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What is the most fitting thing to say at this moment of parting?

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t find the right words.

So, I settled for a cliche farewell.

“…Take care, Theodore.”

I truly wish for you to be well and healthy, without a trace of falsehood.

During the time we spend apart, I hope you don’t get sick. Until the day we meet again…

“…I will be well.”


As if understanding my heart, Theodore managed a smile.

“I hope you will be well too.”

“…I will.”

Smiling back, I slowly stepped back.

One step, two steps, moving away.

From my life’s second love.

The person who was special to me, second only to my mother who gave birth to me.

The one I could love… among the few beings I could.

“Goodbye, Theodore.”

Partings are brief, and waiting will be long.

May this lengthy period hold significance for us both.

* * *

Brianne was not too far from Veronis. It takes about a couple of hours by carriage.

I quietly watched the scenery of Veronis passing by the window.

‘…It’s much better than before.’

The flow of time is truly fascinating.

The first time I saw Veronis, the landscape was so desolate, I couldn’t imagine how it could improve…

But now, thanks to Theodore and many others’ efforts, it has already become so prosperous.

“…It feels strange. To leave Veronis like this… It’s a different feeling from when we ran away.”

Charlotte tilted her head and frowned slightly. As if she couldn’t understand her own emotions.

I said with a faint smile.

“They say you even miss the bad old days, it seems you’ve grown attached to Veronis.”

“What? No way… …Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe a little…?”

“Because it’s filled with memories of being with you, Viscount,” added Charlotte. Hehe, she laughed lightly. I gazed at her with a complex feeling. I was still not used to being addressed as ‘Viscount.’

“…I never thought I’d have a title, land, and even a new name.”

I muttered more to myself and turned my gaze back out the window. Charlotte complimented how well the name ‘Arendelle’ suited me. I caught her reflection in the window and chuckled softly.

It was truly astonishing for the child, who could do nothing but suppress her anger alone, to become a Viscount.

The future I had imagined for myself as a child wasn’t like this at all. A life merely as a tool, manipulated by my father and Owen. That was the future I thought awaited me.

‘I thought I would never escape that hell…’

…But even the most enduring misfortunes have an end.

Misery that seemed endless eventually came to an end. A life filled with nothing but darkness, finally has light.

‘Now, truly…’

I can comfortably allow myself to be happy.

Before I knew it, I had clenched the hand that I had placed near my heart. Suddenly, my chest filled with emotion. The tension I had been holding onto for so long seemed to melt away in an instant.

Only then did I realize that I had been on edge without a moment’s rest. Ever since I became the adopted daughter of Duke Everett….

I had been pushing myself relentlessly.

‘I was too harsh on myself.’

My eyes grew a bit hot. Now… It’s time to let myself rest.

All that had tormented me was now gone from the world.

* * *

The carriage carrying Lily disappeared from view.

Yet, Theodore stood in place for a long time, aimlessly staring at the end of the road where the carriage had vanished.

Deep in his heart, he wished for Lily’s happiness. He resolved not to mind his own impending misery. Their parting was clearly a consequence of his own actions.

All he could do was reflect, repent, regret, and wait…There was nothing else he could do

“…Master, it’s quite cold. It would be best to go inside…”

Carmen approached and gently suggested, but Theodore merely nodded without moving from his spot. His gaze remained fixed on the end of the road.

Sighing, Carmen stepped back to avoid disturbing Theodore further. The chilly winter wind swept through Theodore’s black hair and clothes. His blue eyes were emptily searching for someone’s absence.

Theodore thought of Lily.

From the moment they first met and through all the time they spent together.

Two years and five months. Compared to a long life, how brief a period it was.