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As if surprised by my sudden gift, Vivian asked in a small voice.

“Last time, I also received a dress as a gift. This is my way of returning the favor.”

“But I already received a brooch.”

I glanced at her briefly as her response seemed like a refusal. Then, I subtly lifted the corners of my mouth.

Vivian looked surprised at my smile.

What’s there to be surprised about again? Is it the first time she’s seen a smiling person… Well, it’s the first time for her. At least, it’s the first time she’ll see me smile.

I started smiling from the day of the last party I met Vivian, and it continued from then on. For her, it’s probably the first time seeing me smile today. I sent her another smile with my softened eyes.

“Well then, let’s consider it repayment for the letters you’ve sent me so far. I want to give it to you. If you keep refusing, it might hurt my feelings a bit.”

“…Yes… Yes. Alright, then. I’ll gratefully accept it.”

Vivian composed herself from the unexpected expression and nodded her head in response. Although I couldn’t do anything about the glances cast my way. I shrugged and pushed another booklet toward her.

“Aiden, choose quickly, too. Madame must have a lot to do today.”

“Hohoho, no, not at all.”

Contrary to such words, Madame seemed very pleased.

After all, it was a dress that a Lady was giving to another noble. It was undoubtedly a delightful thing to gift a dress from her dressing room.

On my way to the end, doing good things for various people. It felt unexpectedly heartwarming. This is quite satisfying.

We each chose our dresses. I picked a slightly extravagant design with lace rising just below the neck. This was my first winter dress to wear since coming here.

“It seems like you’ve lost more weight than last time.”

Madame measured my size and offered a concerned comment. Instead of answering, I just shrugged.

“For the dress, please make it a bit smaller than the current size.”


Watching Madame transfer the measurements to her notebook, I spoke quietly with a subdued voice. It probably wouldn’t be heard outside, but just in case, my voice naturally lowered.

“Smaller than this?”

“Yes, smaller than this.”


Madame couldn’t continue with such talk. It was a great impoliteness for a merchant to pry into the customer, especially a noble customer.

“Yes, understood.”

With Madame’s reply, I nodded and lightly touched my fingers to my lips.

“All conversations between us should be strictly confidential, alright?”

“Of course, Lady.”

Madame nodded at my firm tone. I looked at her with a bitter expression for a moment and then turned my head, leaving the room first.

* * *

After measuring Vivian, it was Aiden’s turn. After pushing Aiden into the dressing room, Vivian and I had a short conversation.

“Your hobby is painting? Oh, it suits you so well!”

“Really? What about your hobby, Lady Vivian?”

“My hobby?”

Vivian’s boisterous response to my words momentarily ceased. It seemed like she didn’t expect me to ask about her. It was a moment when I thought about how I had lived my life as a person until now.

“Well I enjoy strolling around various shops.”


“Yes. Father has a broad network, so there are quite a few shops sponsored by him, such as clothing shops, restaurants, and antique stores. I like looking at those. Someday, I imagine inheriting Father’s business and expanding it.”

Although she answered with a serious tone, Vivian’s eyes were shining brilliantly. The eyes of someone with a future were incredibly beautiful. Suddenly, such thoughts crossed my mind.


The short sigh came from me. My head suddenly felt dizzy. If I had been standing, I might have swayed. My vision that suddenly clouded over in white gradually cleared again.


Vivian’s voice called me. It must have seemed strange that I suddenly closed my eyes. I casually nodded, pretending everything was normal.

“I had a bit of a cold, and it hasn’t fully gone away yet.”

“Oh no, shouldn’t you take a break?”

“I’m fine. I just felt a bit dizzy for a moment, and besides… I’m enjoying this right now.”


Vivian burst into laughter and hugged my arm tightly. Although my shoulders twitched at the sudden physical contact from a stranger, I didn’t push her away and just let it be.

It didn’t feel bad. It felt like chatting and joking with a real friend. Something I never had in my past life nor as Selena.

“Lady Vivian.”


Vivian was leaning her face on my arm with a bright smile, and lifted her head and looked at me. I saw my face reflected in her clear eyes as she opened her mouth with a much brighter smile than before.

“Will you be my friend?”

Vivian didn’t say anything. She just blinked her large eyes and stared at me. Slowly, Vivian’s head dropped down.

No, does she not want to be friends? Is she really against it? Why does her expression look like that?

Vivian continued to be silent, then glanced at me with a sidelong look.

“…I already thought that our relationship was like soulmates.”

Soulmates… what?

She already thought I was a friend, but we weren’t just normal friends, but soulmates…. Now that I’m asking her to be a friend….it was because I thought she didn’t see me as a friend until now.

In truth, it wasn’t just a misunderstanding or a misconception; it was a fact. However, there was no need to force the truth upon a stubborn person. I made an effort to stifle my emerging laughter and raised my hand to gently pat Vivian’s round head.

Just like Brother used to do.

“Yes, friends. Soulmates.”

Only then did a bright smile return to Vivian’s face.

“Exactly! I knew it!”

Vivian wrapped her arms about me once again, chuckling without any resentment.

With her characteristic lighthearted laughter, I couldn’t help but join in.

Aiden had momentarily paused at the sight of our joyful interaction after taking his measurements and leaving the dressing room and now approached me and sat down with a gentle smile.

“Did you have a good time?”

He asked affectionately.

I nodded without hesitation.

“Yes, it’s fun.”

It was fun. Sharing unexpected conversations with a peer of my age, laughing, chatting, it was all unexpectedly fun. Much more than I had thought.

I felt regret for the time I couldn’t live like this.