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Chapter 81

Vielle and the maids had already stocked the carriage with healing potions, disguised as water and other supplies. The quantity was limited, of course, that was why the carriage looked like it belonged to an affectionate daughter visiting her father after a long absence.

“Oh, Krua!”

The Duke of Alors, who greeted me, also wore the expression of a father overjoyed to see his beloved daughter.


As I stepped out of the carriage, escorted by him, I already felt the need to wash my hands.


* * *


The Duke of Alors welcomed our party with great hospitality. He not only prepared a banquet but also provided us with a place to rest.

“How about staying here for the night?”

“I have much work to do in Argenta.”

I responded, declining the offer with a troubled expression. I couldn’t bear the thought of spending a night here.

“That’s unfortunate.”

Duke Alors didn’t press the issue. It was clear that he had only asked out of courtesy.

“I’ve had your favorites prepared. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve seen you. This time is precious.”

As he introduced the food, Vielle, who was standing beside me, muttered casually.

“There’s no poison.”

She must have checked it while I wasn’t looking.

After the dinner, which was enjoyable for the Duke of Alors alone…


The Duke of Alors and I were left in the VIP room. Naturally, the other servants had all been dismissed. His expression, which had been blooming with laughter, turned cold.

“The lilies?”

Even though I hadn’t expected him to ask about my well-being, it was so predictable that I almost laughed. I struggled to suppress my magic in front of him. As I did, I became more aware of the water around me, responding to his presence.

This was the power of a head. It was an overwhelming force.

“Two have been erased.”

As I reported briefly, the Duke frowned immediately.

“And the remaining one? It’s still clinging on, isn’t it?”

He uttered, sipping his tea.

“The rumor that the Duke and Duchess of Argenta are inseparable has spread to every back alley in the empire. And yet, one hasn’t been erased?”

Despite his vulgar words, the way in which he conveyed those vulgar words was sophisticated. Instead of admiring him, I quickly spat out the answer I had prepared.

“Diello is too busy.”


I realized that I had uttered Diello’s name too casually. Still, on second thought, it wasn’t strange. The lilies could only be erased if they opened their hearts, so now that two of Dielo’s lilies have been erased, it wouldn’t be strange for me to call his name.

“Busy? Has he been called to the field recently?”

The Duke of Alors asked sharply.

‘Here we go.’

Duke Alors must know that the assassins he sent to disrupt the supply lines had been annihilated, and he must have been racking his brains over who was responsible.

“He’s been too busy with paperwork to leave the battlefield.”

When I pretended not to know, the Duke of Alors frowned.

“Are you saying he didn’t have time to erase the lilies?”

“He comes in very late at night. I can’t ask an exhausted man to spend the night…”

As I trailed off, his expression grew even colder.

“You’re making excuses as if you’re worried about Diello Argenta.”


I stopped myself from saying no. It certainly wasn’t something that the evil Krua Alors would say. I hesitated for a moment, wondering how to get around it.

Was my silence too long?

The Duke of Alors’ face gradually twisted.

“Is that all you have to say? You should have found a way, no matter what. Even if you had to go to his office…”

I tried to ignore the vulgar words that followed.

“And you didn’t go to the field at all, did you?”

His intention was clear in the way he spoke. If I had been less intelligent, I would have answered as he intended.

“A powerful monster recently appeared in the sea, and the surrounding area was in chaos. I was told not to come to the battlefield since it was too dangerous.”

I rattled off the information as if it was natural.

Of course, it was a far cry from the truth.

“Oh, and they said the supply lines were disrupted, so there was even more paperwork.”

He must have thought that my report was incoherent as Duke Alors’s brows began to twitch, and he asked.

“They didn’t ask for your help?”

At his words, I shook my head.

“They won’t show me the documents and the battlefield is dangerous. As you know, my water abilities are lacking.”

Duke Alors clicked his tongue before he swept his gaze over me.

“You used the power of the source last time, didn’t you?”

It was as if he was asking if I could do it again if I had to.

“I suffered greatly after using it that time. I couldn’t even spend time with Diello.”

Alors grimaced as I implied that I had no time to spare for a night of passion because I was in so much pain. The next moment, he gestured at my hand.

“You drew some blood, right?”

It seemed that the seamstresses who had come to measure Diello’s clothes last time hadn’t just left with the information about lilies.

I nodded. “Yes.” And I showed him my hand, where the scar still remained.

“Quite a deep wound.”

Alors’ face was one of satisfaction at the scar that was deeper than he had expected. Even though I was his daughter, he was pleased to see a wound on my body.

He was truly the worst of the worst.

He must have already made his calculations in his head that If I had to use the power of the source to defeat a monster with a wound that deep, then Diello must not be much of a Duke.

“I heard that wind monsters have appeared in Alors’ Forest as well.”

“What happened to them?”

“Duke Alors dealt with them himself. I hear there were no major difficulties.”

Since Rick had reported as such, Alors was probably thinking of the water monsters that had appeared in Argenta. He must have been considering how weak Duke Diello was in comparison to the wind monsters that had appeared in Alors.

Alors set down his cup, signaling that he had finished his calculations.


I knew that I needed to say something decisive, as he seemed dissatisfied. If I didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to shake off his suspicions.

No matter how busy he was, it made no sense that the Duke and Duchess of Argenta, who were supposedly so close, couldn’t even get rid of three lilies. This could only lead to the conclusion that there was either discord between us or that me or Diello had other thoughts in mind.

And if I was going to be suspected of such things, I thought I might as well bring it up first.

“And more than anything else…”

I could feel his focus as I opened my mouth. It would be painful to say, though I had no choice.

“If all three lilies disappear from Diello’s body, I think he’ll figure it out.”


As Alors frowned, I replied to him.

“That I’m not the real Ferro. It’s only natural since his fire powers haven’t been amplified.”

Alors looked as if he didn’t care.

“Of course he would. Even if he is a fool of a duke.”

“So I was wondering what would happen to me…”

I pretended to be cautious and let out a sigh. In short, I was afraid of Diello’s wrath when he realized I was a fake.

Alors frowned at my words and roughly set down the teacup he was holding.


The hot water shot up like a sharp knife. The water, which should have spilled over the table, passed over the inside of my wrist. It was deep enough to be hidden by my sleeve, but the pain was considerable on my tender skin.


As I endured the pain, Alors’ cold words rang out.

“I thought you were talking nonsense earlier. Have you forgotten what our plan is?”

“Of course, I haven’t―”

Alors didn’t wait for me to finish.


The water in the vase, responding to his water ability, shot up and seemed to pour down on me.


However, instead of dousing me, the water enveloped my vision. No, it covered my face, preventing me from breathing.


It had all happened so quickly that I couldn’t even catch my breath.

Perhaps because I had become sensitive to water, I could feel it more clearly. This water clearly intended to kill me. If I opened my mouth or exhaled, it would rush into my nose or mouth, leaving countless wounds as it escaped.

…The water was hostile.

That thought sent a rush of distant memories flooding back into my mind.

“You won’t die even if you fall into this much water.”

It was a memory from my previous life that I hadn’t remembered until now when I was going through the same thing. It was from when my cousin had thrown me into the water… when no one had come to save me as I floundered.

Unconsciously, I tried to focus my power on controlling the water.

‘…I want to get out.’

I didn’t want to be trapped in the helpless terror of my previous life. Still, I gritted my teeth and endured it.

I can’t. I can’t use my water abilities here.

It’s okay, I won’t die.

My heart was pounding wildly, though I endured it all the same.

“Krua, are you okay?”

…Now I have someone who would save me, and I could get my revenge.

I must endure it to get my revenge.


However, the water held me captive for longer than I thought. I barely managed to open my eyes and meet the mocking gaze of Duke Alors.

The next moment…


The water that had been painfully slapping my face was sucked back into the cup.


As I gasped for breath, his clear voice rang out over my dazed head.

“Spare me the ridiculous excuses, Krua Alors.”

Then, he asked.

“Have you come to love him?”