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Until now, he had never conversed with a creature from another world. It was only because she was human and they could communicate that he could understand this.

‘Voices. Voices…’

While Weed pondered, Hana chewed the food in her mouth thoroughly before speaking.

“There’s no such thing without a price. In exchange for my sacrifice, I, too, will gain something. It seems every sacrifice has heard this voice.”

“Don’t listen. Nothing is more valuable than your life. What could possibly be worth exchanging for your life? If there’s anything you desire, I will do whatever I can. Is there anything you lack?”

“Oh, it’s not that.”

Hana seemed surprised by the urgency of his response, but she quickly smiled and thanked him. Nevertheless, she appeared to ponder something alone afterwards. Not eating much, just fiddling with her utensils, she then looked up at Weed.

“Weed, I know you don’t like this kind of talk… That’s why I tried not to mention it. But I do want to know what this divine disease is.”

A sigh escaped Weed.

He didn’t seem to like that she was interested in such matters, especially since she had been willing to accept her role as a sacrifice until recently.

“What do you think this divine disease is, Weed?”

“The divine disease is…”

“Don’t you want to recover, Weed?”


Weed paused for a moment. He didn’t know how to explain what the voice she heard was or what the divine disease was.

“I’m ashamed to admit this, but I don’t know. That is beyond my understanding. That’s why I thought of it as a price to pay.”

“A price?”

“Yes, as the voice you hear says, nothing comes without a price. Where can something be gained without some form of sacrifice? I was born with a unique power from the moment I first saw the light of this world. Having enjoyed what I could, it’s now time to pay a sufficient price. At least, that’s how I see it.”

“And the voice? What could it be?”

“Perhaps… it’s a voice formed by the will of all life in this world to live. I’m sorry for only giving you an abstract answer.”


Weed watched Hana’s reaction as he spoke. She looked down, her expression slightly subdued, even though she didn’t say or do anything particular.

“…So, you’re okay with that, Weed? Having lived with such great power, do you accept the responsibility for the void, and now the divine disease of this place?”

“I believe that’s only natural.”

“Really? But Weed…”

“Yes, Hana?”

Turning her head away, she bit her thick lower lip and then spoke as if spitting out the words. Her voice became somewhat stiff.

“You said there’s nothing worth exchanging my life for, yet it seems for Weed, there are things worth giving your life for.”

Weed tilted his head, puzzled. He hadn’t lied to her. To him, living this fleeting life was far better than dying, and that was true for Hana as well.

He nodded, and the smile on Hana’s face was wiped away.

He became anxious. The expression that emerged from her seemed to indicate she was upset, though it was unclear what had irritated her. Hana stopped eating altogether, and Weed was left sweating to understand her intentions.

However, that worry soon vanished.

Hana quickly brightened up and smiled warmly. Her golden eyes curved beautifully. The dark room seemed to light up. He forgot all about his recent concerns, smiling back at Hana.

It reminded him that there was something they needed to do today.

“Hana, is it okay to check on your foot now?”

She answered him without losing her smile.

“Ah, yes. But I’d like to meet Calden first. I have something to ask him.”

Even though Weed wasn’t fond of the person Hana wanted to meet, he was fine with it.

Because her smile was too lovely.


* * *


19. A Symbol of Arrogance

“Hana, I’ve been thinking it might be better to check the poison condition around bedtime.”


“It could be quite painful. And you’ll need to rest a lot afterward.”


“Don’t worry. You have me, don’t you?”

Weed boasted proudly with a smile, and Hana simply smiled.

The poison from Petripin had hardened Hana’s foot so much that she couldn’t stand on her own. It had been a while since she was carried by Weed, leisurely moving around.

Or was it really that long ago?

Thinking about it, he seemed to quite enjoy holding her. It happened frequently, almost as if he didn’t want even a speck of dirt to touch her foot. And his embrace was incredibly comforting. For someone not accustomed to holding people, it was as if he had practiced somewhere.

Along the path, a breathtaking landscape of lush green forest unfolded.

It was a peaceful place, bathed in soft, tranquil light—a sacred space within the dense woods where light uniquely penetrated.

Such a place, if it housed a temple, would indeed evoke this sensation.

This place, which was said to have been personally tended by Weed, had never ceased to amaze at any visit. Consequently, that was why he was delighted whenever she gave compliments to this place. It was a place that truly deserves endless praise.

The stretched white columns, the delicate vines entwined haphazardly, the leaves and colorful fruits peeking through, and the unknown flowers rising from the cracks in the floor tiles—all these disparities created beauty.

In fact, such beauty was harmonious.

The wind teased through the hair, carrying the scent of grass wherever it went. It was complemented by the pleasant floral fragrance emanating from him. Even a short journey here could relax the body to the point of drowsiness.

In Weed’s company, the void’s voice was inaudible. Nothing could be heard, but their slow footsteps, nothing unusual, disrupted this place. Both Hana and Weed enjoyed the silence and kept their mouths closed.

The silence wasn’t awkward but natural and peaceful.

If only she could always bask in such idleness, how wonderful it would be. Hana, covering her mouth for a yawn, looked up at Weed and realized he had been watching her all along. Their eyes met, and he smiled.

He was such a beautiful person. Likely, they shared the same thought.

For the first time, she felt it wouldn’t matter if her foot never healed. Trusting and relying on someone so unknown and without precaution wasn’t ideal, but life sometimes brings such feelings unexpectedly.

Calden might have had a slightly different opinion, but to Hana, it seemed completely harmless.

This place, its people, and Weed too.

This place was the center of the world, a special space. Known also as a sanctuary, it was considered by humans to be the most beautiful, noble, and perfect place in the world. Hana shared that sentiment, too.

‘The idea that the place I lived in is a higher dimension is ludicrous. Could it really be?’

No matter how much she thought about it, this place seemed far more perfect. Everything Hana experienced here confirmed it. Lár de Ligna Initia was always abundant and peaceful. The leader was gentle and altruistic, and those who followed him were wise and pure.

By any standard, this place was a far more ideal world.

If there was one issue with this world, it was…

‘I’m glad I can be of use.’

Remembering her condition, Hana chuckled lightly. The limited things this soon-to-decay body could do.

“Hana, why are you laughing? What are you thinking about?”


Hana initially didn’t want to answer but eventually opened up. She looked down at his gentle gaze, awaiting her answer.

“Because it’s beautiful.”

“Ah, beautiful? This place?”

“Haha. Yes.”

“I’m pleased.”