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“Do you think I’ll help you?”

“Is that what you consider the right thing to do?”

Leviathan was taken aback by Anais’s counter-question. Her words felt like a dagger, not entirely incorrect but frustrating.

“I won’t help you.”

“Fine, don’t help. Just don’t get in the way if you can.”

Leviathan stared at her, wondering if she really didn’t need his help. Her firm attitude suggested she really meant it.

“I am the Chief Priest of Death.”

“Who said you weren’t the Chief Priest?”


It was even more confusing for him that she spoke with such intent, knowing she didn’t need anything from him.

“Pitiful Phileal.”


Leviathan couldn’t insult Anais directly, so he directed his words at Phileal.

“Do you really think the High Priest of Death chose you because of some humane affection? If he doesn’t need you, he would’ve discarded you. Yet, if you still see him as family, you’re truly a pathetic human.”

“Why are you picking a fight with me?”

Phileal glared at Leviathan, genuinely expressing disdain.

“If I accumulate a bit more power, things like you won’t matter. Even now, we’re almost equal. Understand?”

“Your baseless confidence is still there.”

They had clashed before, and back then, their powers were nearly equal, but Phileal had lost.

Leviathan couldn’t determine if it was the right thing to do. However, he thought that by giving Phileal the warning he needed, it might align more closely with Anais’s notion of what’s right. Leviathan felt a certain indebtedness to Phileal, who had taken care of his affairs until now.

“This is a warning.”

Anais said with a perplexed face.

“You think giving a warning to Phileal is the right thing to do, really?”


Leviathan couldn’t help Anais, but he rationalized it to himself that giving a warning to Phileal was the right thing to do. Moreover, Leviathan felt that even issuing this level of warning to Phileal was sufficient. Phileal wasn’t someone particularly special to him, and their connection wasn’t profound enough for him to sacrifice his well-being.

Oddly enough, he didn’t feel bad about doing something he wouldn’t normally do. It seemed the sense of purposelessness didn’t feel as burdensome as before.

“Alright, let’s go, Anais.”


Anais, with a somewhat uneasy look, held hands with Phileal and moved away. Leviathan, with an expression like a child experiencing an unfamiliar sensation, was staring at his own palm.

* * *

Guided by Phileal, they arrived at the underground of the palace. Anais greeted Duke Pervical, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time, while being curious about why Phileal brought her here.

“Dad, it’s been a while.”

Anais smiled as she looked at Duke Pervical. He didn’t glare at her or threaten her with death, as he used to.

“Why is your hair blue?”

“Remember the mermaid story you used to tell me?”


“Isn’t it similar to the color of those mermaids?”

Mermaids had gone extinct centuries ago. Therefore, their blue hair was considered ominous, and people avoided it.

This story was from a fairy tale book that Duke Pervical used to read to her before bedtime during her childhood.

“So, what happened to the mermaids?”

“They all went to the divine realm and lived happily ever after.”

She couldn’t possibly be unaware of what her father lied about. In reality, all mermaids had gone extinct and were likely reincarnated into different species. The Duke had lied, fearing that she might be saddened.

“Mermaids all went to the divine realm and lived happily ever after.”

Duke Pervical fell silent.


He spoke with a choked voice.

“I don’t believe it. Filthy saint wench.”

“Still, I like you, Dad. If I disappear, you can stop hating Kylian.”


“Forget about me and focus on your own life now.”


“I’m truly happy to have seen you again before I die.”

“Get out.”

After saying her wish like a prayer, Anais faced the High Priest of Death trapped before her.

“Today, even Anais has come.”

As the High Priest of Life, Raviel spoke, Duke Pervical pretended to read a book but listened attentively.

“I want you to show me today in front of His Majesty’s eyes.”

“Please keep me alive.”


Raviel spoke with anticipation as if the end was not far away. He planned to escape far and hide if he managed to flee from here.

The reason he was exposed this time was that the God of Death tracked his abilities and had given a sign to Phileal. Before Anais woke up, Phileal had prophesied the place he would go. However, the present Phileal seemed to have completely forgotten about it.

Casually, Phileal opened the prison door and pulled the chain attached to the High Priest of Life. He led him forward like a slave. Due to this, as Anais turned around, she almost tripped over her feet.



Duke Percival stood up in surprise.

“Haha. I won’t fall that easily.”

She wobbled a bit but managed to stay on her feet. However, when she almost tripped, seeing the Duke rise from his seat and his bewildered expression brought her a bit of relief.

“Thanks for worrying, Dad.”

Duke Percival didn’t respond. He already knew. He might have to face the possibility that the person inside the body of Saint Lilith could be his daughter.

He didn’t want to believe it, but now he had to.

And so, he watched his daughter vanish before his eyes.

* * *

“Why did you come too?”

Kylian had a disgruntled attitude. Seated on the bed with crossed legs, he glared at the three people with a face full of discontent.

“The bedroom is surprisingly clean today, Your Majesty.”

“It’s none of your concern.”

Anais looked around Kylian’s bedroom and was surprised. Usually, there were traces of magic circles on the floor or remnants of offerings scattered everywhere. Of course, the room was regularly tidied up by the servants, but there were always lingering marks that couldn’t be erased.

However, nowadays, with both the High Priest of Life and the Saint present, there was no need for sacrificial offerings, so the offerings were not brought to his room.

Anais found the changes in the interior and structure of his bedroom somewhat unfamiliar. The bed seemed larger than before. The columns of the canopy beside him also appeared thicker. Most notably, the carpet on the floor rustled very softly.

“What are you looking for?”

“I wondered if there was something to steal in the room.”


Kylian chuckled involuntarily at Anais’s words. Then, realizing he laughed at such nonsense, he scowled at Anais, displeased with himself.

“If you’re going to talk nonsense like that, leave. Someone like you is not needed by my wife.”

“Today, I am needed.”

Kylian looked into her eyes. Her eyes, still beautifully shimmering with white irises, felt strangely off. There was no bright light in his room now, only the dim glow of red-toned lamps illuminated the space.

He glanced at Anais, who was now asleep behind him. She breathed softly, sounding completely asleep.

Kylian sighed and rose from his seat. He had checked her eyes before she fell asleep, but there was no sign of the light he had seen in her eyes before.

Kylian approached Saint Lilith. There was no white light around her. Therefore, he wanted to get closer to inspect her eyes.

“Your Majesty?”

Kylian stood by her side. The High Priest of Life and Phileal stood back for a moment, and the Emperor seemed to be annoyed by something. So, Anais stayed still, not provoking him.

He just walked over and just looked at her.

Anais didn’t like this moment. When she looked into Kylian’s golden eyes, the warm firelight around seemed to flicker within them. The light in his eyes was like looking into flames but golden, and it was beautiful.

Anais wanted to live longer. But she had to let go of such desires. Every time she saw Kylian up close, those thoughts kept resurfacing.

“Look at me properly.”

Kylian warned as Anais almost unconsciously lowered her gaze. She sighed softly and met his eyes again.

Kylian’s expression darkened further. He realized that the glow in her eyes wasn’t because of the surrounding light.

“You’ve become cunning, Saint.”

“Now you won’t even call me by my name.”

“Do you want me to call you by your name after pretending to be my wife?”

“Yes. Call me Anais.”

“Are you insane?”

Kylian raised his voice and locked eyes with Anais, warning her with an intense gaze. Unlike before, she stared back at him, unashamed.

“They say when you’re lying, your eyes reveal the truth.”

“Am I lying now?”

“No. I’m just asking you to see if I’m lying.”


Kylian bit his lip, sighed, and then spoke again.

“What happened to the candy?”

“Uh, yesterday…”

Anais found it difficult to explain that she had taken the candy because of the taste she felt when they kissed yesterday. Besides, they were not alone. Phileal and the High Priest of Life were with her.

So, she couldn’t brazenly speak out about it. If it were any other matter, she could have just spoken about it, but admitting that she took the candy because of their kiss was not so easy.

“What happened yesterday?”

Kylian was confident that she didn’t know about that. Maybe the Empress is unhappy with him. That’s why she distanced herself from him and approached again.

Whatever it was, Kylian wanted to solve it. He was somewhat anxious that Anais might have discovered his feelings, the confusion he felt towards Lilith.

So, he despised seeing Lilith in front of him. Unlike the time when he reluctantly felt she was like his wife under the influence of the potion, this time, she was truly behaving like Anais. Every gaze was fixed on him, just like Anais at that time.

“Enough. Let’s start with purification.”


As if expecting this, Kylian clenched his fist and took a step back.



As Phileal brought the High Priest of Life, Raviel extended his hand when a restraint was applied to his neck. A strong light emanated from his palm, initiating the purification of Anais’s body.



Anais fainted towards Lilith.

Then, she woke up in her own body.


She called Kylian while feeling pain in her throat.