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After that, quite a few pages were filled with praise for Kyriltes’ appearance every day and stories about the trivial things the two did.

In between, there were stories of new discoveries and research findings about this world.



〈 I’ve grasped the language system of this world.

The structure where the predicate comes before the object, sentences are composed of word units without particles, gender division of words doesn’t exist, and irregular inflections are minimal. It was easy to learn to read and write using phonetic characters.

However, memorizing numerous words is a hassle, so I should create a translator.

Although the research on how to return is urgent, I can’t endure the inconvenience of the current living conditions.

Since there is no immediate solution, I should at least put out the urgent fires first. If communication is established, it will be easier to converse with Kyriltes. Then, perhaps, I can refrain from persistently talking with words that won’t get through every time.

He comes over at the slightest opportunity and rambles on endlessly alone as if he has so much to say.

I pretended not to understand because I was too lazy to answer, even though I understood it to some extent. But suddenly, it seemed like he wanted me to teach him my language. It’s shocking. What can he possibly do when he doesn’t even know the basic pronunciation and oral structure?

I taught him a few words with the feeling of ‘eat and go,’ and he kept muttering them by my side, even with incorrect pronunciation. I couldn’t bear it, so I ended up spending the entire day correcting his pronunciation.

I can’t do what I need to do because of that guy Kyriltes. I’m dying of boredom. He’ll probably come again tomorrow.

He’s a genuinely amusing character.

The first words he said when asking to be taught were ‘beautiful.’

Consistently saying ‘beautiful, beautiful’ while looking at me. Even though his voice makes it sound like a song, it’s absurd. Who is he calling beautiful? He should look in a mirror before saying such things.

Even though he completely messed up the usage, hearing the same word repeatedly made me sick of it, so maybe tomorrow, I’ll teach him ‘pretty.’


I completed the bracelet. I made it quite successfully.

“It feels like you were born in this world!”

Kyriltes marveled at the bracelet’s performance like a child.

Well, it’s only to this extent.

I went on to explain how great of a great wizard and a crucial figure in my world I am.

It was a full-blown self-praise, but Kyriltes listened attentively without showing any signs of boredom. He even urged me to continue, listening as if he’d stay up all night.

Seeing his eyes full of anticipation made me feel a little weak. Especially when expectations rise, and his eyes contain more stars and dew… No matter how different the aesthetic standards are between this world and my world, there is absolute beauty.

Like a blooming flower or a sparkling starry sky, it is beautiful.

That was Kyriltes’ appearance.

If he went back to where I used to live with that body, he would have been constantly rated as handsome and beautiful. Since he poured out endless praise to me, I returned the compliments, partly grateful for it.

However, Kyriltes acted as if he hadn’t heard any of it.

Quite frustrating.

“Like a match next to a blazing log fire, it’s meaningless. Like not seeing stars next to the sun. To me, Songtullek, you are the sun.”

He was insane.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t manage my expression, so I just stood there with a vague and somewhat rotten expression.

Kyriltes came a little closer.

“I want to see it closer. Like this.”

It was close enough for our breaths to touch. I blinked in surprise at the instantly narrowed distance, and this time, his focus was on my eyelashes.

“It feels like silver threads were woven all over your body. I said you were the sun, but would it become like this if you were made out of moonlight?”

Once again, he was insane.

How could someone utter such words one after another?

Chills ran down my spine, and my shoulders shivered. Kyriltes’ long and slender fingers approached my face.

“I know it’s rude, but may I touch you just once?”


“Just… because it’s so mysterious… I thought touching moonlight would feel like this.”

I am a human.

A human made of blood, flesh, and muscles.

Kyriltes’ eyes were dreamy as if looking at the moon that had fallen right in front of him. I acknowledged that my silver body was quite unusual here, but was it to this extent?

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter and allowed him. His fingers, cautiously touching my eyelashes, were surprisingly not bad. Since I had permitted him to touch, I closed my eyes and let him do as he pleased.

He seemed quite pleased. After gently touching my eyelashes, he moved on to my eyelids, then forehead, bangs, eyebrows, and lips.

He freely roamed around.

I must be insane.

Why did it feel good?

After allowing him to do that for quite a while, I slowly opened my eyes. I was met with his eyes that were concentrated on my face.

Even though he may be a local lord, I am a king, so to speak.

Not exactly a king, more like a leader, but the ultimate ruler and spiritual leader, so to speak. I’ve received adoring looks, enchanted gazes, and all sorts of intense stares. Now, my body is so accustomed that I can be indifferent even to such stares.

But why!

Why can’t I ignore Kyriltes’ gaze?

When he looks at me with those sparkling eyes like a puppy, I want to listen to anything he says. When he gazes at me as if spellbound, it’s oddly thrilling.

So, ultimately!


I didn’t avoid Kyriltes’ approaching lips and accepted them!!! Ah!! I must be crazy!

Is that all?! I even closed my eyes!

Why did I do that?!

Am I crazy?

I’m crazy! I’m crazy! 〉



“Oh my, oh my, oh my.”

Selina quickly turned to the next page.

She was in a hurry.

‘Please give me the next part quickly.’



〈 After calmly thinking about it, well, it’s not a big deal, just a kiss.

Even you can do it with cute dogs and cats. What’s so extraordinary about it? But now the problem is that this Kyriltes guy keeps kissing me whenever he looks at me. Even though I don’t dislike it, that’s the problem.

Now, I’m slowly grasping the clue to return.

Ha… What should I do?

It’s a shame to leave him behind. Should I take him with me?


I found a way to return.

Several experiments were successful. When I told Kyriltes about it, he looked at me with an expression as if the sky was falling.

My heart collapsed as well.


On the day I decided to return, Kyriltes offered to accompany me to the specified coordinates. Despite warning him about the danger on the other side of the Beast Mountains, he stubbornly insisted. In the end, we decided to set out together, mobilizing all the guards.

I can’t predict how dangerous it will be, but I’m worried about them escorting me and the way back. And I’m worried about myself, too.

Can I forget Kyriltes so easily?

Should I just grab him?

Since I have already passed this way once, if it’s difficult for him, I can send him back.

No? Is it illegal?

I can’t do it without his consent.

I know it’s not possible… In the other world, I am the law. According to local laws, what can I do?

My chest feels tight.

We were originally never supposed to meet, and it was a relationship that could not continue. I should boldly let go and forget.

That’s the right thing to do.

I leave all the memories of this place behind. It’s futile to take them with me; it will only create lingering attachments.

If someone happens to read this record later, I hope they can just pass over the fact that such a person and such a connection existed. Still, if by any chance it’s Kyriltes… the words we couldn’t say to each other, the things we didn’t do.

It was right not to do them.

So, don’t regret it.


I never thought the day would come when I continued this record.

I’ve come back.

I had no choice but to come back.

I should at least notify the child’s father. Even though accidents didn’t happen often, I didn’t know that Kyriltes’ sperm had such a high success rate. In truth, I had considered returning, but due to the awkward situation, I eventually gave up the idea and resigned myself to it.

The dimensional barrier seemed distant yet close.

Since I was already recording, let’s reflect on the events of that day. Kyriltes had truly shaken my heart.

Holding hands for the last time at the door, it was unfair for him to have tears streaming down while having a smiling face.

And he had the audacity to say…

“Even though it was a short time, I was happy to be with you. As long as that memory exists, I’ll be happy forever.”

It would have been better if he had just thrown himself on the floor, crying loudly or clinging to me.

He understood my situation so well and was considerate that it made me even crazier.

As I turned away while holding his hand and headed towards the door, the moment his grip slipped as he let go of my hand. The sensation of Kyriltes applying pressure to my fingertips vividly lingers in my memory.

It felt like a weak plea to hold on just one last time.

Crossing back through the door, fortunately, I was not far from the palace.

My sudden absence had left the country in a state of chaos.

People rushed forward, welcoming me with tears, and I had to work hard to catch up on the overdue tasks and calm the chaos.

Thanks to that, it wasn’t too difficult to forget Kyriltes and the other world.

Sometimes, when thoughts resurfaced, my heart would ache, and the area under my eyes would sting. However, it was a temporary phenomenon. Nevertheless, the frequency of these temporary moments increased, and suddenly, there were days when tears flowed continuously.

By that point, I also came to realize that this wasn’t an ordinary matter. It was around that time that I discovered the child’s existence.

In fact, it was a convenient excuse.

I had always felt weighed down by the fact that it had to be me, and it became a form of confinement.

I had chosen to live more as a leader than my personal life.

Don’t I deserve a vacation, too?

The council members would have had no choice but to reluctantly agree to my proposal, especially since it was a threatening statement that I would resign immediately if denied a leave.

Thus, I took a vacation and came back.

The expression on Kyriltes’ face upon my return seemed genuinely convincing. It’s a pity that I couldn’t capture that expression forever. All the emotions of the world poured together, and in the end, what remained was the expression in that moment, the gaze directed at me.

…How sweet and addictive it was. Someone who hadn’t witnessed it could never understand.

Ah, I should stop my diary here for today.

Kyriltes kept pestering me to go to sleep early. Even though he acts annoying, his body is warm, making it impossible to refuse to sleep with him.

…Ah, Kyriltes probably won’t read this, right?


…The child has arrived. The mysteries of genetics truly know no bounds.

How can the child resemble me only in hair and eye color yet have an appearance almost identical to Kyriltes? Moreover, the size is a bit larger than the children in this world and a bit smaller than the children in the other world. Truly fascinating.


The child has also inherited another characteristic of mine.

In a small way, the child is as strong as me. Perhaps it’s because he’s a boy. 〉



The source of the power that Kalcion and Magna possess has been revealed. And, there was another feeling of having discovered Kalcion’s secret.

“…Was it genetic that all sorts of sweet nothings pop out automatically when they get infatuated?”

Kalcion’s affectionate advances bursting forth effortlessly seemed to make sense if it was something inherited.

“Is there anything interesting?”

Days have passed since Selina stumbled upon Songtullek’s records, laughing to herself.

He tried not to disturb her but couldn’t endure it any longer. Selina, who was hugged by Kalcion as a habit when he approached, suddenly made a request.

“I just felt like hearing it, so tell me how much you love me.”

Without any hesitation, Kalcion opened his mouth without asking ‘why’ or ‘suddenly.’

“You are already my everything. The word ‘love’ cannot express it enough. The fact that I live means I love you. Because without you, my life would cease to exist. So…”

“Oh, stop.”

“There’s more.”


The First Duke, Kyriltes, wasn’t like this to this extent.

Was there a genetic trait passed down through generations that made them stronger?

Kalcion looked at Selina like a person who was anxious to say he loved her even more. Unable to handle any more of his sugar-coated confession, she kissed his lips herself. He responded happily, lips meeting hers.

A splendid compromise was reached.