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“Your fever has gone down.”

Dixie placed the back of her hand on my forehead.

Dixie was the maid who followed me from the Kingdom of Medice to Florence. She was my all-knowing friend and soulmate.

I was around 23 years old when Dixie lost her life.

That’s right. You were still alive when I was 20.

My friend, Dixie, taught my clueless self about the world and was always there to protect me.

I gulped, and my saliva felt hot.

Dixie died after falling from a horse. Considering that she could ride a horse with eyes closed, the accident was hard to swallow.

I should’ve come to my senses and investigated the case. But at the time, consumed with grief over losing Dixie, I was rendered powerless. I despaired, knowing that I would never see her again, and pulling myself together had been a struggle.

As time passed and I looked back, there were numerous suspicious aspects surrounding Dixie’s death.

Dixie despised Eleanor.

“She’s just a blood-sucking parasite that leeches off Her Highness the Princess. Why is she sticking so close?” She used to say this out loud.

By the time I woke up after fainting and sobbing, Dixie’s funeral was over, and her body was cremated.

After Dixie passed away, Countess Briana became my new maid. We barely knew each other.

At that time…

“My sister needs someone to take care of her. There’s someone I’m close with these days. I’m sure she’ll take good care of you, Sister! What do you think?”

—It was you, wasn’t it?

I let out a laugh.

After learning the truth, I could no longer say that Dixie’s death, Eleanor, and Countess Briana were unrelated.

Dixie touched my forehead while I was lost in thought.

“You’re so weak. I’ll change the water, all right?”

“All right.”

I said with a hoarse voice.

This time, I’ll also protect Dixie.

I held Dixie’s hand tightly for no apparent reason. Seemingly bewildered, Dixie waved her hand.

“Princess Belissa? Why are you acting like this? Did I do something wrong?”

I shook my head slightly.

How can that be? I’m so glad that you’re still alive, giving me another chance.

Dixie would probably never understand that feeling of mine.

When I didn’t respond, Dixie asked with a serious expression.

“There must be something on my face. I had a ton of strawberry jam for breakfast. Is my face smeared?”

A soft smile found its way to my face.

“No, your face isn’t smeared at all.”

After telling Dixie to leave, I took out my necklace.

My heart felt like it was going to explode.

All the events that had occurred, including my own actions, bludgeoned my mind.

I did what I did, but going back in time was hardly the end of it all.

Taking a deep breath, I knelt down on the rug that spread under the bed.

Unclasping the Stars of Medea from my neck, I placed it on top of the bed. The remaining four stars twinkled.
The miracle of rewinding time came at the expense of three stars.

What wasn’t disclosed to me before making a wish naturally came to mind.

Before wishing to the Seven Stars of Medea, there were several rules that had to be kept in mind:

First, it couldn’t take someone’s life.

Second, it couldn’t bring back the dead.

Third, once a star vanished, it wouldn’t return.

Lastly, a hidden rule.

I clutched the necklace tightly.

With three stars, one could turn back time.

…As for the greatest miracle on earth that can be done at the expense of four stars—

“—Summon God into this world.”

The moment I grasped the necklace with an earnest heart, the remaining four stars shattered, and radiant light came forth.

“I wish upon the Star of Truth and Future.”

My voice dissipated.

* * *

Frederick smiled sweetly.

“They say the princess is pretty, right?”

“I heard so. Your Highness, with this marriage, Boswell can secure a trade with the Royal Family of Medice. In many ways, this is an important marriage—…”

So, the princess is pretty.”

The prince’s charming dimples only made his smile look even more adorable.

“…Yes, that is true.”

“I heard that she’s one of the most beautiful women in Medice. It seems that my father has prepared a gift for me this time.”

“…The princess didn’t come alone. She was accompanied by three maids, and the emperor told you to be mindful.”

“Three maids?”

Frederick beamed. He had a knack for picking out and listening to only what he wanted to hear.

The aide sighed at the sight of the seemingly harmless smile. He’d been talking about how important that marriage was, but it was like talking to a wall.

“I was asking a question. What about those maids? Are they pretty?”

“Her Majesty the Empress would also like to ask you to be mindful. Especially considering that one of the maids is the princess’ half-sister—”


Frederick tapped his aide’s shin and laughed.

The aide gulped. He was well aware that the smile beloved by the empire was not harmless.

“I asked you if they were pretty. Are they pretty?

“…For generations, the Royal Family of Medice has been touted for its beauty. Hence why, the princesses of Medice are also called sirens.”

Aha, which means they are pretty.”

Frederick’s eyes gleamed like morning stars.

His aide sighed as he stared at the man humming and resting his chin on the window sill. He could see a thorny road spreading before him.

Why does the imperial family have a history of foul tempers?

The aide’s most important task was to hide and sugarcoat Frederick’s shortcomings, presenting them to the public in a favorable light.

Saying that Frederick liked women was an understatement.

The aide stuck out the tip of his tongue.

Please, I hope nothing happens on this journey.

—The imperial family and the Medice royal family, may your union be smooth sailing!

* * *

“Is it you who summoned me?”

Eyes as round as jet-black beans, a body small enough to be held in one arm, pure white…


There stood a rabbit, puffing its chest out, its pink snout twitching.

I pointed at it, and it raised its head high.

“I’m not a rabbit, but the Seventh Son of Medea.”

I blinked.

Nothing about him is godly…

I smiled awkwardly.

What if it’s just a bunny plushie that children play with?

Surely, I didn’t make the wrong wish? I stared in despair at the necklace that had lost its light.

The rabbit spoke brightly.

“Your eagerness to surrender four stars proves how much you wish for me. I am the Star of the Truth and Future. My name is Larino. You may now speak.”

Then, a star appeared on the rabbit’s forehead.

What a star. He’s overflowing with arrogance that is unbecoming of a god.

“…Please help me get my revenge. Please stay here with me and help me until I can achieve my goal.”

Larino’s star shone brighter. Amidst the blinding light, a husky and heavenly voice with a dignity unlike before echoed.

“Do you have any regrets about your choice? Cause and effect exist in the world. Even I cannot tell you what kind of future your actions may bring. Even if what awaits you in the end is your extinction, do you still not regret it?”

I laughed coldly.

Even if I gave up on my revenge, only death awaited me. I’d just become their plaything again.

I couldn’t run away because I was the daughter of King Medice. Besides, I’d rather kill them than live on the run as a fugitive.

“I won’t regret it one bit.”

“Your choice can’t be undone. The Star of the Future and Truth, Larino. The Seventh Son of Medea shall grant your wish.”

I slowly closed and opened my eyes.

The light from before had subsided, and only the rabbit remained with a sullen expression and its ears moving like antennae.

“What is your name?”

“I’m Belissa, the daughter of King Medice.”

“All right, Belissa. Here’s the first revelation. Disaster is approaching. To avoid that disaster, we must shift the direction of the water. Lucian Durrett Boswell shall see to your aid. Escape your fate by marrying Lucian Durrett Boswell.”

Lucian Durrett Boswell?

I blinked.

The imperial traitor?

If it were Lucian, he was definitely someone who would rebel against the imperial family and marry me.