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“What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you leading the way?”

I quickly got up and urged Sasha forward. There wasn’t much else to do anyway, our days mostly filled with just killing time and accepting whatever food was offered. So, heading to the training ground was hardly a big deal.

“No, madam. I only suggested it, I didn’t mean we should go right away.”

“Usually, things mentioned should be done immediately. Saying ‘let’s do it later’ often means it’ll never happen.”

“But to suddenly visit like this is a bit…!”

“Ah, delaying things solves nothing, does it? Go on, lead the way.”

I feigned sternness in my voice. With a groan, Sasha’s reluctant steps crossed the threshold.

“Ah, I can already feel the smell of freedom. It’s wonderful.”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Sasha awkwardly smiled in response.

“Haha, yes, it’s a beautiful day… clear skies and warm sunshine.”

Despite being here for two weeks, I hadn’t explored much beyond the dining hall and Edmund’s quarters.

For someone as outgoing as me, it felt like a real struggle.

‘Indeed, it’s a perfect day for fishing.’

In every sense of the word, like catching a husband’s heart.

A humming tune escaped me. The old wooden stairs creaked underfoot, but my buoyant mood was unstoppable.

‘At the training ground, there must be a bunch of handsome knights, right?’

I felt a flutter of excitement. Like a hen let out of the coop, my heart raced and my eyes sparkled with vitality.

Speaking of Edmund and his knights, they were the epitome of manhood, having endured long and arduous campaigns.

To meet such rugged men in person was indeed an honor.

“Ah… If only this webtoon was for adults. Such a pity.”

Unwittingly, my inner thoughts slipped out. Catching a glimpse of my expression, Sasha sighed resignedly, as if used to it.

* * *

“Are we there yet, Sasha?”

“No, we’re almost there!”

“Don’t forget, you’ve said that five times already, Sasha.”

Dragging my weary body, I wiped the sweat from my brow. The training ground was as grand as the castle walls, and the journey there was quite a trek.

“Just a bit further, ma’am!”

Finally, after more walking, we spotted what seemed to be the training ground. As we got closer, groups of young men could be seen gathered across the vast open field.

“A lovely lady suddenly appearing might be overwhelming.”

I muttered to myself and hid behind a pillar. Looking bewildered, Sasha also hid beside me.

“But… do we really have to do this?”

“Of course. Knowing your enemy and yourself is the first rule of battle. It’s essential to observe the opponent first.”

“What’s that now? You’ve been saying a lot of strange things lately.”

I ignored Sasha’s grumbling and scrutinized the group.

‘Typical, just my luck.’

Edmund was nowhere to be seen, not a single hair of his in sight.

‘Ah, I wanted to see those muscles pumped from training. Where could he be?’

Disappointment was clear on my face. The trainees’ physiques were impressive, but I was already too accustomed to Edmund to be satisfied.

“It’s a lost cause…”

I scoffed lightly. Quick to notice, Sasha chimed in.

“Hahaha, next time I’ll make sure to find out when the Duke is here. Shall we head back for today?”

“Yeah, let’s go… My clothes are soaked through. And he’s not even here.”

Just as we were about to leave the training ground, one of the trainees exclaimed excitedly.

“How much did they say the reward was!?”

“Five gold coins.”

“That Gerrit is surely out of his mind! Demanding such a large sum within a week? We should have never dealt with those Heshton Knights. Should have twisted their necks instead of just their noses, Tiberio. So, what’s your plan now?”

“I don’t know. He’s demanding the compensation immediately, but where am I supposed to find that kind of money?”

“That guy has always been like that. Typical of him to provoke us, claiming his knights are superior to ours. He’s really despicable.”

As the conversation among the knights deepened, my fists clenched tighter. Sasha sensed the brewing storm and shook her head in disapproval, but it was too late.

“Oh, that’s unacceptable! How dare he insult our family?”

My booming voice erupted from behind the pillar, startling the knights in front of me.

“My God…”

Sasha’s low murmur reached my ears. My sudden appearance and unexpected use of language left everyone in stunned silence.

“Isn’t that Duchess Randolph? What brings you here…?”

One of the knights, who was venting his frustration moments ago, asked me.

“Oh… I came to see the Duke while on a walk. Haha. He’s not around, I guess?”

I asked with a feigned smile, carefully relaxing my clenched fists.

“Yes. The Duke is momentarily in his office.”

The conversation ceased once more, leaving me under the scrutiny of dozens of eyes. Many thoughts crossed my mind in that instant.

‘He’s not here? That’s even better.’

Edmund, a knight himself, had a profound attachment to the knights’ order. His bond with his fellow knights, forged over many battles, was stronger than family.

‘Perfect, I’ll charm the knights this time!’

I couldn’t let this golden opportunity slip away. After a moment’s thought, I cautiously began.

“I heard… there’s a compensation to be paid?”


The knights’ eyes widened in surprise. I quickly gestured with my hands and corrected myself.

“I mean, compensation! I heard there’s compensation to be paid, right?”

“Yes, my lady. There was a minor incident last night…”

Tiberio trailed off, speaking in a dejected tone.

“I’ll pay the compensation.”

My declaration once again sent shock waves through the crowd.

* * *

Meanwhile, in Edmund’s office.

While the Duke reviewed documents, Melvin’s face was clouded with worry. The reason was simple: he couldn’t stop thinking about Duchess Randolph, whom he had seen just a few hours earlier.

‘Let’s see how long she can keep up this façade. I won’t just sit back and watch!’

His determination seemed genuine. Until now, Melvin had followed the Duke’s orders after the incident, but Duchess Randolph was not known for her pliable nature.

‘It’s strangely peaceful.’

It was a calm afternoon, with only Melvin’s sighs and the scratching of the pen breaking the silence.

After a while, Melvin let out his fifteenth sigh, filled with frustration.

“If you have a complaint, speak up. Stop hinting at it.”

Irritated by the continuous sighing, Edmund clenched his jaw. Melvin, after a moment of contemplation, spoke with a resolute expression.

“Why do you keep giving the lady the cold shoulder? It seems unnecessary.”

“When have I ever been affectionate?”

“But the atmosphere is good now, isn’t it? The lady seems quite favorable toward you. Wouldn’t it be better to maintain a good relationship for the future?”

“She’s an enigma. It’s dangerous to get too close.”

“But how long will you keep drawing this line? Didn’t you see earlier? The lady was about to take some action. At least pretend to cooperate. She’s making such an effort.”

“What do you suggest, then? Should I just share a bed with her as she wants? Laugh and amuse her?”

“Not exactly that, but…”

Melvin trailed off, glancing cautiously at the Duke, when a loud knock echoed through the office.

“Your Grace! There’s an urgent matter!”

The excited voice of the Captain of the Guard filled the room as he burst in, causing Edmund to frown and look up. Melvin scolded him sternly for the interruption.

“What’s the matter, Rowendel? We were in the middle of an important conversation.”

“My apologies, but this is a critical situation…”

Edmund stood up, his imposing demeanor evident despite his seemingly arrogant posture.

“Let’s hear what this matter is.”

His voice was sharp as thorns. The Captain hesitated, his lips quivering.

“It’s… the Duchess, she’s disappeared.”

“Disappeared! Explain yourself clearly.”

Melvin raised his voice in interrogation. Just when things seemed too peaceful, trouble had indeed struck.

Watching silently, Randolph remained stoic. Melvin found his master’s calm more intimidating. He was like a predator poised for the hunt.

“Just moments ago, she was in her chambers with her maid… She vanished without a trace while the guards were away.”

“I specifically instructed to not slack on the guard.”

Edmund growled low, his frustration palpable. His well-groomed black hair became disheveled under his large hand.

“I apologize. It happened during the guard shift change…”

Edmund nodded silently, seemingly understanding. Relief crossed Rowendel’s face briefly before turning to pallor.

“If that woman steps out of this mansion, no one will be safe.”


“Bring her to me immediately.”

Edmund’s eyes flashed with a fierce intensity. His chilling voice held no trace of falsehood. He strode silently down the corridor, his long legs moving effortlessly.