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“Sona, what are you doing in the garden?”

Someone called out to Sona familiarly.

It was Seymour, who was working at the Duke’s castle. He had stepped out into the sun-drenched garden for a break when he spotted Sona approaching.

“Oh, Mister Seymour!”

“…And what’s with that basket?”

“I’m currently gathering materials.”


Seymour tilted his head in confusion, wondering what kind of materials one would gather in a garden.

Just then, he saw something small rustling and moving busily beside Sona. His curious gaze shifted in that direction. Soon, Riersha, wearing a wide-brimmed hat adorned with a white ribbon, appeared, her hands full of flower petals.

“Ddone! Look. Would Gwanpa like?”

“Of course, Miss Riersha. Now, quickly put it in the basket.”


Riersha swiftly placed the picked flowers into Sona’s basket. Then, noticing Seymour, she waved at him.


“…Yes, Miss Riersha. It’s been a while since we last met.”

It was their first encounter since the last time in the Duke’s office. Seymour’s heart ached at the sight of Riersha, looking completely harmless.

‘Who would have thought I’d witness such a scene in Duke Arachrene’s castle in my lifetime!’

He had never imagined it.

Unconsciously, Seymour forced his lips not to curl up in a smile.

“What are you planning to use those for?”

“To give as gifts to Gwanpa and Daddy.”

“To both of them?”

Seymour seriously retraced his memory, wondering if he had missed any special occasions. However, no matter how much he thought, there didn’t seem to be any.

“Miss Riersha wants to become closer to both of them. That’s why we’re gathering materials to make gifts.”


As Sona explained, he let out an exclamation of disbelief.

‘It seems a bit much.’

Riersha seemed unaware.

Archmond generally didn’t extend kindness to people. Yet, during the disciplinary committee, Archmond had taken an unexpectedly bold step that surprised everyone.

“They will both surely love it.”



“You must keep what you saw today a secret.”

As Riersha, with a grave expression, placed her index finger to her lips, signaling a secret, Seymour’s eyes widened before he eventually burst into loud laughter.

“Yes, I’ll keep it a secret.”


* * *


In the office of the Duke Archmond Arachrene.

“It’s been a while.”

“Quite a brief greeting for someone returning home after four years.”

Archmond criticized his son’s lackluster greeting with a frown.

“I didn’t particularly want to see the face of someone who almost severed ties with us over some disagreement.”

Fernore responded with a chuckle to the Duke’s comment.

“Despite saying that, you assigned Carden as Riersha’s tutor.”

“…News travels too fast around here.”

“I heard you’ve had Rocinante gather reports on Riersha all day.”

That allowed him to submit evidence proving her innocence at the disciplinary committee. Archmond had anticipated an event like this would occur. Pretending otherwise when he had been paying attention to Riersha all along made Fernore snort.

Archmond’s eyebrows twitched, feeling his secret intentions revealed.

“That was merely an order to monitor Riersha’s awakening if there’s a problem. The disciplinary committee matter was just coincidental.”

“Then, please, from now on, keep your interest away from my daughter. And stop exploiting my aide.”

“Ungrateful brat.”

Archmond muttered under his breath. He reminisced about the day Riersha was born.

The child, born without any trace of magic, cried out loudly in the deep of the night. That day, Archmond made a decision against the family’s strict rules for the first time. He allowed Riersha, who should not have been registered in the family records, to bear the Arachrene name.

Why did she have to be born without any magic at all.

If only she had been born with even silver hair…

The atmosphere in the household became tense with Riersha’s birth. Speculations arose that there was an issue with the bloodline, which led to different opinions within the family. Noticing the internal division, the imperial family covertly approached the collateral families and exhibited suspicious behavior.

All these events unfolded over the four years following Riersha’s birth.

“As you know, no one within the Duke’s castle can be trusted right now.”

“I’m aware.”

Fernore replied curtly.

He knew well that there were quite a few who had secretly contacted the imperial family. Despite this, Archmond had to turn a blind eye to the imperial family’s actions to keep his promise to Fernore. To ensure Riersha’s position was not jeopardized, he would do everything in his power.

Thus, Archmond was not particularly fond of his granddaughter. While it was fortunate she had awakened her abilities at last…

‘It would have been better if she had never awakened them at all rather than having such an ambiguous awakening.’

A child unable to properly harness their abilities was easy prey in many respects.

Moreover, there was another concern.

What if it became known that the child who hadn’t properly inherited the Arachrene bloodline had awakened not just any ability but a dangerous one?

Riersha’s existence was a headache in many ways.

At the same time, Archmond couldn’t help but wonder, what fault did this young one have? He felt sympathy for her trying to adapt to an unwelcoming atmosphere. That was partly why he summoned Fernore upon hearing about the disciplinary committee.

Truthfully, as she was his blood, his eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to her. With a heavy heart, Archmond spoke up.

“You’re aware of Riersha’s situation? An uncontrollable power is nothing but a disaster.”

“It’s not certain yet. And I won’t let it come to that.”

“How amusing. And how do you propose to do that? Even you might not be able to handle that girl’s power.”

Archmond knew the power was beyond the simple guarantee. His thoughts darkened as he recalled the day he met the child in his office.

Could it be that everything was wrong from the start?

“Riersha was born with her magic blood twisted.”

“…I know.”

“If she were to lose control, it could lead to irreversible consequences. Who would be responsible for that?”

Lives would be lost.

As their gazes clashed sharply, Fernore spoke first.

“Are you suggesting we abandon Riersha because of that fear?”

“If you step down, both the child and the family might be safe.”

“You mean to leave Riersha to live on the outskirts forever?”

Fernore scoffed at the suggestion, dismissing it as absurd. She awakened her abilities, but being forced to live on the outskirts was akin to another form of execution—it meant being denied everything one could enjoy as an ‘Arachrene.’

“There will be no such thing.”

“We’re not getting anywhere. If you’ve shown your face, now leave. I can’t stand to look at you.”

Archmond, seeing no room for compromise, waved his hand dismissively. As the dismissal was given, Oberon quietly opened the office door, but Fernore didn’t care.

“I haven’t gotten to the main point yet.”

“…So, you came to greet me just for show?”

At those words, Archmond expressed his displeasure with an unfriendly demeanor. His son seemed to remain the undutiful son no matter how much time had passed.

“I’ve noticed several issues during my brief look around the estate.”

“So, you intend to meddle in my family’s affairs? If there’s something that bothers you, deal with it yourself after you become the Duke.”

As the conversation seemed to extend, Oberon discreetly closed the door again.

Fernore, who had briefly lowered his gaze, spoke nonchalantly.

“Do you remember when I said I would give up my position as the Young Duke and leave?”

“…Didn’t we agree not to mention that again?”

“I will leave.”

At that moment, Archmond paused, his expression hardening. However, what Fernore said next made Archmond scowl.

“The Arachrene estate is not conducive to the children’s emotional education.”