The Queen Who Deserves To Be Tainted

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“If Your Majesty and I were to have a child, what would you think?”

At the unexpected question, the king looked at his queen and asked quietly.

“I heard you were infertile. Is that even possible?”
“…So, just if.”
“Such a thing wouldn’t happen.”

Thinking of the tea he drank every day, he laughed.

“Do you think I would have a descendent from the bloodline of a lowly barbarian as my successor?”

Looking at the king’s cold gaze, she realized.
That there was no longer the king who was kind to her
That the child in her womb would never be welcomed.

Of course, her body would no longer be of any value to him because of the pregnancy.

“…As expected, it’s absurd.”

With that, she no longer had any reason to remain by his side.