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Holly’s eyes widened at Adam’s explanation.

“There’s no Kingdom of Aisen on the map of the continent…”

When she glanced at Cahill, who seemed just as surprised as she was, Adam chuckled and replied, “The maps are centered around Centuria, and since Aisen doesn’t interact with Centuria, it’s not included.”

“How is that possible?”

She asked incredulously. People in Centuria, including herself, took pride in their region being a hub of trade.

“How can they interact with the continent without going through Centuria?”

As she demanded an explanation from Adam, he lowered his gaze to his arm, which she was holding with a fiery look in her eyes. He flinched for a moment but didn’t back away as before. Cahill, frowning at the sight, detached her hand from Adam’s arm and placed it on his own.

This was common, so Holly didn’t pay much attention to Cahill’s action.

However, Adam’s gaze lingered on Holly’s arm, now removed from his. Cahill’s expression darkened as he noticed his attention.

Adam licked his lips and continued speaking, unaware of Cahill’s sharp look.

“We use something called a ‘Magic Stone’ in Aisen.”

“Magic Stone?”

It was a term she had heard before. Holly remembered the first time she heard about ‘Magic Stones’ when traveling alone with Cahill. They had met a prince named Ahmed on a mountain path.

“You don’t know about Magic Stones?”

“With this, even a non-wizard can cast magic.”

They were invited to the Sharif Kingdom, where Ahmed had told them this. Unknowingly, Holly raised her hand to her chest, feeling a hard stone under her clothes.

“Are you saying you traveled the continent using magic?”

Holly’s question surprised Adam.

“You know about Magic Stones.”

Cahill, who always boasted of Holly’s wisdom, smiled fondly at her. Ignoring his expression, Adam nodded and continued.

“Yes. Aisen is connected to friendly nations through magical pathways.”

“Magical pathways… that’s amazing!”

Holly gazed at Adam with sparkling eyes, like a child hearing a fairy tale. A soft smile appeared on Adam’s lips as he observed her innocent face.


Cahill looked at her, who was focused on Adam, with a resentful gaze. However, after failing to catch her attention, he fiddled with her hand resting on his arm to console himself.

Holly instinctively gripped and then released Cahill’s hand, his face melting from dissatisfaction.

“But why hasn’t the fact that countries can be traveled between without Magic Stones or ships been widely known?”

Holly pouted while listening to Adam. She felt left out, like a friend excluded from a secret.

Seeing her expression, Adam shook his head with a faint smile on his face.

“Even though it’s widely used in Aisen, a Magic Stone is still a precious item. Only a select few, like royalty and nobility, can use it.”

Holly recalled a warning from Cahill.

“Don’t flaunt it carelessly. As I’ve said before, this is very valuable.”

“It’s a Magic Stone. It contains magic.”

The stone in the necklace she had carried since childhood was, in fact, a Magic Stone. Suddenly, she felt a chill from the stone around her neck spread through her body.

Holly swallowed dryly.

“Even in countries that mine Magic Stones, common people are mostly unaware of them.”

Adam added, misinterpreting Holly’s stiff expression as a need for reassurance. Then, as if struck by a sudden realization, he clapped his hands together.

“Now that I think about it, we shouldn’t just be traveling leisurely.”

As she looked at him curiously at his unexpected remark, Adam’s face reddened under her intense gaze.

“I should teach Holly about Aisen’s culture and history.”

At this, Cahill, who had been silently watching, could no longer hold back and stepped between them. He pulled Holly’s shoulder towards him as if to hide her from Adam.

“There’s no need. Holly knows plenty already.”

Cahill looked down at Holly proudly as if bragging about her. Still, Adam furrowed his brow and shook his head.

“However, Holly is at a disadvantage as a foreigner. And a commoner at that…”


He cut off Adam sharply. His eyes were icy as he glared at Adam. Holly, alternating her glances between a wronged Adam and a cold Cahill, sighed.

“I like to learn.”

She said to Cahill, and it wasn’t just to appease him. Then, Cahill, who had been staring intently at Holly, sighed reluctantly, realizing she was sincere.

“Then, the lessons will be just one hour a day.”

He spoke reluctantly, and Holly nodded in joy.

“That’s plenty!”

“And the rest of the time, you’ll learn from me.”

Cahill cupped her cheek, turning her face towards him.

“What will you teach me?”

Holly asked with a laugh, seeing Cahill’s bemused expression. He then adopted a serious look as if deep in thought.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

“Perhaps I could teach you about your erogenous zones?”

Unsurprised by the half-expected answer, she blushed slightly and nodded.

“That sounds like a very educational experience.”

Adam, caught between them, clicked his tongue and hurriedly walked away, no longer wanting to witness their interaction.


* * *


Not long after, rows of ships came into view. Following Adam, Holly arrived at the port and was awestruck.


In front of Holly was a large two-story cruise ship.

‘They say nobles throw all-night parties on that ship.’

Holly’s eyes sparkled with anticipation. Adam, hearing her continuous expressions of amazement, rolled his eyes inwardly.

“Adam, where are we going?”

She looked puzzled as she followed Adam, who didn’t stop walking as Cahill and Badin trailed behind her. They finally stopped in front of a small sailing ship hidden behind the large cruise ship.

“Surely not… this can’t be it, right?”

Holly asked incredulously, unable to take her eyes off the small ship as her voice trembled slightly. Adam turned to her with a crooked smile and approached a man organizing ropes on the sailing ship.

“We have four people.”

Adam walked up to the man, pulling out a purse of money. The smooth interaction between them crushed any remaining hopes Holly had. The man, wearing a sleeveless top and with sun-darkened, blotchy skin, straightened up and eyed Adam.

“You’re the young master who came this afternoon.”

He then chuckled knowingly.

“You folks are the last ones to board. Almost missed the ship.”

The man said, hastening the group as if they were late.

“We had our reasons.”

Adam responded to the man while casting a displeased glance at Holly, the reason for their delay.

‘Well, it wasn’t just me doing it.’