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Seeing Sylvia’s soon-to-be-deceased face, Luca made up his mind. He took off her clothes, but it wasn’t necessary to react like this to each and every thing. Putting his hand vigorously through the dress again, he gently pressed the flesh that crushed into his palm. And even though he tried to take it off, the non-stretchable seaweed dress wasn’t easy to take off.

“Ha, really…”

His red hair was all wet with sweat, as if he had done some strenuous exercises even though he was just struggling to take off her clothes. He looked at Sylvia’s faintly trembling eyelashes and apologized inwardly.

‘I’m sorry, Sylvia. It’s not intentional.’

He placed his palms on her soft chest and pressed it firmly. His long fingers touched her nipples, erect from the cold, but he couldn’t help it. He pressed her chest and pulled her clothes up at the same time, finally revealing one of her breasts.

Her chest, which kept its shape even though she was lying down, was as beautiful as a spacious bowl overturned. The red nipple rising in the middle seemed to have a very sweet taste if he held it in his mouth. Luca, who had been observing without realizing it, was belatedly surprised and covered Sylvia’s chest with his hands.

“Ugh! This isn’t it!”

Covering it up was like touching it openly. Luca, who withdrew the hand that touched her chest in astonishment, was surprised by her breast again, covered it again, and withdrew his hand again, acting crazy on his own.

‘What kind of fool am I? Let’s just take it off.’

Sweat dripped down from the sharp jawline onto Sylvia’s body, perhaps because of how tense he was. For Luca, ‘taking Sylvia’s clothes off’ felt harder than any business he had ever done.

Fortunately, the rest of her chest was easily revealed after passing through the jammed section. Unable to continue to just leave both of her clearly exposed breasts, he picked up Sylvia’s long hair with his hands and carefully covered her chest. Bundles of swirly hair were placed on both breasts.

‘Wait. There’s no point in trying to cover it up anyway.’

His brain, which usually worked well, had completely melted away. Luca sighed deeply. He gave up covering Sylvia’s chest and raised her slender arms upwards, in a hurray pose. Then, he tried to completely take off the dress that went up to her upper chest. But now, it was hard to bear the pain of his thing standing properly.

Flop— He sat at Sylvia’s head, spreading his legs in an awkward position, and pulled Sylvia’s dress to the end.

‘Please, God, don’t let Sylvia wake up during this.’

He was worried that he would be completely misunderstood if she woke up when he was in this ugly posture. He whimpered, crying out to a god he did not follow, and finally managed to completely take off the seaweed dress, which was like an enemy.

“This f*cking—! … I mean, I shouldn’t do this.”

Luca, who unconsciously threw the seaweed dress out of the mattress with nervousness, carefully picked it up again, folded it, and placed it on a flat rock. Then, looking back to examine Sylvia, he paused.

Wearing only the wet underwear, her body was very arousing. The subtle light he had turned on when he came in reflected softly on her shiny naked body. He stopped breathing as he looked at her small toes that twitched slightly, her firm calves that extended with a soft line, and her firm-looking thighs.
There was nothing similar to his own solid body, from head to toe. How could a body be so soft and beautiful?

He raised his gaze to her flat belly as if he was possessed, then hurriedly looked away. Then, he approached her and meticulously covered her chest with her long hair like before.

In the process, his heart seemed to be popping out of his mouth at the coveted chest that he had inevitably seen again. And his heart wasn’t the only thing that was trying to pop out. His erection, which seemed like it was going to rip through the cloth, was now twitching up and down, wanting to burst out his desire.

‘My underwear is wet too… But I shouldn’t take it off. I should just let it dry on its own.’

What should he do now? He removed all the wet clothes. The box he searched through before didn’t have anything like a blanket. In a way, it was natural. This island had a tropical climate throughout the year.

In addition, the wartime hideout, which had never been used before, had only minimal food and survival items. It didn’t even have a blanket to cover one’s body. After coming back to examine Sylvia, Luca unconsciously put his hand on the mattress and was startled.

‘Wait. Why is the mat still cold?’

He connected it to the tourmaline a long time ago, so it should have been warm by now. However, the jade mat was still cold. It was clear that it had broken down. Just then, Sylvia clenched her teeth and trembled. The mattress was cold, and her clothes had even been removed, so it was natural.

He hurriedly brought the vinyl cloth that was covering the box and meticulously wrapped it around Sylvia’s body. However, making her warm with a cloth made of vinyl was impossible. On top of that, he didn’t even wipe her body, which was wet with seawater, and placed her on the mattress, so the jade mat was damp.

Luca looked at Sylvia restlessly as she continued to tremble, then went outside to gather some dry branches. Then, he put them down in the empty space next to the mattress and lit them up with magic. After that, the air inside the cave got a little warmer, but her small body didn’t stop trembling.

He hurriedly searched through the boxes again, but he didn’t see anything he could use to cover her body. No, there was one thing. Luca looked down at the cloth wrapped around his lower body in a dismal mood.

‘Ugh, seriously… I’m only doing this… because there’s no other way…’

Luca closed his eyes tightly and took off the cloth covering his lower body. He couldn’t even bear to look down after he did so, and turned his gaze away. Then, he placed his hand on the back of Sylvia’s knees and supported her back. He then lifted her up and put her on the floor.

He put the vinyl cloth on the damp mattress and quickly put Sylvia, who had been lying down on the floor, unable to move, back on the mattress. And he meticulously wrapped her body in the fabric he had around him. However, despite taking various measures, Sylvia’s condition showed no signs of improving.

‘This isn’t enough.’

At that moment, the most effective way to solve this situation came to mind. A way to warm up her body. Even the jade mat was useless now, so there was no other way.

‘What do I do? Even if it’s the only way, embracing Sylvia when she’s unconscious is a bit…’

Luca was hesitating, but Sylvia’s body began to tremble even more. Seeing that she was about to die, he squeezed his eyes shut and climbed onto the mattress.

‘Sylvia. I’m really sorry.’

He went over to Sylvia’s side, lay down, and clumsily hugged her trembling body.

He then used his arm as a pillow to support her neck and covered both of them with the cloth. Sylvia unconsciously dug deeper into his firm chest, perhaps feeling the warmth. And as if that wasn’t enough, she clung to his hips like a koala. It was difficulty after difficulty.

“Ugh… Please don’t do this to me.”

Luca clenched his teeth and held back his obscene delusion. Because Sylvia kept trying to get closer to him, his erection, which seemed to rip through his underwear, kept touching Sylvia’s small buttocks. He didn’t do anything about this, but he had an ominous feeling that he was going to c*m.


He let out a harsh breath and closed his eyes tightly. He felt like he couldn’t hold back, so he removed the legs that were clinging to him and pulled himself back. However, Sylvia was cold, so he had no choice but to stick close to her again.
Fortunately, they were wearing panties in the midst of this, and it was each other’s last stronghold.

Sylvia continued trembling with blue lips.
Luca unconsciously swept Sylvia’s back as he saw her pitiful appearance. However, his touch was about to get lewd without him realizing it, so he quickly withdrew his hand.
He almost did something perverted had he not come to his senses. As such, Luca warmed her body for a long time with his eyes open as he was tortured alive.


Sylvia’s eyes trembled slightly and then opened. Where was this place?
She saw the ceiling of a cave that looked like it had been artificially carved out. As she fumbled with her hands at the cold sensation, she touched the rustling vinyl cloth. She sniffed and turned her head to the side, then saw a cluster of tree branches that had been lit up and extinguished.

‘Is this a cave? This well-maintained natural cave looks like a place someone created on purpose. Did Luca bring me here?’

Cautiously, she stood up and was surprised to see her appearance. Her body was wrapped up in a thin cloth and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.

‘What’s going on?’

After tying up the fabric around her body and fixing it, Sylvia looked around the cave. She was trying to see where Luca was, but she couldn’t even see a strand of his hair.

She recalled her last memory before fainting. She had lost consciousness in his arms when she heard Luca say that they had to swim. He must have taken her to the island while swimming.
Then he must have brought her to this cave and taken care of her while she was in this abnormal state. And he must have taken off her wet seaweed dress. She rolled her feet, feeling sad that she had missed the perfect opportunity to raise his friendship.

‘Why, of all things! Why do I only faint at times like this? This is a shame. I’m angry, so angry!’

Come to think of it, where did the seaweed dress go? It was nowhere near where she had been lying. As she glanced around, she noticed a seaweed dress hanging from a rock at the entrance, where the light was coming in. Seeing that the seawater had been wrung out and that it was dry, Luca seemed to have done the laundry as well.

Sylvia was angry for a moment, but when she saw the dry seaweed dress, she was moved.