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“Take her out.”

Kylian didn’t want to see Anais. He felt uneasy as the Saint Lillith seemed to overlap more and more with the wife he loved.

‘Just take this!’

Anais shouted with the shape of her mouth. However, Kylian simply smiled and ignored her as if it were trivial.

He couldn’t afford to be swayed by such things. He had already lost Anais once before. He was afraid of going back to that time with loss and despair and everything seemed as futile as sand.

A life without his wife was hell. The greater hell was having to live in a world without her.

With no hope that Anais would survive.

It couldn’t be ruined just because of Lillith. How did it come to this?

‘Your Majesty!’

Anais was chased away like that.

As she was dragged away, she seemed to be trying to say something to the Emperor with her mouth. However, Kylian turned away from her, instructing the guard next to him as Anais was dragged out.

While the knights bound her arms and pulled her out, Anais left marks on the carpet as her heels scraped against it.


Even dressed in a handmaid’s outfit, he really hated her for not showing any loyalty to the Empress. On top of that, her attempt to shake him.

When she was completely dragged outside, he suddenly felt a stinging sensation in his eyes and covered them with his palms.

Meanwhile, Anais, who had been dragged out, had no intention of giving up like this.

“Even after being chased away like that, do you still plan to be stubborn?”

The Captain of the Imperial Guard, Sir Lacey looked at her with a pathetic expression, then shook his head.

“Even if you wait like that, His Majesty will not see you. And there’s another door leading to the back of the throne room.”

‘I know.’

“Even though you know, are you waiting?”


Anais stood in front of the main gate of the throne room. It was now quite late in the afternoon, and most of the attendants had already left. Therefore, she could wait more inconspicuously.

“What on earth did you do wrong to the Empress? Why doesn’t she allow you to loosen the necklace even in the evening?”

‘Exactly. I’m curious about Her Majesty’s intentions too.’

Even after realizing that what had entered her body was Lillith, she couldn’t really understand her intentions. Her body was already a once-dead body. Even if Kylian mistakenly had a sense of guilt towards her and misunderstood it as love, it wasn’t love.

Even if she pretended to be Anais and received his love like this, Lillith would know that it would lead to mutual destruction.

Anais stood there, looking straight ahead. In her gaze was Kylian, who would be behind the door. He was a Sword Master. If Anais stood here, there was no way he wouldn’t know.

She stood there like that. The sound of the wind outside was chilling. The cold wind, as if it would soon rain, swept through the corridor outside the throne room. Eventually, the attendants closed the windows they had opened and disappeared.

The corridor fell silent. No one made a sound, and Anais felt like only her breathing echoed in her ears.

Kylian was there in front of her. He was someone she couldn’t ignore, and eventually, the candy in her hand would be delivered to him.

It was clear that Kylian’s behavior was driven by fear. She had been there once herself. There was a time when she thought her feelings towards him were merely an admiration for her favorite lead.

However, the fear she had when coming back to life was not like that. It was sad to see him with another woman, and it was miserable that he couldn’t recognize her.

The current Empress showed no sign of the appearance she once had. Yet, Kylian declared that he would love her, that he already loved her.

He was shaken and hurt, but in the end, he chose her. Therefore, this couldn’t be an illusion.

No, the mistake was her. She mistakenly thought she didn’t love Kylian.

She tried to ignore the love she had because she was not seeing him as a man, and she deliberately thought it was a family love.

Yet, the more she touched him, the more she wanted to live. Even if it was Lillith’s body, even if she faced humiliation and heard his harsh words.

Still, she wanted to be with him. It was miserable, but it was okay. She even felt that the tears she saw in his eyes before she died were real.

She was soon going to die. That’s why she shouldn’t be greedy with such desires. Even if Kylian’s guilt and responsibility towards her really turned into love. It was just her selfish desire to hope that he would love her in the same way. So, she only had the wretched hope that he might still have the same feelings as her.

“How long are you going to keep doing this?”

Kylian came out three hours after Anais was kicked out.

Outside, the sun had set, and it was now completely night. The chilly wind that had blown hit the windows as Kylian emerged into the corridor.

Anais held out something to him.

‘This is for you.’

He didn’t take it and instead glared at Anais. He could have gone out through the door behind the throne room, but he couldn’t stand the thought that she might stay here until dawn if he didn’t come out.

If it were the former Lillith, it wouldn’t matter whether she stayed or left. No, recalling the time she had drugged him, he wouldn’t have to care even if she stood in the corridor for several days.

“How can I trust and accept what you give me?”

‘So, I brought two.’

Anais opened her hand, showing what she had been holding. Kylian saw two candies wrapped in transparent packaging in her hand.


Kylian took what she gave him without thinking. With a rustling sound, Anais peeled off the wrapper of what she was holding. She put it in her mouth and then grabbed Kylian’s other hand.

He unconsciously pulled his hand away from her touch. In response, Anais smiled warmly, took his hand, and spread out her fingers to write something.



Kylian couldn’t understand this situation at all. No, he didn’t want to understand it.

“Your Majesty.”

In that moment, Kylian roughly shook off Anais’s hand that held mine. Even the captain of the guard, Lacey, was surprised by Kylian’s rough behavior. He stood quietly again after seeing her hand being pushed away.

“I told you not to play such tricks.”

At that moment, a voice came from the other end of the corridor.

“Your Majesty.”

It was the Empress who called the Emperor. His heart pounded as if he had shown an undesirable side to his wife.

“Wife, this is…”

“My handmaid was bothering Your Majesty here.”

“Oh, yes… that’s correct.”

“But why were the two of you holding hands?”

Anais looked at Lilith that was in her body. As she recognized it as Lillith, her smiling face seemed like Lillith’s. A kind expression with lowered eyes and a smiling mouth. It was the smile that Lillith often had.

“She said she had something to give me.”

“Oh, candies? This is what I ate yesterday.”


“Why does the saint have them?”

Kylian was perplexed by the Empress’s cold words. Then, the Empress took the Emperor’s hand and said,

“Why did you give what you gave to me to the saint?”

“I didn’t give her anything.”

Kylian felt that her question was something she had made up.

How? Then how on earth did he not reject this? Even the letters written on the palm of his hand.

“How did you get it then, Lillith?”

‘I received it.’

“From whom?”

‘From whom.’


Speaking in Phileal’s way, the Empress laughed. The Empress was about to ask more, but she looked at the Emperor and raised the corners of her mouth.

“Your Majesty.”

“Oh, yes. Wife.”

“Your Majesty, I came all the way here.”

“I apologize, Wife. Were you waiting for me?”

“Yes. Waiting in the room was too boring.”

Kylian felt all the doubts he had about her vanish as she spoke as if she wanted to see him.

It couldn’t be fake. Whenever doubts about her arose, he repeated the resolution he had made.

Then Kylian’s gaze fell on the Empress’s feet.

“Why are your feet like this?”

“I walked all the way here by myself, that’s why.”

Kylian frowned with concern as he looked at the Empress’s feet. There were long imprints of shoelaces on the top of her foot.

“Let’s go back to the room, Wife.”


The Empress naturally embraced Kylian’s neck. Kylian was surprised that she reached out to him first, and his face turned pale. Then, accepting the arm reaching toward him, he hugged her waist.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, sorry. I thought the Wife liked it when I held her…”

“Puhaha. Carry me.”

Anais thought it was fine to treat her as if she didn’t exist. But even if she consciously thought that way, it was still painful. In fact, it wasn’t okay.

“Next time, wear comfortable shoes.”

“I don’t like it. I like high ones.”

“There are many pretty low ones too.”

“I don’t like wearing low shoes because Kylian is too tall. The height difference is too much when I wear them. It hurts my neck every time I look up, you know?”

“I will lower my height.”

Kylian said it sincerely. If she walked all the way here wearing high heels for him, he thought it would be okay to keep bowing and bending his waist in the future, even if it hurt.

“Hahaha. Don’t say that. It’s not necessary.”


The Empress hugged Kylian’s neck tightly and exhaled. He paused for a moment, trembling because of the Empress hugging him. He couldn’t think about anything right now.

“If I write something here, try to guess.”

“On my neck?”


Kylian found it ticklish when she said she would write directly on my neck, but it was nice. Soon, she wrote something, and he couldn’t help but wonder what it was.

“Write it again. I don’t get it.”


He deliberately said it because he liked the feeling of her fingers touching him.

Anais then looked straight at Kylian, who had come to his senses. But he turned his back as if he hadn’t seen it and headed towards the Empress’s palace.

“Don’t you get it even now?”

“Yes. I’m dull. Please write it again.”

So the two of them disappeared from sight. But Anais wasn’t someone to give up like this.

‘Let’s go to Phileal.’


Captain Lacey took Anais to where Phileal was.