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Part of me wanted to refuse. I wished to live my remaining years leading a peaceful life not as a noble but as a commoner.

Nobility comes with a heavy burden. With the privileges, there are prices to pay and responsibilities to bear.

I wanted to be freed from that weight. I wanted to enjoy true freedom, not having to worry about anything anymore. That’s why I wanted a simple, modest life.

But faced with this unexpected situation…

“In recognition of your contributions, I appoint you as the lord of the Brienne region, bestowing upon you the title of Viscount.”

I swallowed a sigh and bowed my head, feeling the eyes of everyone in the room on me.

“…I deeply appreciate the honor you have bestowed upon me, Your Majesty, and I swear to fulfill my duties as a lord.”

“Furthermore, my mother has decided to grant you a new name.”


I almost dropped what I was holding in surprise. As I managed to smooth my expression, the Queen Mother approached me with a smile, and I returned the gesture, though my lips trembled slightly.

‘A new name…’

This was an honor given only to those who had achieved great feats. In the age of myths, it would be akin to heroes who slayed dragons, or saints who saved thousands… Such honors were reserved for them.

‘Why me…’

My heart fluttered uneasily. Was I claiming too much for myself?

Excessive fortune often brings excessive misfortune. It’s an undeniable truth of the world.

“Duchess Lily Valentino, as the new Viscount Brienne, I will personally bestow upon you the name you will use from now on.”

The Queen Mother spoke softly. I blinked rapidly and bowed my head deeply. A trembling voice slipped through my slightly parted lips.

“I am beyond honored, Your Majesty.”

“Relax and accept it. Your new name will be… from my family’s lineage, ‘Arendelle’.”


I was so shocked I felt like fainting, and the assembly was visibly disturbed. Some even forgot their manners, murmuring amongst themselves.

“Good heavens, can this be?”

“Arendelle is not only the Queen Mother’s surname but also that of Lokshvir. How can such a distinguished wizard’s name be given to a mere woman…”

“Moreover, there are rumors that Duchess Valentino is not even an illegitimate child of the Everetts.”

“What? Is that true?”

“Actually, she’s said to be born of a lowly maid, not even knowing who her father is…”

…The rumors about my birth were spread after everything had ended, intentionally by my side. I had taken measures to prevent any noise about being related to the Everett bloodline…

‘I didn’t expect it to come back like this.’

“Silence, everyone.”

At that moment, the Queen Mother commanded with a stern voice. The crowd quickly quieted down and straightened up. The Queen Mother then slowly surveyed those who had murmured about my origins before speaking again.

“Lily Valentino not only made significant contributions but also saved the souls of over a thousand people. Without her, those vengeful souls would have caused rifts and brought chaos to the world, essentially Lily Valentino saved us from disaster.”

Upon hearing this, those aware of the dark spirit and Ethan murmured ‘Ah…’. They were seemingly convinced. However, there were still faces marked with disbelief, making me uncomfortable. Then, someone cautiously stepped forward.

It was none other than Count Norbert.

“May I speak, Your Majesty?”

“Permission granted.”

“Thank you. I, as the head of the Norbert family, assert without reservation that the honors bestowed upon Duchess Valentino are entirely fitting.”

People were surprised when Count Norbert, of all people, defended me. He glanced around the assembly before continuing.

“As you all know, the Everett family created a dark spirit, a profoundly evil being. The material for this dark spirit was made from the suffering and souls of over a thousand people.”

The mention of this dark history immediately solemnified the atmosphere in the hall. Perhaps it was due to Count Norbert’s already compelling voice.

“My sister was also sacrificed as material for this dark spirit.”

…By this point, those who had been gossiping about me were silenced, as it’s hard to speak out in the presence of someone directly affected.

“Duchess Lily Valentino saved my sister’s soul and, furthermore, liberated over a thousand souls. Had the dark spirit continued to exist filled with vengeance, it would have caused countless rifts, so as the Queen Mother said, Duchess Valentino indeed saved the world.”

Count Norbert’s gaze met mine. It was filled with evident gratitude and goodwill.

“Thus, if she is not a hero, then who is? No one present here has achieved what she has.”