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Stella was so excited that she bounced up and down in place. Karentina, who was watching her, opened her mouth again with a smile.

“Your Highness, would you mind waiting for a moment? I’ll be back soon after washing up.”

“Ung! I’ll wait.”

Karentina hurriedly finished her bath while being attended to by Sasha. As she dried her hair, Sasha let out a low groaning sound and suddenly bowed her head deeply.

“I’m sorry, Young Lady.”

“Huh? What for?”

Saying so, she held out the last almost empty bottle of perfume as she sobbed in frustration.

“I couldn’t prepare any extra freesia perfume that the Young Lady likes to use.”

“Oh, so this is the scent of freesia. Is it hard to get?”

Sasha shook her head with difficulty.

“That’s not it. However, since it’s a white freesia with a stronger scent than regular freesia, it will likely take a long time to reach the North.”

“It’s okay. I can use something else.”

“We still have some spare for today, though would it be okay if I prepare viola perfume starting tomorrow? I apologize for the inadequate preparation, Young Lady.”

“I’m fine with anything, so don’t worry too much.”

Sasha’s hands applying the perfume were gentle. As the delicate floral scent spread, it felt as if she was wandering through a warm spring field.

After finishing her preparations and lying down on the soft bed, Stella, who had been waiting for her to come, suddenly hugged her tightly.

“Your Highness?”

The child blinked her round eyes and rubbed her head as Karentina paused in surprise.

“You know, Karen. It’s so strange. I don’t know why I feel so comfortable and cozy when I hug you.”


Her heart felt heavy.

She was at the age where she couldn’t get enough love, even with overflowing love from her parents. At the same time, a corner of her heart tingled as she wondered how lonely the child must feel to be doing this to her, someone she had only just met.

“You know… can’t we just sleep together until my brother comes back?”

The sight of Stella blinking her round eyes and asking for permission was so cute that a smile was painted on Karentina’s lips.


Kyaa! I’m so excited!”

Stella’s eyes sparkled as she stomped her feet. Still, it seemed the effect of the medicine was still working as she quickly drifted off into a deep sleep soon afterwards.

As Karentina covered the blanket to her neck, Zion entered the room with a knocking sound.

“You’ve been looking tired lately, so I brought you some chamomile tea.”

“Thank you.”

Hmm, it’s nothing.”

Puffing out her chest as if it were natural, he set the tea down on the table and poured herself a cup of tea gracefully.

“Recommended by assistant chef Velda—”

“Huh? Ah! Zion, it’s overflowing!”

However, uncharacteristically, Zion overfilled the teacup as though he was thinking of something else, and the mat was soaked with spilled tea.

He slowly turned his head.

“Right now, I must go see your brother Damion.”


His words echoed, sending shivers down her spine.

…The original story was about to begin.