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Was this how oil was originally applied? Sylvia’s touch was somehow ecstatic, so Luca let out a hot breath.

Sylvia, who grabbed his tight forearm, applied the oil as if she was slowly stroking it with her soft, tiny hands. She touched his skin with the palm of her hands, then subtly circled it and pressed it with her fingers. Then, she stroked the inside of his wrist like she was tickling the plump flesh below with her thumb.
Her gentle touch evoked a strange sensation. Luca hurriedly shook off her hands from his arm, feeling as if he would be able to ejaculate right away even though she was only touching that.

‘Oh my gosh. I think I would die of shame if I climaxed just from her touching my arm.’

Sylvia blinked at his actions, pretending to be innocent.

“What’s wrong?”
“Ahh, it’s nothing. That’s enough.”

Luca let out a rough breath and curled up on the rock. It was to calm down his throbbing pillar. It was painful. But she didn’t want to get out of this situation. Luca didn’t notice it because he was in pain, but Sylvia was quietly giggling and rejoicing at the sight.

Phew, Luca exhaled. As soon as he calmed down a little and relaxed, Sylvia held out her arms.

“Is that so? Then please apply it on my arms.”

With his elbows on the ground, Luca oiled Sylvia’s arms in a half-rising position. Her soft arms were only about a third the thickness of Luca’s, so it seemed like they would easily break if he applied some strength.

‘How could she juggle like crazy and paddle like a machine with these thin arms? It’s really a mystery.’

His hand spread the oil on her arm and came up to her shoulder. Sylvia asked him to skip over her armpit because she was ticklish. As he was fiddling with her collarbone, his lower body, which had calmed down, began to regain its strength.

After spreading the oil on all parts that were visible outside the towel, Luca didn’t know what to do anymore and gulped. Sylvia pulled his hand and brought it inside the towel. She smiled faintly, pretending to be shy.

“Here too… Don’t you want to do it here?”

‘Don’t you want to do it here?’ His golden eyes opened so wide that they could not widen anymore. And of course, his lower body… Luca’s lower body was completely erect at her naughty words. He shut his mouth tightly. Because if he didn’t, his saliva would quickly leak out and flow down to his chin. As he relaxed his hand, Sylvia slowly brought it between her breasts. His hand was so big that even though the place he was touching was her chest bone, he could clearly feel the voluptuous texture on both sides.

Should he say that it was even worse because he couldn’t actually see it? Even in this situation, Sylvia held the towel with the free hand that wasn’t holding Luca’s hand and covered her chest.

How could it be that it was more tempting when she was more subtle than when she was blatant? Sylvia, a master who knew the aesthetics of being subtle, held the beginner Luca’s hand and placed it down.

“Ah, this…”
“It’s alright. You can’t see it. And… No one’s watching.”

Luca’s throat moved violently at her subtle words. There was something Sylvia had forgotten. Luca had already seen her chest when he was changing her clothes. Thinking that he could touch the chest he had already seen with her permission, he couldn’t hold back anymore.

Luca mustered up his courage and buried his face in her hair. He felt Sylvia’s unique body scent along with the scent of body wash in her hair, which was still slightly wet. He took a deep breath, and the sweet scent of her skin entered his nose.

Sylvia acted a little bolder when he was distracted by her hair for a moment. She took his hand, which was resting on her chest bone, and carried it to one side of her chest. With a soft touch, her nipple, which was standing upright with excitement, was crushed under Luca’s palm. Luca, whose eyes opened wide, gazed at her anxiously.

“Please… apply it here.”

At this point, he would be an idiot if he stayed still. As soon as Sylvia put his hand over her chest, Luca inhaled wildly and grabbed her soft chest.
He had wanted to touch it since he inevitably saw it yesterday, but how hard it was to follow his conscience and endure it. After filling his hand with her chest and rubbing it a few times, a strange groan leaked from Sylvia’s mouth.

“Haa, I’m going crazy.”

After raising his body about halfway, Luca lowered his head again and bit her ear. He put her cute, soft-looking ear in his mouth and bit it several times with just his lips. Sylvia’s body trembled as he stuck out his tongue and licked it gently.

He gently circled the chest in his hand and rubbed it to his heart’s content, pressing his fingers against the erect nipple. Suddenly, the towel flowed down and her white, coveted chest was completely exposed to the outside.

Even though he had washed up in the valley a little while ago, the warm weather and hot conditions of the rainforest caused sweat to drip down onto her chest. Luca’s red hair also became sweaty and clung to his forehead.

He briefly admired Sylvia’s naked chest with ecstatic eyes before moving his gaze to her lips. He gazed at her plump lips as if possessed, then turned his head and brought his lips over to Sylvia’s. After coming so close that they could feel each other’s breath, Luca opened his shaky golden eyes and met hers.

“… Can I kiss you?”

When Sylvia silently raised her hand and wrapped it around his back, Luca’s lips overlapped hers. There was a minty scent in his mouth. Sylvia recalled the first time she met him, kissed him, and then met the first dead end.

Since that day, she had dreamed of kissing him like this without any restrictions, and her wish finally came true. It had been more than a month since she had been drooling. Even though they were only kissing, when she thought she could taste Luca, who was like a pie in the sky, to her heart’s content, her lower abdomen heated up by itself.

Sylvia decided to act more aggressively towards Luca, who was hesitantly licking her lips. Luca flinched and trembled as she gently bit his lips with her small teeth. When she lightly sucked on his soft lips, then licked his lips again with her tongue, Luca’s tongue entered her mouth shyly.

Sylvia hugged his firm back even tighter. As she gently stroked his back, his plump lips opened, and she didn’t miss the chance to put her tongue inside his mouth. The tongue that came inside his stiff mouth like it was swimming tickled the soft roof of his mouth, scanned through the even teeth, and tapped on his tongue.

Luca’s chest began to move up and down, and soon their tongues intertwined. The corners of Sylvia’s mouth rose at the clumsy tongue play. Apparently, Luca was equipped with naivety by default, so he didn’t know how to lead when it came to skinship. But did that matter? He was handsome, so it was okay to be clumsy.

‘It’s more exhilarating because he’s naive!’


When she thought that she was teaching this innocent and handsome man from 1 to 10, the endorphins in her body went crazy. Turning their heads while mixing their tongues, Luca suddenly found himself on top of Sylvia’s body.

Luca, who had the rare keyword of ‘foul-mouthed virgin’, only rested his hand on her chest without touching it while he frantically kissed her, as if he could not do two things at the same time. However, judging from his face, it seemed like he could climax without doing anything else but kissing, so Sylvia enjoyed this moment without expressing her displeasure.

His sculptural nose brushed against Sylvia’s cute nose a few times, and, with the increasingly deepening kiss, a watery sound came from their touching lips. Luca, who had barely followed the kiss led by Sylvia, began to learn little by little if he still had the ability to learn. He was a little clumsy, but he adorably searched inside Sylvia’s mouth.

‘So this is what kissing is like.’

Luka’s body trembled lightly at the tingling sensation he felt. He hadn’t really thought about what kissing would feel like in his entire life, but it was such a good thing. And it felt even better that his first kiss was with Sylvia, not anyone else.
He didn’t want to do it with other women in the future either. He wanted Sylvia to be the first and last. Feeling like a firecracker was exploding in his head, Luca coveted Sylvia’s lips, mesmerized.

As he gradually learned, their kiss grew stronger. They turned their heads frantically and shared each other’s saliva. Although it wasn’t in reality, it was their first kiss in Luca’s memory, so he was completely stunned by the ecstasy he had never experienced before. When Sylvia tried to open her mouth, Luca overlapped his again, and when she pushed his chest away because she wanted to take a breath, he struck again.

‘Let me breathe!’

“Ah… Got it.”

Sylvia thumped his chest, and Luca regrettably gave her a moment of pause. It was a dizzying moment when she almost experienced the ending of ‘dying from lack of oxygen while kissing’. Luca pursed her lips again after it seemed that she had taken a few breaths.


After kissing for a long time, Sylvia raised her hands as if she were declaring surrender. Then, she shut her mouth tightly. Finally, the kiss that seemed to last forever was over.

Luca let go of her mouth inevitably and looked sad. A transparent thread ran between their lips before breaking off. Looking at Sylvia’s wet red lips, Luca tried to kiss her again, but Sylvia raised her hand to cover her mouth.

Luca looked at her with a bewildered expression. Sylvia covered her chest with the towel and stood up. It was good to make progress, but she was a little nervous about not knowing when monsters would appear because they were in a dungeon. No, it’s not that she was a little nervous, but she had actually heard a suspicious noise a while ago.

‘I can’t make a save here, so I have to be careful. If my last save point is a dungeon when I reach a dead end due to insufficient abilities or something going wrong, I won’t be able to fill in the missing items or stats.’

Sylvia looked around with a firm expression and fixed her hand holding the towel.

“Mr. Luca, didn’t you hear something strange just now?”
“Huh…? I didn’t hear anything. Come here, Sylvia…”

Luca hugged her from behind, his eyes still looking insane. Because of how close they were, she could clearly feel Luca’s erect lower part. Sylvia clicked her tongue inwardly at Luca’s aggressive behavior that she was seeing for the first time.

‘We just made a little progress and he’s already rubbing it so openly. It’s a very good attitude, but…’