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I abruptly halted at the familiar voice. When I turned around, Lucas, his hair neatly arranged, was approaching with a smile.

“Sir Lucas.”

“I was about to go alone, and it was a bit lonely, but now I have good company.”

Lucas smoothly took the empty seat beside me. I looked at him with a bit of surprise, then nodded slowly.

Well, it doesn’t matter, we’re headed in the same direction anyway.

Lucas playfully nodded his head, seemingly aware of the tension in Aiden, who stood stiffly, staring straight ahead with a stern face.

Anyway, why is our relationship always so strained whenever we meet? It might be faster for a cat and a mouse to become friends.

“Oh, it seems Selena’s side is no longer mine.”

As if conscious of the rigid Aiden, Lucas said lightly with a smile.

“Sir Lucas, you’re no longer my exclusive escort.”

“Shall I come back?”

I looked up at him in response to Lucas’ words. As if he knew I would look up, his round white eyes were already directed toward me.

Anyway, I slowly nodded my head in response.

“…It’s a waste of manpower. It’s already enough as it is.”

Will the one who has now become the commander of the subjugation (according to my father, he was only given the rank of unit commander, but he was an excellent commander) become my escort again?

People around us will look at us with such kind eyes.

By now, it’s not even at the level of using a famous sword to cut tomatoes. Maybe using a famous sword to slice tofu?

“Oh, that’s too bad. If I become Selena’s escort again…”

Lucas stopped talking there and turned his head to look at me. His gaze landed where Aiden’s face was. Aiden also felt the gaze, turned his head, and met his eyes.

It felt like sparks were jumping over my head.

“I think it would be more enjoyable.”

Lucas soon picked up strands of my fallen hair and playfully twirled it around with his fingers.

Like a child teasing someone.

A low sigh came from beside me, and at the same time, a small laugh from the other side. In the midst of that, I thought to myself.

I hope this lazy, troublesome, yet pleasant daily life doesn’t get disrupted anymore. At least for another three years… well.

Until the day my life ends.

Or, maybe a bit earlier.

* * *

As it was a party to express gratitude to the knights, the hall buzzed with men.

Since there was a similar party just before the subjugation, this sight wasn’t entirely new, but it still felt a bit unfamiliar.

Moreover, the knights’ gazes were burdensome. Like people seeing a woman for the first time, the attention directed at me felt uncomfortable.

Haa, that’s why being pretty is tough.

It’s burdensome. Burdensome gazes, spotlights.

Well, I guess I can say this because it was my inner thoughts.

Lucas, who entered the hall with me, was surrounded by knights as the party grew to some extent.

The knights who gathered around him with sparkling eyes were mostly young. Perhaps Lucas seemed like an admirable figure to them.

After all, he’s the lead of the original story.

I lightly pushed Lucas’ back, meaning to encourage him. Into the noisy crowd that he didn’t like.

You can do it, Lucas.


As I observed the joyful knights from a secluded spot, I called out to Aiden beside me. Aiden lowered his head and responded.


“You should go and mingle with the wizards. I heard they’ll be heading back tomorrow.”

The wizards decided to return to the Magic Tower tomorrow. Even though they’re Aiden’s colleagues, it’s still a parting, and I thought it would be considerate to bid farewell.

“It’s okay.”

However, Aiden gave a quick and firm response.

“There’s no need to refuse. Go.”

I gently released my arm from his grasp. His gaze briefly wandered to my arm, then returned to my face.

“Go on.”

“… it’s my duty to assist you, Miss.”

“I’m not a child. Besides, there’s no one here who would bother me anyway. I’ll be on the terrace. If you need me, I’ll be there.”

“Are you… going to have a drink?”

“I won’t. I won’t drink. Don’t worry. After your conversation, come find me on the third terrace over there.”

Aiden stared at me intently and eventually nodded hesitantly.

If someone saw this, they might think he was being pushed to an undesirable place.

I shrugged my shoulders, indicating for him to go. He turned away as if reluctantly giving in. Or maybe he genuinely couldn’t resist.

“Oh, Aiden.”


Aiden, who was about to turn away, quickly returned to his original position. It seemed like he was ready for me to stop him.

Well, I’m sending him to talk with old comrades… but it doesn’t seem like they have a bad relationship.

Haa. He should go out and make friends.

With a short click of my tongue, I told Aiden a different answer than what he expected.

“I’ll take Sir Alogen with me.”


“Since I’m the one who sent you to the Magic Tower, I thought it would be proper to bid him a proper farewell before he leaves. Plus, Sir Alogen seems to be a bit worried about you. I’ll take good care of you here… that’s what I wanted to say to him.”

“What is that…”

I lightly tapped Aiden’s arm to stop him……Knowing that was his intention. I didn’t say it out loud and quickly passed by him.

Although I felt the bewildered gaze on my back, it couldn’t be helped. I had something important to discuss with Sir Alogen.

I moved away from the crowd of wizards and, keeping a bit of distance, approached Sir Alogen who was conversing and laughing with other knights.

As I approached, I felt the knights’ faces gradually stiffening. I’m not a ghost, this is going too far. I’m truly hurt.

“Are you enjoying the party?”

Uncharacteristically, I initiated the conversation with the group. Now that Sir Alogen noticed my approach, he looked at me and smiled.


Nodding to Sir Alogen’s smile, I scanned the group of knights who were standing with him.

“I hope I’m not being too forward, but… may I borrow Sir Alogen for a moment? I have something I’d like to discuss.”

“Ah, yes… yes! Of course.”

“Thank you.”

I exchanged light greetings with the knights who graciously gave way for Sir Alogen and locked eyes with the person I intended to take.

Sir Alogen, with a questioning look, widened his eyes and gazed at me.

I slowly led the way to the third terrace. Sir Alogen, full of curiosity, walked alongside me without any resistance.

Eventually, as the two of us entered the terrace and I briefly surveyed the surroundings, I gently closed the curtains.

The cold air touched my face.

But colder than that was my head.

“What do you want to talk to me about?”

As if he wanted to get straight to the point, Sir Alogen asked. Since I wasn’t one to beat around the bush, I responded promptly to his question.

“I have some questions about the High Priest and black magic.”

My words to Aiden were a lie. I never intended to discuss Aiden with Sir Alogen. Well, we’ve already shared enough stories.

“The High Priest and black magic?”

Sir Alogen repeated my question.

I nodded lightly to affirm. His suspicious gaze met mine, and he looked at me intently.

“I don’t have an interest in black magic or anything like that.”

I responded firmly, and the guarded look in Sir Alogen’s eyes gradually softened.

Does he think I might be fascinated by black magic?

Well, I had those images from the past:

Crazy Lady, Infamous Bitch. Given those titles, people might assume I have a fascination with black magic.

“Actually… on the day I was kidnapped by the High Priest, he said something to me.”

“The High Priest said something to you?”

“Yes. He told me… if the flower blooms, I will die. Could this be related to black magic?”

Sir Alogen seemed to be deeply contemplating something and gazed into the void in silence. The longer his silence lingered, the more uneasy I became, my palms getting wet. The weather was chilly, but my palms were colder.


With an exclamation, he soon reached into his pocket. What he pulled out was an old black book. It was the black magic book that I was familiar with.

He brought it?

Well, it’s better to keep it to himself than to leave it lying around somewhere.

Sir Alogen quickly opened the book. His hands busily flipped through the pages.

Flip, flip, flip.

The rustling of pages quietly resonated in the silence. Eventually, his hand came to a stop.

Sir Alogen was scanning the book with a scrutinizing gaze. I quietly observed his face, then shifted my gaze to the unreadable text. Slowly, I closed my eyes.

I needed to figure out where to look.

His voice brought me back as I opened my eyes.

“If the flower blooms, you die… He said that?”

“Yes. And…”

I paused for a moment. Then I raised my hand, which had been hanging loosely, and gently touched the upper left part of my chest.

As my hand moved, Sir Alogen’s gaze followed.

“Here, a leaf-shaped pattern appeared. About a week ago, it was perfectly round like a dot, but gradually it distorted and turned into a leaf shape. Could this also be… related?”

As I continued speaking, Sir Alogen’s face contorted. Once I finished, he urgently asked,

“Why… Why…. why didn’t you come sooner?”

Like a doctor blaming a patient who arrived too late.

His tone actually calmed me down. Well, why didn’t I come sooner? That…

“At first… I just thought it was a mole. When I first noticed it a week ago, I didn’t think much of it. Then, it started to change shape…”

I paused for a moment.

A week ago, while bathing alone, I discovered an unexpected spot on my chest. At that time, I didn’t think much of it since moles can appear out of nowhere.

What made it strange was two days after that discovery.

I rarely examined my body closely when changing clothes, so the only time I saw my chest was while bathing.

Since the beginning of early winter, I bathed every few days.

Two days later, when I saw that spot again, it had changed slightly in shape.

Like a seed sprouting, it had transformed into a protruding form.

‘What….is this…?’

Yes, and on that day, I vividly remembered the High Priest’s distinct voice. The voice that spoke about the flower and death.

“Once the flower blooms, you will die…”

“I was scared.”

I fell silent for a moment before muttering softly.