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I am turning back into a human, I instinctively pressed on my lower abdomen, reacting to those words without understanding why.

Grandmother turned around with a gentle smile.

“You haven’t had your period since your first one, have you?”

“Yes, yes.”

“You know the mark below your navel is a sign of a succubus and a source of magical power.”

I moved my hand slightly lower and nodded slowly. It was the area that reacted first when my body heated up or absorbed vitality, and it was the most significant change after awakening as a succubus.

“You might not have known, but that mark has been gradually fading.”

“What does, that mean…?”

“The reason you stopped having your period is because you lost your reproductive capabilities after awakening as a succubus. It was merely a transformation for greater pleasure and vitality absorption. Have you been feeling unwell recently?”

“Yes, I’ve had stomachaches and felt lethargic.”

“Child, that was menstrual pain.”

“….That, that was…?”

I stammered in embarrassment. Well, periods happen every month but the idea of enduring such pain monthly was unbearable. I felt the color drain from my face when someone touched my leg.


He seemed so small that a single step could crush him, yet he brushed his bangs back in a cool manner and patted his chest as if assuring me to trust him alone, which made me let out an incredulous laugh. Then, I remembered how Damian had helped ease my pain.

“Don’t worry too much. The instability is because your body, which had changed upon awakening as a succubus, is reverting to its original form. Once you fully become human again, it won’t hurt as much.”

“Am I really turning back into a human? But, why all of a sudden?”

I couldn’t understand the reason. Grandmother’s changed appearance, period, being human… Everything I heard and saw here happened so suddenly. Biting my lip anxiously, grandmother’s smile twisted slightly. Her face revealed guilt.


“I’m sorry, child. It was because of me that you became a succubus.”

“No, I’ve told you before that it wasn’t your fault…”

“No, it’s not that. I, I, always thought you were my lingering regret. I couldn’t leave because I couldn’t bear to let you go. My dear granddaughter is always weighing on my mind. But it turns out it wasn’t just that. Everything that happened was because I remained, because my presence lingered within you.”

Grandmother’s voice mixed with sobs. My mind was in turmoil. Even without her finishing, I could grasp what she was trying to say, feeling as if cold water had been poured over my head.

“So, I became a succubus because Grandmother was within me.”

It wasn’t just the ring recognizing me as its owner. Grandmother had passed away when I was young and had been with me ever since. Endymion’s words sharply cut through my thoughts.

“You said your grandmother passed away when you were young, but Lilith became a succubus when she turned 16. Doesn’t it seem too long a wait if she stayed out of concern?”

“That means Lilith’s grandmother knew a child born of a succubus, no matter how mixed with human blood, could awaken as a succubus.”

“Was your apology because you knew all this?”

“No! I truly didn’t know at that time. It was only after meeting Lemiel that I found out.”

A sinking feeling overwhelmed me. As my legs gave way, making me stagger, the alarmed commanders quickly approached. Grandmother reached out to me in shock, but I stumbled back. It was an instinctive move, yet her hurt expression made me catch my breath.

“I, I just…”

“I wanted to talk to you.”


“But, it seems you need some time. I’m sorry, child.”

With a bittersweet smile, the scenery slowly began to distort. The gentle atmosphere from moments ago seemed like a lie as everything changed in an instant.

❦ ❦ ❦


When I opened my eyes, it was dark around me and I couldn’t see anything. A feeling of tightness enveloped me, heart racing as if waking from a nightmare.


And now, I swallowed both sighs and tears at the too familiar situation. Damian was to my right, Regulus to my left, and astonishingly, I was still holding onto them. Trying to escape was futile not just because of the arms tightly wrapped around me, but also because of the all-too-vivid sensation of movement inside me every time I shifted my waist.

The last thing I remembered was Kyren’s inscrutable smile. How I ended up here from there was beyond me. Both seemed so sensitive to movement that any sudden motion might wake them.

The dream had left my mind in turmoil. Instead of struggling, I decided to lie back comfortably and take a deep breath.

“Why are you sighing like that?”

“….If you were awake, you could have said something.”

Noona, good morning, or rather, it’s dawn now. Good dawn.”

I tensed up at the sudden voice. As I was about to respond, a sleepy voice came from the other side, prompting me to cover my face with my palms and let out another sigh.

“Wow, you returned quicker than I thought. I didn’t expect you to change back for a few days.”

“I’d… like to hear what happened, but can we get up first?”



Really… With both pretending to sleep, I lifted my hand in silence but soon found myself irritably twisting due to the itchiness.

“Uht, Noona. If you move like that…”

“Why does it keep growing inside?”

“Just stay still, will you? By the way, have you lost your magic again?”

His intuition was annoyingly sharp.

I turned my head away without replying. Regulus’s member twitched behind me but then calmed down. I wanted to get myself out…., but the excited breaths and arms wrapped against my waist suggested he had no intention of allowing that.

It was embarrassing to admit, but it seemed likely that I, Lilith, was the one who initiated this situation. Was I supposed to just stay like this until daylight? As I pursed my lips, Damian poked my cheek.

“Ah, get off.”

“I think I could be imprisoned by you for a lifetime and still be happy.”

“What sudden nonsense…”

“I’ll stay put so leave your eyes and legs alone, okay?”

“Ah, Noona! Me too!”

“You, back off.”

“….wa, wait, hold on, hold on!”

My neck felt cold at the same moment my face flushed with heat. Why? How did they know?

“If you think it’s a waste to give it away, you should keep it for yourself, right?”


It felt like my heart skipped a beat. Damian smiled innocently, which didn’t suit him at all. Regulus purred like a cat, rubbing his face against my back.

I just wanted to die.

“….That, that was my dream.”

“Was it?”

“No, why would you meddle in someone else’s dream like that!”

Noona, I think I’d be happy anywhere as long as I’m with you! I think I might even give up being a knight commander!”

I felt like I was going crazy. Grandmother, was this what you meant by it could go either way? Why did they suddenly appear as dolls, was this the reason?

Even more shocking than the fact that Grandmother was the reason I became a succubus, was that these people had heard everything I said in my dream. What else had I said? My face was burning with embarrassment.

“If I treat you kindly, will you really like me?”

“I’ll never hurt you, Noona.”



“What should I say, huh?”

What to do? I really wanted to die. No need to wait until tomorrow. I wished the world would just end right now. As I was just moving my lips, Damian, who had been smirking annoyingly, pulled me into an embrace. Being inserted from both sides, I ended up facing him directly.

“Why, too embarrassed to speak? I told you, if you really hated it, you would have left long ago.”

“It’s not that I like you, okay?”

“Sure, sure. It’s not yet, you mean?”

I lost track of time, but I found myself wishing I could go back to the moment Kyren served me tea, even if it meant getting hurt again. Meanwhile, I could feel the pillar inside me growing larger. As I looked up at Damian, his cheeks flushed, and he was breathing hard.

“Ah, I’m really excited right now.”

“Don’t get excited in this kind of situation!”

“That’s harsh, really. It’s exactly because of the situation that I’m excited, isn’t it?”

“Hu-ugh, wait, don’t move, ah, Regulus…!”

“It’s sneaky just talking between the two of you.”

The fully inserted flesh began to move gently and stimulated the insides. It felt a bit dry and rough from having been asleep, but even that sensation was thrillingly pleasurable.

The pace was slow, but the thrusting felt like a competition and quickly fogged my mind. A mysterious hand caressed the sensitive nub leisurely as the pistoning movement continued.

“Ang, ah, hu-ugh!”

A tingling sensation spread from the thighs to the buttocks, back, and nape, like electricity passing through. Regulus continuously kissed on the back and neck. Damian’s gaze was unavoidable and intensely persistent, right before my eyes.

Noona, Noona. I love you, Noona.”

“The scent… is it flowers? No, candy? Anyway, it’s so sweet, it’s driving me crazy.”

It was slow and deep. Persistent and gentle. A different sensation from merely satisfying lust or seeking pleasure quickly engulfed my body, leading to a rupture of climax.

Feather-like kisses continued without rest on my body that was hot with embarrassment and heated from lovemaking.