was heartbroken by that fact and sat by the window at night.

It was a rare solitude she savored because Tidwell was away.

Her mind replayed the conversation with Vincent during the day. A moment when she handed Vincent a blade of revenge, and she added a little lie hidden under that silvery blade.

Ravia didn’t tell Vincent everything.

She skillfully changed one thing as she spoke.

Tidwell was aiming for the head position.

Technically speaking, everything surrounding it was correct.

The reason for the hurried funeral was for the succession of the next family head, and it was true that the next Duke Leontine was already decided.

But she didn’t reveal who was going to be chosen.

‘That kid is trying to make me the next duke…’

After crushing Ravia’s plan, Tidwell wanted to start with a clean state as if nothing happened and gave everything that Ravia wanted.

He insisted that nothing should change between them just because one person died.

It was a very deceptive and ridiculous idea, but doesn’t it feel like déjà vu? Looking back, Ravia had also said something similar back then.

-Don’t let what Tidwell has built collapse. If he needs some financial aid, lend him your wealth. If he seems to have lost his personal connection, help him connect with people.

-Is the mouse thinking about the cat, now?

-Of course, it may look like that. But think about it. When I take over Leontine and Tidwell loses, will my position be safe?

Her conversation with Herod at Marquis Calister’s banquet.

Ravia offered Herod a deal.

Don’t let Tidwell collapse after he was expelled from Leontine.

At that time, she told Herod that she did this so Tidwell won’t attempt to usurp Leontine again, but in fact, there was a second reason that she didn’t mention.

A very trivial and personal reason that she didn’t want anyone to know.

‘I don’t want to be hated by Tidwell.’

When your loved one took everything away from you, it was clear that you’d be feeling very devastated.

Which is why Ravia tried to appease Tidwell with rational explanations.

So Ravia understood why Tidwell tried to relinquish Leontine to her.

On the surface, he said he didn’t mind being hated by Ravia.

He said nothing will change out of fear that Ravia would have different ideas, but how can she not know what he feels inside?

He didn’t want to be hated by Ravia as much as possible which is why he tried to drape her with every insignia he got his hands on.

How could someone who said he didn’t mind being hated look that hurt?

His action was nothing more than the rampage of a man whose heart was broken and all that remained was a blood curdling scream.

How can they be so alike?

It seemed the saying that you’d mirror someone you love wasn’t wrong, after all…..

At the end of this ridiculous train of thoughts, she reached a dead end.

But still, the feeling of fumbling through a dark pit remained.

The moment laughed in vain. The birds that had been perched on the tiny branches suddenly flew out to the moon, and a loud bell reverberated in the air.

No, it was too loud for a bell.

It was as if the giant clock tower that only rang when the emperor passed away suddenly broke.

The Leontine mansion was quite far from the clock tower, and what Ravia heard was no more than a church bell.

If she could hear it all the way here, what about in the square where the clock tower stood?

She wasn’t there, so she couldn’t be sure, but maybe…

‘Enough to make a horse run wild.’


This was a disaster for the carriage that happened to pass by.