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Luca’s face turned red, and he turned around hastily. Sylvia replied that she was about to slip for a moment, but nothing happened. She calmed her surprised heart and looked closely at the status window.

No way! The 〈Almost-Legendary Poison Immunity〉 changed to 〈Poison Immunity〉!

She soothed her fast-beating heart and opened the record window. She thought it was strange for some reason, but she had no idea that her 〈Poison Immunity〉 was now complete. What had happened while she was suffering from the status abnormality?

After touching the message with trembling hands, Sylvia almost screamed again. She glanced at Luca, who had turned his back on her while covering his mouth with his hands, and slowly read the message again.


[Congratulations! Luca’s Friendship has reached 100 points. The skill 〈Almost-Legendary Poison Immunity〉 will be upgraded to 〈Poison Immunity〉.]


‘My goodness! I can’t believe I almost went by without realizing this. I almost screwed up if I only checked it a long time later.’

Sylvia checked the message several times, wondering if there was a trap. Looking back and forth, her friendship was at 100 points.

‘This time it’s real! I am really able to target him!’

She cheered silently. Now that Luca’s poison was out of the picture, there was no reason to hesitate further. Sylvia scrubbed her body much more carefully than before. When she looked at the panties in her hand, she thought for a moment about throwing them away, but she held back. Humming spontaneously came out of her mouth.


‘Raiding a dungeon without panties is too blatant. Sniff sniff. Is there anything fragrant here? This isn’t enough.’

She didn’t know when her and Luca’s big event would happen. It could be right now, or it could be tonight. It was sad that she had to clean her body with just water without body wash in a situation where giving off a scent wasn’t enough. The situation was like this, so it couldn’t be helped… Nevertheless, she felt so unsatisfied that she called out to Luca.

“Mr. Luca! Do you perhaps have anything like body wash? Like soap or something…”
“Hm? Ah, I forgot to give it to you. Here!”

She had just thoughtlessly asked him, but he threw something at her. She reached out her hand, wondering what kind of situation this was, and grabbed the plastic bag that came flying towards her. When she opened it, it was a shampoo travel set. Inside were all the toiletries needed, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, and shampoo. He continued speaking with his back still turned.

“I did well in bringing things here, just in case. I also have body oil, so let me know if you need it.”
“What? But you don’t have a bag or anything.”
“Hm? Ah, Sylvia, didn’t you have something similar? My watch has infinite space for storage.”

Hearing her bewildered voice, Luca explained as if it was nothing. Like the picnic bag with infinite storage that Sevis was carrying, Luca also had a watch with infinite storage. She expected it to be an expensive watch when she saw it at the event the other day, but it really wasn’t an ordinary item.

He said that it is extremely expensive, but if you ask a craftsman who specializes in magic spaces to install it on the object you want, he will carefully produce it and send it to you. He said that he asked him to do it on this watch and received it in six months.
Sylvia was once again impressed by this game world that had all sorts of things.

‘What a convenient world. Then my inventory is nothing special. No wonder he wasn’t surprised when I took out the hammer.’

It was fortunate that she was possessed by this worldview. If the inventory or abilities could only be obtained by her and were unfamiliar to others, the characters would have thought she was strange the moment they recognized her abilities.

She finished her trivial thoughts and went out to the water to carefully wash herself. She was a little reticent about washing herself in the water because she was worried about environmental contamination. Luca belatedly commented, as if he knew what she was thinking.

“Those are eco-friendly products that disintegrate quickly even if you use them in the water. I prepared all eco-friendly items just in case.”
“Ah, yes…”

It was so strange to see Luca thinking of the animals and plants and taking the lead in protecting the environment. Sylvia, who had found an unexpected side of him, replied after a moment. However, she did not let it show and washed herself clean.
When she came out of the water, Sylvia was surprised to see a body towel next to her clothes.

“Did you also bring a towel? You’re thoroughly prepared.”
“Huh? Oh… I didn’t bring that… I-I didn’t know it was there, but when I searched carefully, I found it inside the box. Ahem…”

Luca stammered in surprise for a moment. If he had known there was such a large towel, he would not have hugged Sylvia with his bare body all night, so he reacted like that because he troubled himself for no reason.

Sylvia tilted her head for a moment, then wiped her body and picked up her dress. She was wearing her clothes when Luca reminded her that there was also body oil. Perhaps it was something that Luca had unconsciously packed due to the causal laws of the R-rated game?

‘Body oil. Yeah, once I hear about it, I can’t ignore it.’

Sylvia smiled meanly and put her brain to work. She threw off her dress again and wrapped herself in the body towel.
It was a needlessly large body towel that covered all her body, but she purposefully pulled it down so that her chest was slightly visible. She cleared her throat and called out to Luca.

“Mr. Luca.”
“I finished washing up. You can look back now.”

Turning around at Sylvia’s words, Luca saw her wrapped in the towel instead of wearing her clothes and opened his eyes wide.

“Why are you wrapped in a towel instead of wearing your clothes?”
“Well, I want to apply body oil.”
“Ah, is that so? Here.”

Astonished, Luca pressed the clock, took out a clear bottle of body oil from the storage space, and threw it to her.

‘Ugh. That’s right. I didn’t expect him to say anything like ‘I’ll put it on you’ from the beginning.’

Sylvia, who had pledged not to be unnecessarily upset by Luca’s ignorance, shook the oil bottle and fluttered her eyelashes.

“Could you put some oil on me, please?”
“Hm? You can do it yourself.”

‘Damn it, let’s be patient. You can f*ck him if you’re patient.’

Sylvia barely held back her cursing as her body trembled and sat down by Luca’s side. Then, she leaned over and looked up at him with strange eyes.

‘He’ll be able to see my chest clearly from this angle.’

“Can’t Mr. Luca do it for me?”

As she expected, Luca lowered his gaze and gasped, his face turning red. She could feel him glancing at her chest where the towel was hanging. Luca stuttered in a slightly hoarse voice and opened his mouth.

“Ah… Wh-where? Where can I… apply it?”
“Phew… I can’t reach my back, so can you apply it there first?”
“You can’t… reach it?”

A pure question appeared in Luca’s eyes. Even amid this, his tactless comments continued. He didn’t seem to be this seriously oblivious. It was very annoying to see that his sense had evaporated as his friendship increased, but Sylvia tried her best to act, suppressing the anger that was about to come up.

“Ugh, that’s right. My arms are too short.”

Pretending to groan, she turned her arms back and sighed repeatedly. Then, she lowered his eyebrows pitifully and blinked.

“My arms really can’t reach it. In addition, my hands are too small. If Mr. Luca could apply the oil with those big hands, I think it would be done in an instant…”

As she held her hands together and looked at him with twinkling eyes, Luca thought for a moment before finally nodding.

Sylvia barely held back the cheering that almost came out. After loosening the knot tied in front of her chest, she carefully prostrated herself on the warm rock in the sunlight. Then she made a pillow with her arm.
As soon as she nodded, Luca opened his mouth and stared blankly at Sylvia, who was lying down. He felt like he had been hit by something, but he didn’t know what he had been hit by.

“Mr. Luca, what are you doing? Please do it quickly. The sun is also hot, so it would be perfect if you applied it now.”
“Yes, I have to apply it quickly. We need to look around the island soon…”

Sylvia decided to ignore Luca’s ignorant comments that had begun again. As she held back with her mouth shut, Luca hesitated and sat down on one knee by her side. Then, he lowered the towel covering her back and brought it halfway around her waist.

Feeling frustrated, Sylvia reached back and lowered the towel down to her hips. Wondering if she was too blatant, she didn’t forget to pretend to be calm as she spoke innocently.

“Please be meticulous with the application.”

‘From my experience, I think it worked better to approach Luca while pretending rather than seducing him blatantly.’

To be precise, she reached a dead-end whenever she seduced him blatantly, so she pretended to be naive like a defense mechanism without realizing it. When she glanced at him, as expected, Luca was very shy, covering his mouth with his hands.

“What, why…”
“You have to apply it all over my back. Why? Is there something wrong?”
“Ah… I see. I have to… apply it.”

Luca continued to stutter with a hoarse voice. A moment later, there was a sound of the oil bottle being opened, and a fragrance of roses hovered in the air. After properly pouring the oil into his hands, Luca gulped and carefully spread it on her white, smooth back.

Sylvia’s body flinched naturally as the large, warm hand applied the slippery oil on her back.

‘Ah, what a strange feeling.’

“Sylvia… Can I apply it like this?”

Sylvia buried her face in her elbow with a relaxed face. As their conversation ended, the sound of oil being spread and the sound of valley water flowing filled the silence. The hands that were touching her shoulders came up to her slender neck and applied oil meticulously. Then, they came back down and spread the oil all the way to her shoulder blades and her core muscles. His hands withdrew for a moment while reaching her sides.

There was a gulping sound that no one knew who it belonged to. Again, the hands containing the watery oil spread it on her slender waist. His hands narrowly went down to her side, then came back up and stopped near her hip bones.

“I think… it’s all applied now.”
“… Here, too.”

Sylvia reached back and grabbed the firm hand that had been lingering near her hips. Then, she dragged his hand to her buttocks, which had been covered by the towel. He flinched and tried to remove his hand, but she lowered it on her buttocks.

“You have to apply it here, too.”
“Here… too?”