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However, such rules meant nothing to the eight-year-old girl, and Olivia didn’t attach much significance to them either, so she readily accepted them.

“Of course.”

With her consent, Lucy began calling her by that name without hesitation.

“Liv, do you see that big tree over there?”

Lucy explained various things to Olivia with twinkling eyes, who listened attentively and nodded continuously. It was a truly affectionate scene. Even Leonard, who had been conducting the interview in front of the royal symbol for quite a while, captured that moment.

And at that moment, the King gave an order to the reporter.

“Hurry up and take a picture of that scene!”

The seasoned reporter also thought so upon seeing the scene. The King, taking hundreds of pictures in front of the lion statue, was nothing compared to that! So, both the reporter and the King eagerly aimed their cameras at the satisfactory subjects.

Meanwhile, the Queen, having heard about Lucy’s actions, was about to go personally apologize to Olivia when she noticed the scene.

“How pathetic.”

For the first time in a while, candid words escaped from the Queen’s mouth as she observed her husband’s actions.

Margot, upon hearing this, nodded in agreement.

“What if there were no cameras?”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

Even Asher, who finished the interview, was surprised at the affectionate sight of Olivia and Lucy. He approached Noah and quietly asked.

“What’s going on?”

Noah, still watching the two, answered without shifting his gaze.

“It’s a long story.”

“You mean you won’t explain.”

At that moment, Olivia, who had been listening attentively to Lucy’s explanation, noticed the lion statue with her gaze. Noah also followed her gaze to look at the magnificent lion statue.

Large eyes filled with transparent tears.

What could be there? Why was she looking at that and got choked up? No matter how he looked at it, it wasn’t an awe-inspiring statue. In the meanwhile, Lucy cautiously took Olivia’s hand, which was looking at the lion statue.

As Olivia quickly lowered her gaze, the girl looked up at her and smiled broadly.

“Welcome to Herod, Liv.”


The smile slowly faded from Olivia’s face. Instead, gentle waves appeared in her black eyes directed at the girl.

It was at the age of this girl, exactly, that she had enjoyed an outing here, and it was the last outing with her parents. The Princess’s welcome in a place imbued with nostalgic memories touched her more deeply than any words could.

Olivia slowly bent her knees and met her eyes with Lucy.

“Thank you for welcoming me, Princess.”

And seeing that scene, Leonard hurried the reporter.

“Hurry up, take it quickly!”

The eight-year-old girl, raised in the midst of older brothers, completely fell for Olivia.

It was nice when Olivia tilted her head in response to what she said, and it was nice when she laughed. In short, everything was nice. Until the King, satisfied with the finally obtained picture, ordered them to return to the palace, the Princess didn’t want to leave Olivia’s side.

As Missus Lehmann nervously wandered around the Princess, an unexpected remark came from Margot.

“Leave her alone. She’s not used to seeing someone she likes.”

Then, she added a word to Leonard as well.

“Send Lucy to school. She’s always in the palace at an age when she needs to make friends. How boring it must be.”

The Queen quickly nodded her head.

“That’s right. Anyway, after classes, she’ll come back to the palace. I heard it’s okay from the middle of the semester…”

“It’s not time yet.”


The King, not wanting to hear anymore, refused and then warned Margot.

“Don’t waste your time, Marguerite. It’s still dangerous outside the palace.”

“Waste my time? Besides, the guards will be with her. What’s the danger…”

As Margot was about to speak in earnest, Leonard quickly turned and got on the carriage. Beatrice looked bitter, and Margot pursed her lips as if displeased.

Missus Lehmann, confirming the King entering the carriage, quickly approached Princess Lucy.

“Princess, now greet Miss Liberty and get on the carriage.”

Olivia greeted Lucy first.

“Thank you for showing me around the square, Princess. I really appreciate it.”

“Ah, that….”

‘No. If we part ways here, we might not be able to see each other again!’

“You should greet her now, Princess.”

As Missus Lehmann urged, she became even more anxious. Asher and Noah were already waiting for her in front of the carriage.

Liv, who kept blinking her big eyes, eventually did something she had never done before.

“Liv, let’s ride the carriage together!”


While everyone paused at the unfamiliar name, Olivia was the most bewildered.

Ride the carriage together?

Then, which carriage should she take? As Olivia quickly looked at Missus Lehmann, Missus Lehmann looked at the Queen.

Beatrice nodded with a smiling face at Lucy’s innocent look.

“Well then, Lucy, get on Princess Marguerite’s carriage with Missus Lehmann.”

But the Princess’s request didn’t end there.

“I want to ride the carriage I came in originally. There are so many things I want to show Liv!”

Olivia reflexively looked at the carriage where the two princes were waiting.

Princess, I don’t think so.

“It’s inconvenient because it’s a four-person carriage.”

At Missus Lehmann’s prohibition, Olivia secretly sighed with relief, though Lucy wasn’t so easy.

“Then Nanny can ride with Aunt’s carriage.”

“No, that’s not possible.”

“Mother, I want to ride the carriage. I came with Liv! Liv, let’s go back together!”

At this point, Beatrice, with a perplexed face, blinked and asked Olivia.

“Miss Liberty, what do you think? Is it okay if you go with Lucy in that carriage?”

As soon as she asked that question, the answer was as good as decided. It felt like she was already breaking with cold sweat.

Olivia answered with a face that didn’t seem like a smile.

“Yes, of course.”


It was awkward, but seeing the girl’s happy face, it wasn’t that bad after all.

“Let’s go, Liv!”

Lucy, thrilled, led Olivia to the royal carriage.

However, the moment Olivia turned around and saw Noah and Usher standing directly in front of her, she wanted to run away somewhere.

Suddenly, the road to the palace seemed incredibly long.

The attendants lowered the carriage steps, and the door opened. Usher, with an amused look, extended his hand to the excited Lucy, and she took it, being the first to board the carriage. Olivia tried to follow, but someone extended their hand from the right.

The smooth black glove felt strangely familiar.

When Olivia glanced up, she saw Noah. His expression was devoid of emotion like a machine as if he was just maintaining proper courtesy. Well, yesterday at the ball, his face was the same when he extended his hand.

Dancing with such a prince, who had such an insensitive and cold expression, even for a brief moment.

Was that really a dream?

Olivia cautiously placed her hand on top of his, climbing the carriage steps.

Embarrassed by her bare hand that rested on his, the thought crossed her mind that maybe she should wear gloves. The interior of the carriage was decorated with light cream-colored curtains and a sky-blue sofa, giving it a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of the room where she had stayed.

“Liv, sit here!”

Lucy gestured to her side with that familiar face. Claiming to have much to show, there were indeed two large baskets next to Lucy.

Olivia sat next to Lucy while Noah and Asher took the seats opposite in the carriage.

As the carriage was not very spacious, Olivia quickly adjusted her posture to ensure that her legs did not cross. She greeted Noah and Usher with a slight nod, sitting directly across from Noah and diagonally from Usher.

After the brief greeting, she swiftly turned her gaze to Lucy.

It was truly uncomfortable.