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Every Day, for Four Years


Azen was basking in the icy air of dawn and turned around when he heard Roa call him.

“Are you having trouble sleeping?”

Unlike the formality of the day, Roa wore comfortable clothing suitable for bedtime. She approached him, a worried look on her face.

“That’s not the case.”

Azen reassured her as she ran out of breath.

“Then why are you here?”

“It doesn’t feel real.”

Everything he had endured in the past was for this day. Now that the dream had come true, when he stepped into the mansion, he just couldn’t sleep due to the clamoring of his heart.

“Would you please walk with me, Milady?”
Courteously, Azen extended his hand to Roa. After taking a quick look around, Roa quickly stood next to him and took his hand. As they had done during the day, the two began walking side by side.

The garden had a completely different ambience at night.

“I remember that time when I was sneaking out at night like this.”

Perhaps due to the fact that it was night-time, or because she had grown accustomed to the place, Roa’s expression and tone of voice were much more relaxed compared to her attitude during the day.

“I thought about that day every day for four years.”

She was never out of his mind—not even now. There was only one reason why he was able to persevere even when the going got rough and he wanted to give up on everything.

While leisurely in the day, this night there was an earnest light in his eyes.

A cold breeze blew between the two.

* * *

Bellanis used to be Roa’s most frequent guest. Now, that was no longer the case as Bellanis had gotten busier since her debut.

From that day forward, Azen visited the Clarion residence whenever he had time. Each time, Roa would welcome him with a bright smile. All of the members of the Clarion family and employees quickly realized Azen’s intentions.
Courtship of Roa, who was about to debut. Roa also didn’t refuse that and devoted her time to him.

Azen was the son of Grand Duke Trone, but he realized his dream and became an admirable knight. Since everything that alluded to him was similar to the second son of the Clarion family, Kaylon, Azen was well-regarded by everyone.


Sitting in a certain restaurant, Roa picked up her teacup.

When Shanderik called her, she turned her head.

“What do you think of Sir Azen?”

Roa’s face flushed red just from the mention of Azen’s name.

“W-what do you mean?”

Shanderik burst out laughing at how transparent his sister was.

“By visiting so often, hasn’t he made his intentions obvious enough?”

“No, according to his family, he wanted to be my bodyguard.”

Roa didn’t bother to mention that Azen wanted to ask for her hand in marriage. After all, he hadn’t made up his mind yet, so she wanted to save it until he did.

“Is that really all there is? Hmm…

Shanderik took a sip of tea.

“I truly appreciate Sir Azen’s honest nature. Roa, you’re carefree and untethered, a knight by your side to protect you would suit you well.”

“Are you calling me a fool?”

Roa frowned in displeasure at Shanderik, who took a jab at her shameful side.

Smiling broadly, Shanderik put down his teacup.

“Well, you behaved like a proper lady in front of Sir Azen, didn’t you?”

Roa blinked at the shift in her behavior that not even she had been aware of. Come to think of it, whenever she was in front of him, she felt oddly nervous. Acting naturally was just a challenge.

…Apparently, it came off to others as her being polite.

“Without even realizing it, you became a dignified lady in front of a man you wanted to impress.”

Shanderik’s wife also backed his claim.

“It’s not like that.”

Roa blushed to her ears, huffed, and denied her feelings. Only when she lowered her head did she see her own expression, which was reflected in the tea.

“Anyway, think about it carefully, Roa. Your opinion is the most important.”

Shanderik belatedly comforted Roa with kind words.

“If it’s a choice that will result in your happiness, not even father will be against it.”

As time passed, Roa’s worries grew deeper. The knighthood ceremony at Luktia Castle that he mentioned was just one week away. There was only one day left until his last visit to her before the day of his inauguration.

Whether accepting or rejecting, Roa had to respond to his proposal that day.

* * *

On the last day to greet him before his inauguration ceremony, Roa took longer than usual to dress, so much so that she ended up making him wait outside. The maid tied her hair and straightened the ribbon. Afterwards, she quickly rose and rushed downstairs.

“Milady, please be careful.”
Those who saw that Roa had broken into a run tried to stop her, but to no avail.

“Sir Azen!”

After jumping down, Roa was heaving and panting, yet still maintained her smile. True to Shanderik’s prediction, Roa was anxious enough to reveal her true, reckless self.

“I can’t believe Milady would come running for me.”

Even though Roa hadn’t given him any answer for nearly a month, Azen still smiled sweetly at her. He gradually stepped closer to Roa, and she dropped the hem of her dress, which she had clutched tightly with both hands while running.

“I’m happy, but also worried that you might get hurt.”

Azen knelt down on one knee in front of her. Without hesitation, Roa offered the back of her white hand. The sensation of his lips brushing against her hand was somehow more vivid that day.

After exchanging greetings, he stood up. Seemingly more concerned than usual, he watched her for a moment, mesmerized, showing off his comeliness.

“Why? Is something strange?”

Roa was embarrassed by the way he stared at her.

“No. You look so beautiful, I ended up staring at you for longer than necessary.”

At Azen’s honest and straightforward response, Roa shyly lowered her gaze to the floor.

“…You too, Azen.”

She murmured so softly that only the person in front of her could hear.

The atmosphere soon relaxed. The two walked together in the garden as usual. As they walked side by side, the red ribbon adorning her golden hair caught his eye. The color matched her so well.

That day, once again, they headed to the terrace in the courtyard. The maids served some fragrant tea, and the two started conversing.

“In my spare time, I went to my parents’ house for a while. I didn’t really want to go, but I was obligated to inform my family of the inauguration ceremony.”

Roa didn’t really register his story. He deliberately didn’t bring up his proposal so as not to burden Roa with his desire. In other words, she had to raise the topic herself.

As she attempted to find the right timing, Roa slowly grew anxious.

“I brought a gift. It’s something I’ve been wanting to give to you, Roa.”


Preoccupied with thinking about her own speech, Roa didn’t really hear what he said. Azen produced something that looked like a jewelry box and presented it to Roa.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.”

Roa, who only heard the key word ‘gift,’ eagerly opened it.


A necklace studded with gleaming rubies.

“I thought it would suit you nicely, Roa.”

In truth, Azen had that ruby pendant since he first visited the Clarion family. Afraid that she might be overwhelmed if he bombarded her with gifts, he waited until the opportune moment. Seeing the red ribbon she wore that day had given him courage.

Apparently, he was right—red indeed suited her well.

“…So pretty. Am I really allowed to have this?”

“Of course.”

Azen took the necklace from Roa’s hand. He left his seat and stepped in front of Roa.

“May I place this around your neck?”

When she saw how close he was, Roa was stupefied.

He’s just helping me put on this necklace, and nothing else!

Nevertheless, she couldn’t bear to look up at his face, which was right in front of her. Instead, she held her long hair and lifted it up. Azen bent down and leaned in closer as if about to hug her. As he placed his hand on the nape of her neck, she could feel his breath on her cheek. Roa held her breath for fear that it might also reach him.

Her gaze landed on his sharp jawline, and then his masculine rib cage as he leaned to the side of her neck. Before he could get up, she quickly averted her gaze.

“It suits you well.”

Azen returned to his seat and sat. She couldn’t take her eyes off the necklace he’d given her.

He pretended to look at the necklace, but in reality, his gaze was directed at her silky white nape. Standing closer to her, she smelled even better than the silver tree, so tantalizing that he wanted to take a bite of her right away.

Perhaps conscious of his gaze, Roa began playing with the pendant, and Azen shifted his gaze to her fingers.

Next time, he’ll definitely put a ring on that finger.

“Hey, Azen.”

Only after Roa called his name did Azen look at her face.


Putting aside his simmering desire for a moment, he gently smiled with his eyes and responded. Roa glanced at the maids around her. She whispered so quietly that they couldn’t hear.

“I have something to share with you in private. Don’t fall asleep tonight—come to the back garden.”

The corners of Azen’s lips curved up as Roa bashfully urged him in secret. He could guess what she wanted to say tonight.