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“……Then, really……”

Eve found herself engulfed in confusion. Both sides of the story seemed equally unbelievable. The man standing before her… the Emperor? Arsen ascending to the throne and taking Cecilia to the palace…?

“What on earth…”

As Charles gazed into Eve’s bewildered eyes, he pondered her potential reactions. She would likely be shocked, deny it initially, but eventually, she’d have to acknowledge the truth.

As Charles considered this scenario and relished the moment, he was caught off guard the very next instant.

“These cockroach-like creatures…!”


“You’re not defeated and came back again?!”

Rolling her eyes and stomping her foot, she resembled more of a back-alley scoundrel. Amused, Charles glanced at her and erupted into laughter.


“What’s so amusing?”

When Eve glared at Charles, he didn’t bother hiding his mirth.

“You’re quite entertaining. Where did you learn to talk like that?”

“Well, from my grandfather… Anyway, that’s not the point!”

Uncertain about the situation, Charles viewed Cecilia as a formidable force, surpassing even the Duchess. Entering the palace? How audacious that is!

But anger was anger, and confirmation was confirmation. Though not all questions were resolved. Swiftly regaining composure, Eve placed her hands on her hips and stared at Charles.

“I need concrete evidence.”

“Of course, I expected that from you.”

Standing, Charles extended his hand to Eve. As she reciprocated with a frown, a royal invitation dropped into her palm, imprinted with the seal of the imperial family.

“This is… an invitation to the palace banquet. Does that convince you?”


Charles’ grin widened.

“Shall we go to the palace together?”

* * *


Eve examined her reflection in the mirror and sighed. Elegantly adjusting the creases of her shimmering dress, Emma looked up at the sound.

“What’s the matter, madam?”

“I’m just wondering if this is right.”


Unaware of the details, Emma knew Eve had proposed a divorce and then reconciled with Arsen’s ardent pursuit(?). They had decided to attend this palace banquet together.

So, why this sudden change in plans? As Emma, with a worried expression, looked at Eve, she extended her hand.

“I said something unnecessary to you. I meant… the dress seems a bit tight.”

“Tight?! Lately, you haven’t been eating much, and I noticed your waist has slimmed a bit. Eat to your heart’s content at the banquet today!”

“Yeah, thanks for pointing that out…”

But then, a maid assisting Eve’s preparation spoke up.

“Madam, how about pairing a necklace with the dress using red rubies?”

“Yes, it would compliment you beautifully.”

“You are already so stunning.”

As the other maids responded, Eve felt perplexed. They had noticed her abrupt change in demeanor, but it was only on the surface. Servants rarely acknowledged a mistress they couldn’t control, especially concerning their husband’s affections.

‘Why suddenly praise me when you never did before?’

As Eve pondered for a moment, she soon understood the situation and let out a wry smile. Ah, now that playboy husband seems to be firmly in my grasp?

Sensing Eve’s discomfort, Emma quickly stepped forward and spoke.

“The madam never parts with the pendant inherited from her mother. If you don’t know about it, just stay quiet.”

“Ah, yes.”

Though the maids’ expressions soured at the sharp comment, Eve had no desire to commend them. Nor did she feel the need to scold them. Power was like this, and humans were like this.

She longed to witness the end of such scenes and live peacefully in the countryside.

‘What if Arsen is really the Emperor? If Cecilia becomes the Empress?’

That was the biggest concern, but upon closer inspection of the situation, another problem emerged.

‘And what if, by some chance, the fake Arsen is indeed the true emperor?’

Reflecting on her actions toward him, Eve felt a desire to faint.


‘I don’t know what’s going on, but if that side is the Emperor, then I’m the Empress.’

That statement was unforgettable… a grand insult that even offended the Emperor’s mother. Involuntarily, Eve covered her face with her hands.

‘No, the fake Arsen being the Emperor hasn’t been revealed yet. And it was suspicious. Who would believe all of a sudden that my husband is the Emperor?’

Eve raised her head again. Yes, it’s not my fault. The fake Arsen… no, perhaps the Emperor himself, didn’t overlook that part.

‘When I slapped him, he got angry, but…’

Ah, I’m definitely in trouble. Watching Eve cover her face with both hands again, Emma and the maids looked puzzled.

Lately, the Duchess seemed a bit strange. Did the Duke fall for such absurdity again? They thought of such ridiculous things while looking at her.


Finally, a familiar voice accompanied by a knock on the door was heard. Feeling strangely tense, Eve greeted Charles.

“I’ve come to escort you. Are you ready?”


Due to the tension, Eve responded curtly. Too bad, but what can you do? The words have already been spoken. And fortunately or unfortunately, Eve seemed to have a face that was visibly tense to anyone.

Only now does the man in front of her not seem like a husband. Charles, feeling an inexplicable satisfaction, smiled with narrowed eyes.

“Do you have steel shoulders? Relax a bit.”

As Charles lightly tapped her shoulders, Eve shuddered and quickly stepped back.

“We haven’t been a couple for too long to act like this.”

Long–technically speaking, it’s only been a few months since they started living together.

Inwardly thinking so, Eve coughed and said, “It’s just a little unnerving to meet the Empress. Let’s go.”

“Oh, right. Because she’s the Empress you like, Eve.”

Why, on a day like this, did Eve suddenly feel embarrassed by the usual phrases? Blushing cheeks as radiant as her dress, she looked at Charles, who chuckled.

“Let’s go, Eve.”

As Charles held out his arm, Eve took a step forward.

“Watch your step.”


With Charles’ considerate remark, Eve remained silent. Sensing her reserved response, Charles whispered into her ear.

“You don’t have to pretend to be kind, you know?”

Truly, this man had a knack for infuriating people. A man like this couldn’t be the Emperor. But what if he truly were the Emperor?

If she could, Eve wanted to rush to Bonaparte, grab him by the collar, and demand to know whether this person was truly the Emperor.

“Eve, answer me. Hmm?”

“What answer do you want?”

“Just anything. I want to hear your voice. It’s the first time today.”

“I skipped breakfast.”


“To be ready for your arrival.”

She had heard that the Emperor was indifferent to women, even avoiding them. It seemed that way even when they had met in the past.

Could this man be merely a distant relative of Arsen? Avoiding the smoothly thrown manipulations, Eve pondered silently.

Of course, Charles only smiled playfully and continued the conversation.

“Even if you don’t starve, you’re beautiful.”

“…I know that, too.”

Already drained by Charles’ response, Eve thankfully noticed Noah approaching, disrupting the awkward moment.

“What are you doing?”

“Noah, we’re a married couple.”

“Don’t call me so familiarly!”


Eve pacified the irate Noah. Once a lively rabbit, hopping around happily upon hearing about the divorce, he had turned into a pitiable rabbit hunted after the cancellation.

But Charles didn’t agree with that analogy. Passing earlier, when Eve told Emma that her sister was like a rabbit, Charles had laughed until bedtime.

Given his physique, if he were a rabbit, the passing ants might as well be fists for balance. However, he refrained from saying it out loud.

‘Considering that rabbits supposedly throw up to five punches per second when they fight, it might not be such an unreasonable metaphor.’

Smirking at his own thought, Charles chuckled, and the gigantic rabbit roared.

“This kid…!”

“Noah, just stay quiet!”

“Uh… Uh, please look, madam! He’s mocking me!”


Eve smacked the back of Noah’s head. Despite the wounded expression, he remained helpless. After all, this person might be the Emperor!

“Husbands escort their wives naturally. Otherwise, I’ll be ridiculed again. You know that, too.”


Ignoring his pitiful gaze, Eve moved closer to Charles.

“If you envy him, Noah, find a partner quickly. Ahaha!”

Charles laughed heartily as they walked together. Unable to resist, Eve pinched Charles’ side.

“Stop it.”

“Oh well, fine. I have to follow my lady’s orders.”

“Ah, really…”

Exiting the mansion and getting into the carriage, Eve was already on the verge of exhaustion. She had spent the night pondering the Emperor, Arsen, Cecilia, divorce, and more.

Clip-clop, clip-clop.

The rhythmic tap of hooves on the road resembled a lullaby, gently coaxing Eve’s eyelids to close. Casually glancing out the window, he discovered that she was dozing off, and Charles’ tail rose in satisfaction.

‘Should I poke those pale cheeks to wake her up, or…’

As he contemplated, he moved to her side from across the carriage. As if waiting for it, Eve’s head lightly dropped onto his shoulder.

He intentionally adjusted his posture to make her more comfortable and lowered the carriage curtain. Thus, the carriage carrying both of them made its way to the palace.