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‘Oh my, what’s going on? He’s not the type of person who would wash other people’s clothes, is he? He would throw it in the corner because he was uncomfortable with it.’

Did she say that her first impression of him was scary? Sylvia was staring at Luca with prejudiced eyes. She was happy to look at him because he was handsome, but at the same time, because he was a target character, those feelings were separate from the desire to attack him desperately. She had died three times because of that and had suffered all kinds of bad things when she was with Luca, so she was classifying Luca as a handsome piece of trash…

‘But thank you for doing the laundry. You’ve become a person now.’

Sylvia nodded as she changed Luca’s assessment from trash to a wicked bastard.

After looking outside for a while and not seeing anyone, she picked up the well-dried seaweed dress and headed towards a corner of the cave. She took off the fabric that was covering her body. Feeling a stiff sensation, she noticed that the salt in her panties had dried up.

Fortunately or not, Luca seemed to have left Sylvia’s underwear untouched. She groped her body and noticed that there was dried salt on her chest. It was like she was wearing a complete salt bikini.

Sylvia laughed out loud, noticing that he had wiped herself clean while leaving only the place he should not touch.

‘No, he must have seen it all while taking the dress off anyway. If he was going to wipe the salt off my body, he should have done it properly. Why did he wipe it so half-heartedly? Yeah, well… He’s a little like a gentleman who doesn’t do anything harsh to someone unconscious… No, it’s just frustrating. Whatever!’

After picking up the seaweed dress, feeling frustrated by herself for no reason, she shook it in the air once and opened the zipper on the underarm side of the dress. This dress, which was meticulously crafted to look like seaweed, was structured to open the zipper on the side of the dress so that it could be worn.

However, there was seaweed covering it, so it couldn’t be seen very well. On top of that, Luca didn’t know much about women’s clothes, so he couldn’t find this zipper and ended up acting like an idiot the day before.

Sylvia, who had no way of knowing that, changed her clothes and took a serious look at the interior of the cave. There was preserved food and bottled water inside the boxes, which looked like they had been searched.

Growl— her stomach rumbled. It was natural because she hadn’t eaten a meal since lunch yesterday and passed out for half a day, so she hadn’t eaten anything for nearly 24 hours because of the after-effects.

‘Where did Luca go? This is a dungeon, so it would be a problem if we wandered around and missed each other. There’s no way to contact him because he didn’t bring the carrier pigeon.’

Sylvia leaned against the wall at the entrance to the cave and stuck her eyes out. Cautiously turning her head around, she observed that the outside was different from what she had imagined. She imagined that there would be a gloomy forest because she could not see anything from the sea with all that fog, but there was a green tropical rainforest all over the island.

‘Maybe it was foggy because of the rain… No, I’m thinking something too realistic. Thinking about reality in the game world. Horses were turbo driving and eating tiramisu, so whether it’s fog or dark clouds, what’s the problem? Even if a Siberian tiger were to suddenly appear in this tropical forest, it wouldn’t be strange.’

She shook her head and repelled her thoughts. She was starving to death. Where did Luca go?

When she was rummaging through the boxes, wondering if she should eat the canned food, she heard someone at the entrance. She turned her head and saw Luca coming inside. Seeing his wet red hair, it was clear that he had gone to a valley or something to wash himself.

He entered the cave, expressionless, and found Sylvia crouching while looking at the boxes. Surprised, Luca hurriedly put the things he was holding on the ground and came up next to her, bent her knees, and met her eyes.

“Sylvia, you’re awake. Are you feeling well now?”

Seeing Luca’s soft gaze as if he had become someone else, Sylvia pulled her chin back, making a double chin.

‘What’s going on? He lost all the poison in his eyes. Did he eat something bad?’

Despite her uncomfortable response, Luca smiled softly. Still, since she had that reaction, Luca clicked his tongue and tried not to look upset.

“What, what’s with that reaction?”
“Gosh, you just looked like someone I know. I’m feeling better. I’m not in pain anymore.”

Sylvia got up to show that she was fine and threw her fist into the air. Luca looked at her happily, then shrugged and showed off his efforts.

“Really? It’s thanks to the extreme care I gave you.”
“Ah, but when I woke up, I was completely naked…”
“Ahem! Ahem! Are you hungry? Let’s eat something.”

Luca hurriedly interrupted her and shuddered as he opened and closed the cluttered boxes. Sylvia giggled inwardly as she looked at Luca, his usual shameless face turning bright red. He looked cute as a pure boy, unlike his usual way of acting like a casanova. She just wanted to ask him what had happened while she was unconscious, but she seemed to have embarrassed him unintentionally.

‘He looks like a tomato. I’d like to make fun of his reaction, but… He looks pitiful, so I’ll ignore it!’

Sylvia pretended to know nothing and helped Luca prepare a meal.

There was a large rock in the hiding place that had been placed to be used like a table. Luca pulled the box and sat Sylvia down in front of the rock. Then, he picked up the canned goods, put them on the rock, brought the bundle he had put down on the ground, and took out what was inside. Soon, yellow bananas and sour-looking fruits were set together.

The food inside the canned food was edible. It was a pity that they had to eat it cold because there was no microwave, but this place wasn’t even a convenience store. Just the fact that they weren’t eating the monster fish she saw at sea was a relief.

After eating fruit for dessert until her stomach was full, Sylvia smelled her body. With a full belly, she was now worried about her body being filthy.
When she asked if there was a place to wash herself, Luca led her out of the cave. She didn’t really feel it inside the cool cave, but it was a completely tropical climate outside.

After a ten-minute walk, Sylvia’s body quickly soaked with sweat. The muggy climate was suffocating. Sylvia kept wiping the sweat from her forehead as she fanned herself, when Luca spoke.

“The island has changed a lot. Well, it’s hard to explain. It’s contaminated… No, you won’t know if I say it like this. Anyway, it got a little weird.”
“How has it changed?”

Luca fidgeted, thinking that Sylvia wouldn’t know much about the contaminated energy. Noticing this, Sylvia asked, pretending not to know.

‘Hm, so he thinks I don’t know anything. It’s complicated to explain right now, so I’ll pretend I don’t know.’

Luca told her about what he observed on the island while Sylvia was unconscious. It was originally owned by his family, so the island was developed with convenience in mind. However, he said he was perplexed coming here after a long time, because only the basic structure was similar, and many things had changed. He also said that this cave that had been made into a hiding place was the same as before.

He took out the map he had put in his chest pocket and showed it to Sylvia.

“Here and here is where my family’s warehouses were originally. The hiding places and these places on the map are all structures that only open if you go in with someone from our bloodline. These warehouses should be just as intact as the cave…”

It was fortunate that the map and the current dungeon had a similar structure. The two decided to explore the island together after washing up. Under Luca’s guidance, Sylvia passed through a dizzying forest. As they crossed the densely packed trees, she heard the refreshing sound of water in front of her. As she cleared away the branches blocking her view, she saw a small waterfall that had been hidden.


Beneath the waterfall was a clear, clean valley that looked like it was going to appear in a fairy tale about a woman and a woodcutter. As Sylvia was amazed, Luca smiled proudly.

“When I was a kid, my family vacationed on this island every year. I thought the valley was gone because the island had changed so much, but it’s the same as it was.”
“A vacation on an island where only your family can come. I’m so jealous! Come to think of it, Mr. Luca, are you an only child?”

Luca’s face suddenly darkened at Sylvia’s pure question. After watching the waterfall and belatedly examining his expression, Sylvia realized that she had made a mistake and shut her mouth.

‘Uh, I think I asked a question that shouldn’t have been asked. I was thoughtless…’

Sylvia looked at him, but Luca just stood still, looking at the floor as if he were lost in thought.
There was silence for a long time. Except for the sound of water falling from the waterfall and the sound of birds chirping in the distance, everything was quiet. Luca, who had belatedly come to his senses, swept his bangs backwards and looked bitter.

“Ah, I was thinking about something else for a moment. I’ll get out of your way, so wash up.”
“It’s very hot, so why don’t we wash up together?”
“Haha, you’re funny. I’ll be nearby.”

Sylvia was infinitely serious, but Luca dismissed her words as a joke and turned away.

‘The last time I looked at it, his friendship was at 92 points. If I raise it a little more, it’ll be a success!’

One of the classic repertoires of R-rated games is that something happens while washing your body. Even if nothing happened, wouldn’t it be a situation that would raise their friendship points? If it was too much to wash together, she had to make up another excuse to keep him by her side. She hurriedly called for Luca to stop.

“Wait a moment! Mr. Luca!”
“Hm? What’s wrong?”

Luca gazed at her with seemingly innocent eyes. She gulped and thought for a moment about how she was going to do it. What could she do…
As she hesitated, her mouth twitching, Luca turned around again and waved.

“Wash quickly and come back. We decided to explore the island.”

As Luca was about to walk away, Sylvia hurriedly said,

“Can’t you stay by my side while I wash up?”
“Hm? That’s a bit… Don’t you think so? I’ll be nearby.”

Luca, who turned back to Sylvia when she said that, looked troubled. In his own way, he did not approach her hastily to be considerate of the frightened appearance she had shown during the festival. However, from Sylvia’s unknowing point of view, she was dissatisfied with this situation for being too safe.

‘Was I too harsh? Is there any way I can do this?’

As she was contemplating, a message suddenly popped up in front of her eyes.