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Would she lose her balance and stumble? Would she suddenly have stomach pains? Would her legs ache after walking for a while? Would the sunlight be too blinding and make her dizzy?

Anxiety and worries surged uncontrollably, making it impossible to take his eyes off Tessa even for a moment.

Honestly, as they strolled through the garden, Hert couldn’t help but suppress the desire to hold Tessa in his arms and move with her. To others, it might look like a simple walk on the grass, but to him, it resembled a perilous field filled with various obstacles.

Of course, if Tessa knew this, she would laugh and tell him not to be so upset, so he refrained from saying it out loud.

As Hert anticipated, Tessa was just helpless with his extraordinary worries and excessive protectiveness. While he had occasionally protected Tessa like fragile glass before, lately, he seemed to intensify rather than lessen his efforts.

Even when he embraced or held Tessa, he was overly cautious, fearing that his touch might harm her and the baby.

“This is perfectly fine.”

“It’s only been a little over two weeks since you woke up.”

“Thanks to you, my body is in good shape. Besides… the doctors said it’s not good to move too little.”

In an attempt to reassure Hert, who couldn’t let go of his worries, Tessa boldly stretched her legs forward. Although Hert seemed displeased, he didn’t stop her. He couldn’t deny her what she liked.

“….If there’s anything wrong with your body, you have to tell me right away, okay?’


“And don’t let go of my hand.”

“I won’t. I promise for real…!”

Hert, once again, took a step back, surrendering to Tessa’s bright smile. If she was happy, what more could he ask for? He could only focus more on her.

“….. Her, hold on a second. Look here.”

Tessa suddenly stopped at a point and pointed below. There, a small wildflower was blooming. Compared to the other vibrant flowers in the garden, it looked incredibly plain and unattractive, but that’s precisely what drew more attention. Tessa found joy in such wildflowers.

“….Her, remember? This is just like the flowers we used to see when we occasionally went out from the orphanage. Similar to the ones there.”

“Yes. Maybe the seeds were carried here by the wind.”

“…Then it must have been quite a journey.”

The wind blew gently. Hert, watching Tessa look at the wildflower, remained silent for a moment. There was something in Tessa’s expression, as if she were lost in thought.

“Is it still the same…. there…?”

“…If nothing has happened.”

“I hope it hasn’t. It’s a beautiful place.”

Stroking her belly, Tessa mumbled softly.

Despite leaving the orphanage under unfavorable circumstances, Tessa didn’t harbor resentment towards Fitzgerald Orphanage. The memories she created there were precious to her, making it impossible to hate the place. It was like denying her entire life.

Especially because it was where she had been with Hert.

“You know, Her, how do you think…. This ended up here?”

Still unable to take her gaze away from the wildflower, Tessa asked. It was a question that, in a way, she directed at herself.

“I wonder if it knew it would bloom here…”

Tessa found the small flower impressive. While it might be just a simple wildflower to others, to her, it seemed like a brave flower that had overcome various hardships, proudly spreading its roots.

Maybe that’s why.

For some reason, she felt a sense of kinship. It felt like the flower was saying, ‘You can do it too.’

’Miss Tessa, you are truly a courageous person. Don’t forget that.’

Finally, after taking a few deep breaths, Tessa opened her mouth.

“Her, actually… I have something to say. The reason I suggested going for a walk is because of that.”

On the other hand, Hert flinched as soon as Tessa’s words fell. He looked at her anxiously, unable to grasp what she wanted to say. To set the mood like this and then say what she wanted. What could it be?

‘Sir, you are now in big trouble.’

Suddenly, a warning that had felt unsettling came to mind. It was something Lange had mentioned in passing when Hert arrived later than usual, rushing into the room. He couldn’t fully comprehend the details, and the moment he entered, he saw Tessa welcoming him with a smile as usual.

Despite feeling uneasy, seeing Tessa like that made him momentarily forget about the warning.

But was there really a problem?

Seeing Tessa’s troubled face, Hert felt a chill run down his spine. What did he do wrong? He tried to recall everything, but he couldn’t pinpoint anything. Since Tessa woke up, Hert had been adjusting everything to suit her.

“What did I do wrong to you…..”

“….What? It’s nothing like that!”

Tessa hurriedly interrupted Hert’s misunderstanding. Only then could Hert calm his shaken heart a little.

“Then… What’s the thing you want to say?”



“…All the things I couldn’t be honest about, everything I hid from you until now… I’m sorry. I really wanted to say this.”

Tessa turned her head to look at the large hand that held hers. The warm hand that had always supported her. It was because of this hand that she could be who she was now.

So, she mustered the courage to speak up, not wanting to let go of that hand.

Originally, she should have spoken up earlier about these things.

Tessa slowly began to continue her words.

“At that time… when I received the job offer… I was so happy. It was the first opportunity for me to properly help you. I was told that if I became a maid for the Baron’s daughter, I could get you into the knighthood. I wanted to surprise you, and I wanted to prove that I could do it too. That I’m not just someone who receives help from you every time…”


“So, I hid it. It wasn’t the right thing to do… I should have honestly told you and asked for advice. But I didn’t. Because of my own greed. I even went into your room at night and took your fingerprint secretly. I… thought everything would go well. I believed it was an opportunity for us to live well…… I’m really stupid.”

She didn’t know how many times she regretted that day. She thought that if she had told the truth to Hert, many things would have changed. Tessa suddenly felt her eyes sting, but she forced herself not to cry and tightened her eyes. She didn’t want to cry this time.

“When I found out everything, it was already spilled water. I couldn’t pick it up or fill it with new water. It was actually scary. Accepting what happened because of me… So I kept trying to avoid reality. Saying it wasn’t true, that it couldn’t be true…”

It was a choice close to escape.

Now she didn’t want to deny it. It was the truth.

But Tessa tried her best to continue speaking bravely. She’s okay now. She can say it like this. She decided not to regret anymore, to move forward on her own.

She raised her head and looked Hert in the eyes.

“When I met you again, it was the same. Being honest was so scary for me. Everything had already changed… I wondered what I could do. So I didn’t want to say it. I just… wanted to forget it as it is. I thought it would be okay like this. But I ended up hurting you again.”

Every time Tessa spoke a word, her deep blue eyes shimmered like waves.

“I’m sorry, Her. I should have said this first… It’s too late now. I needed courage. Courage to face the past head-on, courage to lay everything bare to you… And now, I feel like I’m ready for it. So… Can you give me one more chance? From now on, I want to be honest with you without hiding anything…”