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Yesterday and today, she wondered why he was being so unusually kind, only to realize today was the day he planned to start his operation.

Laughter bubbled up again.

As Grace neared Halewood, she draped a scarf over her head and covered her face. It would be troublesome if someone recognized Sally Bristol.

Luck was on her side.

The tram, which came once an hour, arrived shortly after she began waiting. The tram interior was quiet, given it was past rush hour on a weekday morning.

Grace only pulled out the gun she had been clutching in her pocket once she sat in the farthest corner seat. After removing the magazine and checking the chamber of the gun, laughter erupted unknowingly. Both the magazine and chamber were completely empty.

So, that man had given her an unloaded gun.

Moreover, the money in her pocket was just enough to get to the outskirts of Winsford. He had calculated that giving her too much money might enable her to escape without seeking help from her comrades.

Such a meticulous b*stard.

And a cold-blooded man who willingly used even the woman carrying his child.

Grace had noticed that the man intended to use the child for some purpose, but it was only about a month ago that she realized what for. After entering a stable phase, he focused on feeding her well and making sure she took regular walks as if training a military dog.

He knew if he let her go, she’d run straight to Jimmy.

B*stard. Cold-blooded. Calculative, even using love, disgustingly so. She hoped he was watching her escape while feeling abandoned and hurt.

Clutching her teeth, Grace looked out the tram window as the city drew closer.

Plans were already made on various aspects. Plans not to divulge the location of the base and to disappear forever.

Leon Winston, you’re not the only one who can calculate.

She got off in front of the Winsford Opera House and headed straight for the department store. As soon as she entered, she paused. The interior was dazzlingly decorated for Christmas, all the way to the ceiling.

Suddenly, she remembered the last time she was here, Easter decorations were in that spot. The realization of the time she had been locked away hit her anew.

It wasn’t the first time she’d felt the weight of that time. She had been momentarily flustered when boarding the tram in Halewood, not knowing the fare had increased. Unlike the sparse outside, the inside of the department store was bustling.

With Christmas only two days away, people hurried past Grace, either buying last-minute gifts or picking up orders.

Why did everything feel so strangely unfamiliar?

The passing crowd, the snippets of conversation brushing her ears, everything felt as surreal as watching a movie.

Surely, this couldn’t be a dream?

As she stood frozen at the entrance, scanning her surroundings in a daze, a sudden presence behind her made her jump.

“Madam, do you need help?”

Turning around, she saw a doorman wearing a silk hat and uniform, looking at her with a friendly smile.


It then dawned on Grace why she was being addressed that way. With her visibly pregnant belly and a costly ring on her finger, she must have seemed married.

“No, I’m fine, thank you.”

Regaining her composure, she swiftly crossed the department store, taking off the ring and slipping it into her coat pocket. She knew flaunting such an expensive item could lead to misunderstandings, especially with Nancy seeing it.

[ “Who is it?” ]

Nancy’s voice came through the intercom, causing Grace to feel both relieved and incredulous.

The safe house was still here.

She had stumbled upon a report on Winsford’s safe house while snooping around Winston’s desk. That meant if Winston knew its location, it was already compromised, yet it seemed he didn’t. Still, Grace had learned more from that report.

Nancy wasn’t a double agent.

After being deeply betrayed by Peter, Grace was careful in choosing whom to trust this time.

“It’s me.”

[ “Good God, you’re alive?” ]

While the response was meant to be joyful, Grace felt oddly uncomfortable. After a moment of silence, Nancy whispered urgently.

[ “Wait, what if you’re seen coming here?” ]

The initial awkward greeting was followed by a cold remark. It was disappointing, but security was paramount for Nancy, who thought the safe house’s location was still secret.

“It’s fine. There’s no tail.”

[ “Are you sure?” ]

“Sure. Nancy, we can’t delay any longer, or we’ll have to worry about more than just tails.”

The intercom went silent, and then footsteps could be heard descending. The door opened, revealing a familiar face that made Grace smile, though Nancy couldn’t reciprocate.

“Oh… dear God…”

Nancy froze at the sight of her belly.

“Help me.”

For a moment, Nancy was speechless, then she muttered, looking for solutions.

“Going back to the village now would be too risky.”

“I know that. What I need is money, .45 caliber bullets, and a new safe house, preferably in a big city with many immigrants to lose any trackers. I’ll handle getting there without pursuit.”

Grace quickly shared the plans she’d made on her way here, then hesitated before adding,

“I’ll go back after I sort this out.”

As Nancy’s gaze fell again on her belly, she sighed deeply.

“There’s a post office across from the department store. Wait for me by the phone booth. I’ll make some calls and get back to you.”

“No, that won’t do.”

Grace urgently grabbed Nancy as she tried to go inside.

“Don’t tell the executives.”

The mere thought of others learning she was carrying the enemy’s child was humiliating, and her hands were already trembling.

Nancy studied Grace’s earnest expression before sighing shortly and asking.

“Ammunition, funds, safe house. These three things, right?”


“Stay at the post office then. I’ll handle it.”

The post office was crowded due to the upcoming Christmas. Grace sat on a bench near a row of phone booths, stealthily glancing across the lobby.

A young man was sitting on a bench far away, legs crossed, reading a newspaper.

B*stard. Does he think I’ll just let myself be used?

Grace went over her plan again in her head.

Once she received what she needed from Nancy, she would subtly hint that the safe house had been compromised and then leave for the train station.

Should she get a train timetable and then check into a modest hotel? She figured even if she dallied for a day, they would just watch her. So, hiding in a hotel to refine her escape plan and rest might be a good idea.

Still, would that make it too obvious she was onto their trap?

Sighing deeply, Grace rummaged through her pockets, feeling hungry since it was past lunchtime. She was about to scrape together some change for food when her hand touched the most valuable yet immediately unsellable item in her pocket.

She paused at that moment.

Why did he give her an engagement ring?

It still puzzled her. The ring was too expensive to be just bait.

Suddenly, it occurred to her. Maybe he had given her this valuable item, hoping she would choose him over freedom at the crossroads he had set.

Her hunger vanished instantly.

She stopped searching her pockets and stared blankly at the tips of her shoes. She had been pretending to be in love, and he must have seen through it by now. If caught again, she’d be imprisoned. The future he had promised might already be null and void.

‘…Promises, huh?’

Grace let out a weary laugh.

That must have been part of the trap, too.


Grace, who was lost in deep thought, jumped when someone grabbed her shoulder. Looking up, she saw Nancy looking down at her with a worried face.

Phew, she thought it was someone else.

The man wouldn’t abandon his ambition to find her base and come to capture her immediately, after all.

The two quickly entered the most secluded phone booth.

Although the slender space was more than enough for two thin women, it was a tight fit due to Grace’s protruding belly. As soon as the door was shut firmly, Nancy covered the window with her body and opened her handbag.

“Take this first.”

Grace pocketed two thick bundles of bills and, while opening a box of bullets, she asked.

“Aren’t you going?”

Nancy didn’t say anything while she loaded the bullets into the magazine. It wasn’t until she had inserted the bullets into the chamber and closed the slide that she finally spoke.


Her voice was heavy as if she was about to bring up a difficult subject. As she looked up with a puzzled face, Nancy bit her lip before finally revealing something shocking.