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The mere mention of the reporter’s shout seemed to set the press conference room abuzz as if the rumor had just sprouted up. Selina closed her lips and smiled discreetly, igniting even more curiosity and commotion in the room.

“Why aren’t you responding right away?”

“Really? Are you startled?”

She finally opened her mouth.

“Everyone, I’m not sure where you heard these rumors about my upcoming marriage, but… it’s not true.”

“Are you denying the rumors, then?”

“Yes, because I’m already married.”


Selina smiled radiantly and pointed at her hand. A dazzling piece of jewelry sparkled on her finger.

“When was the wedding…?”

“Is this during your memory loss? Is that even valid?”

“How did you have a wedding?”

“Who’s your husband?”

Despite the fact that the reporters’ questions erupted like an avalanche, she remained unflustered. In fact, she had been waiting for this moment.

“My husband is…”

The press conference room fell into sudden silence. Only the sound of swallowing saliva could be heard from the reporters, who were waiting for the next words.

“Incredibly handsome.”


A perplexing silence settled in. Wasn’t it customary to brag about how rich someone was or how good their profession was?

“To what extent, you ask? Well, when I first met him, his personality was genuinely gruff. He saved my life. But this person, despite having such a gruff personality, I couldn’t deny his good looks. I wondered, wow, what kind of person is this? His face showed up at the moment of life and death. Yes, can you believe it? I was inwardly annoyed, yet his good looks were already a done deal.”

Once Selina started talking, she couldn’t stop. There weren’t any further questions, so she took matters upon herself.

“There are cases where the body is handsome, but the body is nothing special. But how well-balanced his top and bottom are! His body is at its peak. He’s a natural, but he’s also working out hard. He doesn’t skip a day, and even if he’s carrying me around running in the mountains, he has never been out of breath. But do you think that’s all?”

She continued.

“His personality turned out to be quite genuine! He’s not someone who opens up to just anyone, but he changed completely once he was sure I was ‘his person’…! He keeps his word, no matter what. He really gave me a star in the sky. Moreover, he even said he’d figure out how to get pregnant if I ever got pregnant, even if it hurt his body. Hahaha!

No matter how many times she brought it up, it was all beautiful memories. Just thinking about them made her content, and laughter came out on its own.

Selina spoke alone, laughed alone, and blushed alone as she covered her cheeks with her hands. No matter what she said, it would all become material for gossip and headlines, though the reporters’ enthusiasm cooled off as she seemed too overwhelmed with happiness.

For those who had painted a picture of her crying and trembling like she had committed a crime, it was a rather unpleasant scene.

“I’m sure many men around the world who loved Seol Lina will be disappointed.”

Even if they tried to pull out the subject by any means…

“That’s right, it’s true. I thought I’d live the rest of my life without a man, but it seemed fate had other plans. What can I say? Isn’t this what destiny is all about? I hope each one of you finds your own destiny, too! It’s truly wonderful! Do you know? I go to sleep happy, and when I wake up, I’m even happier.”

“Ah… Yes, congratulations.”

If they were to sum up Selina’s interview until now in one sentence, it was flawless perfection. She usually stayed focused on the purpose of the interview, never let any slip of information occur by mistake, and her responses were well-calculated and prepared in advance.

No matter how hard they tried to shake her up, she smoothly delivered her rehearsed answers. Even when faced with potentially insulting questions that could make anyone burst into tears or respond defensively, she simply smiled and said, “Is that so?” and moved on.

Now, however, Selina had unexpectedly recited whatever came to mind and filled the interview with boasting.

‘Is she really retiring for good?’

The reporters read her sincerity in an attitude that she only needed that destined man, no matter what the world said.

The world had always been overly interested in her. The curiosity of people who would want to know what kind of water she was drinking was insatiable, and it wouldn’t diminish even before such enormous bragging. Regardless of her retirement, Selina would remain a public figure and at the center of attention.

Now that Selina had bragged so openly, the interest in her husband was about to explode. Even if she tried to hide it, people would find out about her husband one way or another.







However, contrary to people’s speculations, Selina had no intention of hiding her husband.

“Is the gentleman next to you your husband?”

Although she wore a mask and a hat, she was still unmistakable. And the man right beside her, vigilantly guarding the surroundings, was also conspicuous.

Anyone could see that he was her husband.

Selina answered brightly with no hesitation, even though they had expected her to wear her hat low and escape unnoticed.

“Yes, he’s my husband!”

They never anticipated that she would reveal it so openly, even proudly.

Furthermore, the fact that her husband was genuinely as she had bragged was also a shock. The way he naturally enveloped Selina while walking, the fierce gaze that would rise fiercely if anyone posed even a slight threat. It was all exactly as Selina had proudly declared at the press conference.

And finally, just one more thing.

‘He’s incredibly handsome.’

That summed it up.

No matter how famous and accomplished an actor was, they seemed to lose their shine when standing next to Selina.

People even joked that they would consider it a success if they could just remember who the male actor was in the romantic movies Selina starred in. However, her husband naturally complimented her, as if they were originally a set designed to be together.

‘How can someone be this good-looking?’

Selina herself was already fascinating, seemingly otherworldly in her beauty, and her husband, with his unique hair and eye color, appeared even more otherworldly. People were unaware of his true identity as a being from another world, yet they marveled at his mystique.

She enjoyed the attention and happily strolled through the shops with Kalcion.

“Let’s try going in here this time!”

Somehow, an inexplicable aura radiated from both of them, and people couldn’t approach them any closer, even without the guards interfering.

Selina casually shopped as if she didn’t notice the stares of the people around her. Initially, Kalcion had been somewhat reserved due to the intrusive attention, but he gradually relaxed and focused on shopping with her. She had a list of things she wanted to do with Kalcion in this world:

1. Go shopping.
2. Try street food.
3. Sit in a cafe and chat side by side.
4. Stay in a hotel with a view of the night scenery.

Her wishes were simple and the opposite of what one might expect from someone like her.

‘I can do these things alone or with anyone, but I’ve never done them with the man I love.’

For Selina, having someone important by her side was important. These simple wishes were something she could never fulfill before meeting Kalcion. If the person by her side was like seafood left to rot in a fish market for a week, no matter what they did, it wouldn’t be good.

“Try this on too. Oh, this would look lovely when paired with that.”

The clothing in the other world was abundant, but the ones to wear in this world were a little. The clothes he wore with Selina’s instructions exhibited the ‘Kalcion effect.’ Even outfits that were too tight on the shoulders and chest or wide only at the waist became alluring.

As she went through the selection, she found herself with fewer choices, focusing not on the most beautiful clothes but on ones that actually fit.

“…I think I’ll stick to the basics.”

Her desire to show off her well-dressed man had dwindled. This was entirely due to the average sizing in this world.

“What about yours?”

“Mine? I have a lot at home.”

She hadn’t needed to look for a new one. If he had seen her house, with a separate room just for clothes instead of a regular closet, he would understand.

There was a subtle sense of expectation in Kalcion’s eyes.


Selina’s eyebrow raised subtly. While he might not be aware of it himself, if it was about pretty things, this man couldn’t resist.

She decided to act like she didn’t know. The thing that brought the most joy to Kalcion was seeing her dressed beautifully, and she found joy in giving him that joy. The fact that her happiness was also his happiness brought joy to her as well.

“Well then, why don’t we take a look at mine too while we’re here.”

The two of them began to walk toward the women’s clothing section. Previously, clothes were either delivered to her home for her to choose from, or her stylist brought her the outfits to coordinate. Shopping in person like this was a rare experience even for her.

“The clothes in this world do feel unfamiliar.”

Kalcion couldn’t help but chuckle at the outfit Selina was currently wearing. While it did look beautiful on her, he couldn’t appreciate the clothes themselves.

“In that case, maybe we should look at dresses.”

This place had a few dress brands, and she thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a few dresses from here. It would create a new atmosphere.

The flowing dresses seemed to sit more comfortably with Kalcion’s taste.

He started picking out dresses for Selina with considerable delight. His preferences were slowly taking hold. There were criteria for the dresses he selected today, too. Since trying them on wouldn’t be difficult, Selina decided to buy all of them willingly.

“Oh, wait. Should we add this one as well?”

“Do you need to try it on?”

“This one is stretchy, so it should be fine.”

With a mischievous idea crossing her mind, Selina added one more dress discreetly while laughing to herself. The final item on their agenda for the day was staying at a hotel with a view of the night scenery.

Everything in the world had its use.

She glanced at the dresses she had added with a meaningful smile.

“I’ll pay for these.”

Although Kalcion had money from this world, the dresses they had just purchased were quite expensive. It might be difficult for him to pay.

She took out her wallet as if it was a matter of course.

“No, I’ll take care of the payment.”

“Really? How?”

Kalcion made a slight gesture towards one of the guards, who was following them.