I Am The Last Villainess He Has To Kill

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When you transmigrate into a novel, even if you’re a villainess, you end up transmigrating as a noble lady.
I ended up transmigrating as the daughter of the demon king, the final monster the male lead has to kill.

“This is the princess’ finger necklace!”
The demons, whose basic activities involve kidnapping and murder.
Living with such creatures for five thousand years was unbearable.

Just endure it, perform your role as in the original story, and move on to the next novel!

Oh God, could such a coincidence even happen?
It wasn’t just picking up a stray cat… it was picking up the male lead.

Moreover, what eight-year-old Kiehl said was eerie.

“You can eat me.”

“I’ll… I’ll raise you well, so come and kill the demon king’s daughter later.”


* * *


In the dark demon king’s castle, he appeared like a ray of light.
He was supposed to kill me, like in the original story…

“I’ll do everything Bella wants, so… just stay by my side.”

He was getting more and more obsessed with me.
His slender fingers brush against my hand, touching at my deep intentions.

“Take… me.”