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Everyone in the meeting hall, including the Crown Prince, bowed their heads. Finally, with the Emperor’s declaration, the agenda was passed.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

As he lowered his eyes, the Crown Prince expressed further respect. It was a gesture so flawless that it couldn’t be seen as mere pretense. The Emperor admitted that he had trained his son too well — so well he almost failed to recognize the Crown Prince’s pretense of loyalty.

As one matter concluded, the chamber fell silent. Having achieved his purpose, the Crown Prince leisurely closed his mouth.

Afterward, meaningless words filled the air.

The conversation went on without much substance, and in the end, they dispersed without any gain. As the assembly of the nobility, hastily convened at the Crown Prince’s behest, ended after passing only one agenda, nobles and attendants dispersed like scattered water.

The Crown Prince, who was alone at the end of the assembly, still maintained his upright posture.

An aide from below called out to him.

“Your Highness, His Majesty the Emperor summons you.”

It was expected. He looked up at the throne one level above him.

“Is His Majesty angry?”

“That’s something I—”

“He must be upset.”

The Crown Prince said with a smile.

The aide was puzzled by his superior’s demeanor but simply bowed and followed him. As they headed straight to the central office in response to the Emperor’s summons, the Emperor dismissed both the aide and the servant and waited until they were alone.

As soon as the door closed, he cut to the chase.

“Do not provoke chaos in the empire by inducing sudden upheavals in the system. Your intention to shake up the entire society as if it were a game by changing one thing is so vicious that it makes me shudder to think about it.”

“That’s too much praise.”

“It’s not a compliment! I’m appalled that you dare manipulate the first chapter of imperial law to achieve your wicked schemes.”


Devoncia suppressed the urge to be sarcastic.

If he let slip his tongue here, he might lose his credibility. He couldn’t afford to be seen as less loyal than the Grand Duke, so he had to demonstrate that he was competent and followed the line. It was fortunate that he was related to the Emperor by blood.

After all, blood ties sometimes inspire greater trust than decades of loyalty.

As Devoncia, concealing his true feelings, lowered his heterochromia eyes toward the ground, the Emperor softened at his quiet demeanor without any resistance.

“That’s all. Go away.”

With his dismissal, Devoncia bowed briefly before he left the office.

At the door of the office, a woman with neatly combed wavy chestnut hair was waiting for him.


As he called her name, the woman’s steps, light as a feather, hurried towards him. Her purple dress, adorned with frills, fluttered. Devoncia greeted the girl with a slightly more gentle expression rather than a blank one.

Approaching him, she clutched the hem of her skirt and bowed her head.

“I greet Your Highness the Crown Prince.”

“I see.”

“How was the meeting?”

“It wasn’t bad.”

When he replied briefly, the woman circled around him with eyes still filled with curiosity. Her violet eyes, resembling the color of her dress, followed him persistently.

“Didn’t you go too far? I don’t understand the significance of Your Highness’s agenda.”

“It’s just an excuse. I needed something to present at the academy this time. It’s not a bad agenda, is it? It’s about giving you, the daughter of the Chappelle family, a title.”

“Is that so? I’m grateful for Your Highness’s attention.”

Devoncia gave a vague response with a smile he conjured up without continuing the conversation. Even at this level, the woman shyly clasped her hands together and blushed. He gave her a moderately affectionate look before he headed towards the hallway.

His skilled henchman, who was approaching without making a sound, would bring the desired results of etiquette.

The corner of Devoncia’s mouth lifted slightly.

From a distance of about two steps away, his informant and maid, Sienna, bowed her head.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince. Your Highness*.”
[ T/N: The author used the title ‘비전하,’ which is a respectful and formal title used to address a prince or a princess. Since there’s no specific title for it in English, while I feel like it’s strange that a duke’s daughter is given the title ‘Your Highness,’ it’s definitely subject to change if there’s more information about her titles in future chapters! ]

“Your Highness is always busy, so your assistant Sienna must be so occupied. Seeing her bustling around lately reminds me of Roxy, whom I used to raise at home. Ah, Roxy is a mare. We had to euthanize her last year after she broke her leg.”

Anastasia interrupted exultly, her words flowing smoothly with grace. She always treated those associated with the Crown Prince as if they were her own people. Sometimes, she would act with excessive familiarity, treating the Crown Prince’s attendants as her own servants or even hurling insults that rubbed their nerves.

Like now.

“Whenever I see Sienna, I think of Roxy and I’m worried. What if she works so hard she ends up breaking her leg?”

Anastasia’s mockery and condescension were blatant. Still, Sienna swallowed her rising resentment and maintained her composure.

“Thanks to His Highness the Crown Prince’s consideration, I’m fine.”

“Well, you should work even harder. As His Highness’s attendant, being treated like that by him…”

“I apologize. I’ll take those words to heart and try to do better.”

Sienna mechanically responded like a winding clock turning. It wasn’t the first or second time, so by now, she was accustomed to it. She deftly held back her displeasure as she politely lowered her gaze.

The designated crown princess of the Empire and the eldest daughter of Duke Chappelle—a flower in the greenhouse* who was ignorant of the world’s affairs and a contemptibly naive woman.
[ T/N: An idiom which means ‘A person who has grown up in a sheltered environment without difficulties or sufferings.’ ]

Anastasia Chappelle.

Sienna lowered her head towards the person who made her shudder just by the mere mention of her name. She was nauseated.