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Those who were praying in the open field seemed to be falling down all at once. Some tried to get up again, but there were those who couldn’t open their eyes.

It wasn’t just the possessed priests. It seemed like even among those who didn’t emit white light, many fell to the ground. Before collapsing, they expressed various emotions, whether it be screaming, looking up at the sky with a hopeless expression, or displaying their feelings in different ways.

The ordinary possessors who were not priests lamented as if their own bodies had been taken away. Although I was not unaware of their suffering through Enzo and Paul, I now felt that things had returned to normal.

While still floating in the air and surveying the people, a familiar voice pierced my ears.

“Lucian! Rachel!”

The Previous Duke was looking up at us as if he had just discovered us, given how close he was. His complexion was slightly pale, and he seemed tired, but fortunately, he didn’t appear to be injured.

“The Previous Duke!”

His expression twisted at my call. Seeing his nose and eyes reddening, I sighed softly and opened my mouth. The Previous Duke began to shed tears. Tears flowed incessantly as if a blocked obstacle had been removed.

I didn’t know what to say as he silently shed tears with trembling lips. It looked incredibly heartbreaking.

Feeling how he was worried for us, I quickly released the levitation magic. Oscar landed first on the ground, followed by Lucian, who landed gracefully while still embracing me. Finally, Damien folded his wings and descended.

The Previous Duke also hurriedly jumped down from his horse and ran towards us.

To be honest, it was the first time I had seen him in such a state, so I couldn’t bring myself to say anything hastily.

At that moment, the Previous Duke hugged both me and Lucian tightly. It was so strong that it felt like my breath was being squeezed out. Instead of saying anything, he shook our arms before he spoke with a voice mixed with tears.

“…Welcome back.”

His words made me teary-eyed as well. Knowing that there was a place to return to was truly a happy thing. And the fact that there was someone welcoming me was another stroke of luck.

“I’m back.”

“I’ve returned.”

Lucian and I answered simultaneously and then looked at each other. Turning my head slightly, when I looked at him with lowered eyes, his childhood appearance came to mind.

Lucian, who couldn’t properly face me, always observed me from the corner of his eyes.

Then, for a certain moment, our eyes met.

The deep, swirling golden eyes were so enchanting that I couldn’t help but be mesmerized. It was nice to look at each other, but it was also wonderful to exchange glances while looking at the same place.

If I were with him, I would be happy with anything.

I tightly held Lucian’s hand and placed my other hand on the Previous Duke’s shoulder. The three of us huddled together.

It was a peace I hadn’t felt in a long time.


* * *


“Hurry! Quickly!”

The Emperor urged the Knights’ Commander and the knights. Sweating profusely due to the anxiety that Enzo might return and attack him again, his face was wet and pale.

“Your Majesty, please be calm.”

The Empress’s gentle words attempting to reassure were in vain. The only person occupying the Emperor’s mind right now was Enzo.

Upon becoming the Emperor, one had to read through the documents passed down from the ancestors. These documents contained records of the emperors who had sat on the throne, starting from the founding emperor.

Starting with important matters and extending to even the Emperor’s diaries, these documents contained such information.

There was a particular passage that stood out:

〈 “On the day Enzo de Leon’s body awakens, not only the empire but also the Leonis family will face destruction.” 〉

It emphasized the importance of managing the sealing stone. Surprisingly, this content was left by the founding emperor.

While he remembered the distant ancestor’s words, they didn’t have a profound impact until recently, when the power of the sealing stone began to weaken, and Enzo appeared.

This statement essentially announced the end of the Leonis family.

Filled with anxiety, fear, pride, and arrogance, the Emperor believed that he just had to avoid this moment.

Dustin, who followed behind, started to be cautious as they entered a secret passage, keeping an eye on the knights trailing them.

The narrow secret passage was not an ideal place for knights to draw their swords and fight. Dustin believed that if he seized the opportunity to kill the Emperor first, he could then kill the Empress and the Crown Princess.

The other possessed individuals, understanding his signal, also anticipated the opportunity.

The procession, which had been walking by relying on a small light, paused briefly in the dim light due to a significant vibration. Thinking it was the perfect opportunity, Dustin drew the hidden dagger and rushed towards the Emperor.

Neither the knights nor the Emperor thought about blocking someone in the form of the Crown Prince. The Emperor felt the sharp blade piercing through his abdomen and screamed, then collapsed in agony.


“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

Even though the Knight Commander tried to rush forward, the possessed individuals blocked his path. The narrow passage was easily cut off, and in the midst of it, Dustin swung the dagger not only at the Emperor but also at the Empress.

“What are you doing?! Crown Prince!”

Witnessing everything up close, the Empress shouted with a pale face, though Dustin relentlessly swung his hand.




The Crown Princess was also shocked, not knowing what to do. The Crown Princess was shivering, frozen in place, and Dustin turned his head towards her.

“Your, Your Highness. Why…?”

“A Leonis family that cannot protect the empire is unnecessary, right? So don’t resent me too much. Your family broke the promise first.”

The Emperor looked up at the Crown Prince while blocking the flowing hot blood with his hand. The Crown Prince did not use this tone. He was a son he had cherished since childhood, so he recognized it.

…That this was not his son.

“How dare you?!”

The Emperor had paternal love for his son just like everyone else, so he forcefully stood up, grabbing Dustin’s leg.

“D*mn it! Just die!”

Dustin raised the dagger high to free himself from the clinging Emperor. He aimed the sharp dagger at the Emperor’s neck. He recalled the journey from the moment he struggled to possess to now. It felt like an excessively long path.

Not only that.

He recalled the long period of wandering around the empire, unable to pass on. Just as he was about to strike down the Emperor with the sharp dagger, the Knight Commander shouted loudly.

“Your Majesty!”

At that moment, an enormous vibration, unlike anything felt before, shook the secret passage that was solidly constructed and unable to escape the impact. The walls began to split, and the floor shook violently.

With a thud, it started to split apart on both sides.


Dustin regained his composure and thrust the dagger into the Emperor’s neck despite the urgent situation.


When he pulled out the dagger that was embedded deeply enough to ensure the Emperor wouldn’t survive it, hot blood covered him.

Thinking that he had finally achieved his first goal, Dustin laughed brightly and shouted.

“I did it!”

Having killed the Emperor, the largest obstacle, he could do the rest as well.

The continuous vibrations unexpectedly felt welcoming. If he died while seeking refuge, so be it. Moreover, now that he had the appearance of the Crown Prince, it seemed unnecessary to have the puppet Emperor.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment as everything unfolded according to his plan, Dustin was filled with happiness. At that moment, a bright light rushed towards them from the end of the secret passage.

The brilliant blue light instantly engulfed them, making the secret passage disappear without a trace.

As their physical forms vanished, the remaining possessor blinked, checking their translucent hands. Through the transparent palms, they could discern objects on the other side. Dustin heard a voice while he was speechless.

A commanding voice resonated within their heads.

Go back to your original place.

All wrongdoings must be set right.

Dustin sensed the end at the authoritative voice that left no room for refusal.

The end, which hadn’t come when he eagerly anticipated, now arrived at the most unwanted time. He recalled what Kylus had said that the Saint would return and finish the events of long ago, thus announcing complete liberation to everyone involved.

Did it refer to the possessor or the descendants who had their bodies taken away by their ancestors?

Dustin resisted as he felt unjust, but he couldn’t reject God’s summons. As he was drawn into the maze’s forest, tears that didn’t flow wet his cheeks.

It was unjust, so unjust.

Only those feelings remained.


* * *


After the vibrations subsided, I returned to the Duchy with everyone. However, to my surprise, the interior of the mansion was empty, unlike when I left.

“I hastily sent everyone to the estate, just in case.”

The Previous Duke said. Understanding the situation roughly, I just nodded. We entered the vacant mansion, still holding hands with Lucian and the Previous Duke. At that moment, I heard footsteps descending the stairs.

Though the footsteps were light, there was an urgency to them, and Amber was rushing towards us.


Despite everyone leaving, Amber had waited for me. Seeing her, I couldn’t help but release the two hands I was holding.

I ran towards Amber and opened my arms wide. Then, I shouted.

“Amber, I’m back!”

Finally, concluding all the past events, I had returned to my rightful place.