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It had been a while since we had a family meal, and I found my steps slightly lighter.

“Selena, come in!”

As the dining room door opened, Mother greeted me with the same warmth as before.

The early winter chill seemed to have prompted the early lighting of the fireplace, and within the previously empty fireplace, the burning wood crackled and roared.

I nodded and quietly took my seat.

I worried that it might feel a bit awkward, considering it had been a while since we all sat down together for a meal. However, my concerns seemed laughable as the mealtime was peaceful.

The warm stew was delicious, and the seasoned roast chicken melted in my mouth. Idle chatter flowed, and laughter echoed through the dining room. The air warmed by the fireplace was nothing but comforting.

Ah, an oddly peaceful feeling. The fatigue and gloomy atmosphere of the past days seemed like they could all be a dream…..

“So, let’s keep the outfits more subdued.”

Mother said as she glanced through the family. It was about the small party that would take place in the banquet hall in about a week.

The purpose of the party was to express gratitude to the knights and wizards who had participated in the subjugation and celebrate passing it with minimal casualties (though there were casualties, they weren’t as severe as they could have been).

…Actually, come to think of it… it’s quite a special party.

If I were a knight, I’d probably prefer money and rest over a party… Well, that’s just a matter of personal preference.

Anyway, because it was that kind of party, we decided to keep the clothing and food relatively simple. I much preferred it that way. Party dresses tend to be bulky and difficult to walk in…

“Selena, we might take the fireplace off in the hall, but don’t forget to wear a thick coat since the air will still be cold.”

Mother brushed my arm. Her face seemed to convey, ‘How did you get so thin? I’m so worried…’

“Yes, I’ll do that. Don’t forget your coat too, Mother.”

As I nodded in response, Mother replied with a pleased smile.

Just about ten days ago, her gentle face had been shadowed, but it was reassuring to see the girlish smile return.

All the subsequent discussions were filled with hopeful topics.

“What should we do for the New Year’s gathering? Attending the imperial party is still customary.”

“Anyway, the imperial party won’t take place until about a week after the New Year, right? How about having a light event at home on New Year’s Day? What do you think, Aaron?”

“Sounds good. If there’s anyone to invite as closest associates, let’s keep it to a few people.”

“You can invite the princess, Brother.”

As I spoke, Brother’s ears perked up instantly. The family collectively burst into laughter at his reaction, which resembled that of a boy in love for the first time.

“Oh, after the New Year, next month is Selena’s birthday. How would you like to celebrate, Selena?”

My father let go of his fork and asked. His hand moved to his chin, indicating a serious conversation was to follow.

No, there are still three months left.

“Well… I don’t really prefer anything too extravagant. I’d prefer spending it with my family, like the New Year’s gathering.”

“But… are you sure, Selena?”

Mother asked in worry.

As did the rest of the family.

Is that really enough? With all the resources available, we can make it glamorous. It seemed like their intentions were revealed in their expressions.

Goodness, just imagining it was enough.

I might have to greet people in lines, just like the popular monkey at the zoo.

“I don’t like anything extravagant. Just having my family there is enough for me.”




My name burst out simultaneously. Each one of them had a teary-eyed, moved expression, making me feel somewhat embarrassed.

Pretending not to notice anything, I awkwardly rested my knife, unable to contain the smile that burst forth, so I raised the corners of my mouth.

The meal was soon over. During this short meal, we discussed my upcoming birthday and even Brother’s wedding beyond that.

A lot of future planning was exchanged at this small dining table … but it was a pleasant time. No, rather it was a joyous time that made me realize that peace had returned.

Back in my room, I sat down with Aiden and had some tea. This was a routine that continued every day because I had promised it the day I woke up.

Every day, we would take short walks together and have a simple cup of tea.

When Aiden came to my room and sat in his usual spot, I would ask him, ‘Did you sleep well?’ and Aiden would greet me with ‘Did you have a good sleep.’

Good night before bed… It felt like a grandmother and her grandson, didn’t it?

Anyway, the point is that I was faithfully keeping my promise.

“Aiden, you’ll also attend the party in a week, right?”

“Because Miss is going, too.”

As he quickly replied, I paused my fork heading toward the cake and looked at Aiden.

The answer seemed to suggest that I was the only reason for him to go.

“On that day… I decided to dress lightly.”

“Ah… yes. Right, because it’s a light party.”

Aiden nodded slowly in response. It seemed like he had already received the information.

“What are you going to wear that day?”

After glancing at Aiden, I popped a strawberry into my mouth, savoring the sweetness of the winter fruit.

But how does this strawberry grow all year round? Is some kind of magic involved?

No, that’s not the issue right now.

My thoughts momentarily went astray in an irrelevant direction. It couldn’t be helped… since strawberries grow year-round even in places without greenhouses… well, in this world, there’s nothing that money can’t resolve, though.

“I was thinking of just wearing a uniform.”

Aiden’s response came while my mind was still captivated by the strawberry.

“A uniform…? Ah, back then…”

On the day Aiden and Sir Alogen went to investigate the temple, in other words, the day I leaped with the High Priest and the day he swooped in to save me.

I remembered the clothing he wore.

The blue jacket with the silver badge suited him quite well.

“I see.”

“But why do you ask?”