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The portion of Dante’s face that was revealed beneath the mask was contorted. His skin was wrinkled, and his lips were grim. It was a stark contrast to the other half. Moreover, his eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyelids were missing, leaving his pupils exposed. Frankly, it wasn’t a pleasant sight.

Yet, well, it was better than expected…

That’s what I thought up to then.

“Do you mean to tell me that even after seeing this, you still want to marry me? Hmph. Admiration for a man who knows nothing. It’s truly pitiful. What does the Young Lady know about me to make such a statement?”

Dante’s red eyes flickered with anger. It was filled with rage.

Many had fallen for the revealed traits and rushed to Dante like moths to a flame. It was a story that was also described in novels.

Then, after learning Dante’s truth, the women would flee without looking back.

「 Monster!! Monster! 」

Dante knew why he elicited such a reaction.

The reckless ones who rushed to win Petros’ glory would have repeatedly hurt Dante.

Dante reluctantly lifted the corners of his mouth.

“In any case, since this was done unilaterally by my aunt, this proposal is null and void…”

“No. I have to marry you, Your Grace.”

I said succinctly.

Dante sighed as if tired of my stubbornness.

“What did you see? How can you say such a thing after seeing this face?”

I pondered over the words I had endlessly simulated, recalling only the days when I would meet Dante.

My chest swelled. I took a deep breath and pursed my lips.

Originally, Dante would cancel this proposal and leave.

But Chloe relentlessly sent letters to Dante and poured out her affection.

Tyrannia, too, pressured him with a marriage proposal, using the honor of the Petros Family as leverage.

Dante had to go back and forth several times to break off the marriage.

In the process, Chloe drugged Dante and dragged him into her bed. Ah, “Everyone Loved Her” was an R-rated sordid novel.

The next day, people saw the two rising naked from the same bed. Dante had to stand by Chloe’s side like a leashed animal. By then, he was already enamored with Illyae.

Every time he went to the county, Dante had encountered Illyae several times.

If Illyae resembled me in any way, it would be her courage.

Though not described in the original, if it was the Illyae I knew, she would have detested Dante’s face.

Yet, she didn’t show it outwardly; instead, she pitied Dante and comforted him.

In such circumstances, an oppressive marriage to me.

Having gone that far, Chloe, who forcibly married Dante, even committed emotional infidelity by loving another man.

Dante’s anger toward Chloe was understandable.

This marriage had to be solely by Dante’s and my will.

Even if it started out despicably.

“I know how to lift the curse, Your Grace.”

Fortunately, I could say it without trembling.

Dante’s eyebrows shot up.

If only there was no curse, he would have been a truly beautiful man.

Dante reached out to me, threatening with his eyes.

His grip on my neck was strong enough to make my lips involuntarily part.

“Are you playing a joke right now? Young Lady, fooling around with your mouth could get you killed.”

Luckily, I didn’t die this time.

“I’m not lying, milord. I know why this marriage was proposed. It’s because of the curse. I really do know how to lift it.”

I replied plainly.

I had imagined this day and thought of countless ways Dante could appear.

Should I ask for a way, or propose a deal, or continue to distrust until the end…


But Dante defied all my expectations.

He grabbed me by the collar and pulled me toward him.

My body stretched over the table, and I cried out in agony.

“You’re just another scammer. A despicable bunch trying to profit from others’ misfortune. Did you think you could get away with it?”

Given Dante’s personality so far, he wasn’t one to act emotionally like this.

Yet, his reaction proved that the curse was a significant weakness.

It was a trigger to expose his vulnerability.

In the novel, Dante would suffer from all sorts of rumors due to the curse, and as he said, he would suffer from the harassment of scammers.

I made a mistake.

I should have been more careful.

I wanted to say no.

But I couldn’t breathe properly, let alone speak.

There was no option, ha…

Life really isn’t easy.

* * *

Mistress Restro sipped her tea slowly. Kelos, who was feeling uneasy, cleared his throat.

“So, Dante personally went to refuse the marriage proposal?”

“That’s right.”

“He’s quite the character.”

Mistress Restro closed her eyes and smiled elegantly. It was a beautiful smile that belied her age.

“Now, Kelos.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Kelos inclined his head.

“What are your thoughts on the Tyrannia Family?”

“…Currently, with the presence of the Saintess, the family has regained its prominence. But before that, I heard they were declining. Truthfully, it’s not suitable for the Petros Family…”

“Then, why do you think I arranged a marriage for a child from such a family?”

“Isn’t it because of the Saintess? If she’s a Saintess, she might be able to cure His Grace’s curse…”

“That’s optimism.”

Mistress Restro chuckled softly.

Kelos tried to grasp Mistress Restro’s intentions, but couldn’t guess at all.

Mistress Restro’s luminous eyes sparkled like stars.

“Tyrannia needs the family’s glory, and I need a bride for Dante.”

“Is Dante even interested in marriage under these circumstances?”


“It’s a necessity. And there aren’t many families as suitable as Tyrannia. Their reputation will be carried by the Saintess, and we can fill in the financial gaps. It’s just right.”

Kelos scratched his cheek with a thoughtful expression.

Mistress Restro had deeper thoughts than Kelos had anticipated.

Soon, Kelos asked in a trembling voice, “Do you mean it doesn’t have to be Young Lady Illyae?”

Mistress Restro smiled slyly.

“Of course, it would be preferable if it were her. But with only the Saintess in Tyrannia, would I simply give up that card? I’ve always had that twin in mind from the beginning. Regardless of the curse, I need a child to stand by Dante’s side.”

Mistress Restro revealed all the hidden thoughts she had been harboring while casting a sharp glance at Kelos.

Kelos swallowed nervously.

When Mistress Restro laid out such stories, there was always a reason. There was something she desired and something she intended to obtain…

“Do you understand now what you need to do? Lead your master to marriage.”

Kelos shut his eyes tightly.

Mistress Restro seemed determined not to waver in her decision. No matter how much Dante was the head of the family, he couldn’t ignore Mistress Restro’s influence.

Mistress Restro was also Dante’s last remaining relative. Kelos couldn’t forget the iron-willed woman who had carried Dante, almost lifeless, from the disaster of that day.

So, Kelos couldn’t defy Mistress Restro’s will. Thus, Kelos nodded.

“I’ll do my best, miss.”

* * *

“How can you break the curse? Do you know its origin?”

His eyes bore into me, trembling with a mix of anger and fear. This curse must have steered Dante’s life in directions he didn’t desire. People must have shunned Dante, perhaps making him a pariah. Without this curse, Dante might have already found happiness with a family.

“Listen, Young Lady, how many have approached me claiming they could lift the curse for the glory of the Petros family.”

Chills ran down my spine as our eyes locked, his crimson gaze ablaze with intense emotion.


“Milady, the attempt was noble but…”

“It’s not a lie…!” I managed to gasp out, feeling my face flush as if it would explode. I clawed at Dante’s hand.

“My breath…!” I struggled, and Dante’s grip loosened. Suddenly, my body, which had been suspended in mid-air, crashed to the ground with a thud.

Cough, cough!