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“These days, the Jewelies are showing a keen interest in the railway industry. They are making various preparations to lay the railway connecting the Phlelus region and the Shuden Kingdom. Lady Avelin, have you ever been to the Shuden Kingdom?”

Count Aventchester asked in an elegant voice. Andra understood another implied meaning in that question.

Right next to the southern part, the first Prince, had long married the princess of Shuden. The Count subtly hinted at the probable success of the Jewelies’ railway industry this time.

“However, there is one problem.”

At that moment, Count Aventchester laughed, covering her mouth with the fan. Andra looked at her curiously.

“…A problem?”

“Business is never always smooth. Even in Avents, the taste of wine varies greatly depending on the climate of the year. But how can ordinary humans understand the will of the heavens? I believe Lady Avelin will understand this well enough.”

With a gentle expression, Andra nodded in silent agreement. Nature… Avelin knew it better. As much as Avelin prioritized wealth accumulation through agriculture, agriculture was always the top priority.

Andra found a clue in the Count’s words. What the problem was with the Jewelie’s railway industry. And so, she was about to think about that further when there was a sudden commotion.

A murmur that caught everyone’s attention, including the Count and Ansel.

“Oh my, really? Lady Venetolia and Airak…?”

“Yes, it’s true. I saw the two of them being affectionate with each other.”

“What about Prince Pohas? What will happen to the prince? The two are promised in marriage, aren’t they?”

The subject of the commotion was Lady Venetolia. Before long, people were gossiping in various ways about Lady Venetolia who was absent.

Andra, who initially thought it was just rumors about the well-known Lady Venetolia, couldn’t help but stiffen her face when Airak was mentioned. If Ansel hadn’t signaled her not to, she would have been frowning in front of everyone.

“Oh, I heard that rumor too. It’s a bit different, though…”

“What rumor?”

“You see…”

“What? The imperial carriage was in the north Airak?”

“Shh, be quiet, Lady. Others might hear.”

Despite covering her mouth with a fan to warn her, the Lady who told the rumor had a sad smile in her eyes, as if her purpose was to spread the rumor. Of course, the other person who was on the receiving end was also raising her voice as if to show it.

“Oh my, why did Lady Venetolia, not Pohas but Airak…?”

“Wasn’t Prince Pohas a smokescreen and in fact Airak? Otherwise, there was no way the imperial carriage was in Airak.”

People buzzed again.

It was a well-known fact in Ramhafzel that Lady Venetolia personally used the imperial carriage. The emperor treated her no less than the princess, and to firmly establish her position, Lady Venetolia intentionally rode the imperial carriage wherever she went.

Moreover, the emperor’s children had no connection with Airak. There was no reason for them to go to the north to meet Airak.

“Not even once. Several times.”

“Oh my, that’s surprising. It seems Prince Pohas was really just a smokescreen.”

Now, not only Lady Venetolia but also Airak was on people’s lips. Therefore, Andra and Ansel, who had unintentionally overheard all of this, were utterly bewildered. Their eyes met for a moment.

Andra silently asked Ansel if he knew about this. The answer was no.

“I have a curious question, Lady.”

Suddenly, Count Aventchester threw a question at Andra. Andra’s gaze was once again drawn to the count. Waving the fan gracefully, the count spoke with an elegant voice.

“Lately, money from the Avelin Merchant Guild has been going into buying shares of Duchy Venetolia.”

“Count, about that part…”

“So, weren’t the two families business partners? Why do strange rumors keep circulating?”

Interrupting Ansel, the count was now looking at the two as if finding it amusing. She seemed to enjoy the situation. Perhaps the count knew something after all.

Andra was about to offer some defense when the count stopped her with a wave of the fan, continuing the conversation.

“Wasn’t it Lady Venetolia who promised a position to Lady Avelin? However, now even that is uncertain. Of course, Lady Venetolia is known for her capriciousness and unpredictability, but I don’t think she would play tricks with her retirement. Right?”

“Count, it’s just a simple rumor.”

“Well, we’ll see about that later, Young Marquis. I prefer certainty. Don’t forget I’m from the South. I’m here to help Avelin, and it would be awkward if things turn this way, wouldn’t it?”

Despite her words, the count continued to smile. Her soft gaze turned towards Andra.

Andra felt the gaze like a finely crafted knife. The count was saying something. She would be watching to see if Andra could secure Lady Venetolia’s position. She was expecting how Andra would handle this situation.

“But still, this is Lady Venetolia. She has a talent for surprising people in unexpected places.”

The count laughed heartily again, pointing to her lips with the fan. Andra’s throat felt dry. She hadn’t expected such troubles so soon.

But she had to endure. If she couldn’t handle this, how would she survive in society? Society was such a place, full of unexpected events.


Andra composed herself and called out to Count Aventchester.

“I’ll say it again, it’s an uncertain rumor. How Airak could be involved with Lady Venetolia…”


The count interrupted Andra and called her.

“Avelin always underestimates Airak. Of course, I understand. Who down here doesn’t know that the relationship between the two families is not good? However, not seeing what can be seen with personal emotions is a significant weakness.”

The entrance to the ballroom was a bit noisy. Count Aventchester glanced at the entrance and quietly closed the fan.

“It seems today’s protagonists are just starting to step in.”

Andra’s head turned toward the entrance. Shortly after, she found herself holding her breath without realizing it, putting more force into the fan she was carrying.

The rumor wasn’t false, as Dustin Airak escorted Lady Venetolia and entering. Everyone who saw them was stirred. The two looked very affectionate. They could easily be mistaken for lovers.

What on earth is going on? Andra felt dizzy momentarily. Why is that damn Dustin Airak next to Lady Venetolia?

The moment Andra’s eyes met Dustin’s, she soon found herself trembling. Dustin was clearly mocking her with his expression. At the same time, he delicately fixed Lady Venetolia’s hair with careful and gentle gestures.

‘Dustin Airak… this son of a bitch…’

Andra turned her head, trying to control her breath. She needed to find out what was going on. She had to find her father first… find Albert. Sensing Andra’s urgent gaze, Ansel quickly grabbed his younger sister. He softly said.

“Andra, calm down. You’re agitated right now.”

Feeling the comforting touch of Ansel’s hand, Andra finally exhaled and looked up at Ansel. Ansel carefully wiped the cold sweat from his sister’s forehead with the end of his sleeve and continued speaking.

“I’ll go to Father. You go to a place where people can’t see you and catch your breath. I’ll send Adego soon.”

Andra nodded her head at the gentle tone, feeling a bit more stable. Ansel’s words were right. Since Dustin appeared, she had visibly started to get agitated. This couldn’t go on. She would soon be exposed and taken advantage of.

Following Ansel’s advice, Andra decided to leave the ballroom for a while. She needed to find a quiet place where she could catch her breath.

‘Damn Airak.’

Andra cursed Airak inside. She had hoped not to get involved with him this time, but Dustin Airak had ruined that. She couldn’t understand why she had to be entangled with him even in the coming-of-age ceremony. She just wanted this day to pass quietly.

More than that, was the rumor really true? Lady Venetolia had been in a relationship with Dustin Airak? What about Flanders? What was the content of the letter that had come to her father?

Andra was about to move outside, intending to avoid people, when someone blocked her path. It was Stephanie Jewelie. Stephanie, upon seeing Andra, quickly opened her mouth.

“Aren’t they a lovely couple? Looks very good.”

“Lady, to talk right now, I…”

“Lady Venetolia has been alone for a while. It seems she has met a good match, and I’m proud of that.”

Andra looked at Stephanie with a slightly bewildered face as Stephanie continued to speak her mind without Andra asking. What did she want to say? It was around that moment she thought that.

“Wouldn’t it be possible for the imperial family’s support to shift towards the North if Lady Venetolia, were to choose Airak? Her Majesty values her more than her own children, so there’s a high possibility of that happening.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I want to suggest that things might become difficult for Avelin. I mean, the shares in Duchy Venetolia that Avelin purchased could potentially turn into mere pieces of paper.”

Stephanie smiled playfully and casually delivered the cutting words.

“Don’t think I don’t know. Avelin is Jewelie’s collaborator, and examining the funds of a collaborator is the basics for me. I don’t engage in transactions recklessly. I thoroughly analyze everything about the other party before proceeding with any deal. I know that Avelin’s merchant guild is currently acquiring the majority of Duchy Venetolia’s shares. Some others, aside from me, are aware of this too.”

“As for that part, I…”

“But isn’t it strange? Why did someone heading towards Airak previously do good things for Avelin?”

Could it be that she is hiding something? Stephanie, with the same smiling face, continued to speak to Andra.