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However, claiming to be dating a beast wouldn’t shake off the hangers-on.

“It’s not a monster…”

Kalcion looked down at Selina, who was fumbling for words, and then at Dion, who was pressing for answers. It was clear he was a subordinate. If she couldn’t even fabricate a simple excuse to a subordinate, how could she possibly orchestrate a grand deception to fool the public?

‘She needs training.’

So, he stepped in. At this rate, they’d be found out by their own close aides before they could deceive the world.

“We met by chance. There were more monsters than expected, so I lent a hand.”

“Who are you?!”


“And what exactly are you?!”

Kalcion had no reason not to be confident, so he confidently stated.

“I am someone who will be staying by the Duke’s side for a long time.”

Not even a scam, not an act, but the plain truth. However, that was enough to make Dion clutch his neck and stagger.

“Ugh! After all the men lined up, you brought back some mysterious stranger from the mountains! Although he is handsome!”

Even in this situation, Dion couldn’t bring himself to say Kalcion was unattractive. His handsomeness was on a level where it felt almost blasphemous to say otherwise.

“Is it just the face?! Did you pick him up because of his face?! Since when did you start judging by appearances!”


This guy was really climbing without knowing the end. Selina’s eyes, which had been darting around in embarrassment, froze over.

“From today.”

At her growling response, Dion clamped his mouth shut.

Kalcion was satisfied as he listened quietly. Even if the acting was clumsy, she could quite give a genuine compliment. Knowing it was all part of laying the groundwork for their upcoming charade, yet still feeling flattered, he felt good.


* * *


“Your status, identity, wealth, all unknown, but he sure is handsome.”

Lady Janet commented while bringing clothes for Kalcion after his bath.

“Thank you.”

Kalcion responded calmly to Lady Janet’s assessment.

While he could have just ignored it, the chief maid was one of the people closest to the Duke, meaning the direction of the gossip spreading among others could be determined by this person. If they were going to scheme, we would start with friends and family first, but since the Duke said she had no family, they started with the subordinates.

“I’m fortunate to have a face that pleases the Duke. However, the Duke seems to prefer the body over the face.”

“Oh my, what a crude and vulgar thing to say!”

“It’s natural for there to be some crudeness and vulgarity between men and women.”

“Are you trying to drag our Duke down to that level!”

“If you dislike it, perhaps you could elevate me to the Duke’s level.”

Kalcion merely lifted the corners of his lips in a smile, his eyes devoid of any humor as he glared at Lady Janet.


Lady Janet, gasping for breath, then unfolded the clothes she had brought.

“…Let’s at least package you well.”

Kalcion compliantly allowed himself to be dressed. Despite her hostility, Lady Janet displayed excellent skill in dressing him.


Selina, upon seeing him fully dressed and making his entrance, dropped the documents she was holding.

Her jaw dropped, too.

“Just about drooling there.”

As Kalcion reached out to wipe her chin just as drool was about to escape, Selina had no time to react to his unreserved action.

“Those… clothes, were they… that kind of clothes?”

“What’s so special about these clothes?”

“The ugly clothes that my father, the previous Duke, almost bankrupted the Duchy to buy.”

No wonder they looked expensive. Even Kalcion, who had worn the world’s most expensive clothes due to his modeling career, was impressed by the luxury of the garment. But, as usual, precious items come with their own stories.

“Mrs. Janet dressed me in it.”

“I thought as much.”

“The Duke’s lover seems to be quite the despised position.”

“It appears so. Hence, it’s best you sharpen your body and skills.”

Selina didn’t forget to warn him.

“Yes. But.”


“Is it not enough? I did my best with the packaging.”


She was at a loss for words but then regained her senses. Facing a speechless Selina, Kalcion pressed on.

“Shouldn’t I aim to look attractive to the Duke?


“A simple ‘you look pretty’ will suffice.”

“You look pretty.”

Selina barely managed to squeeze out the words as if they were her last breath.

Was she really going to keep up this charade? She was tempted to dump him back in the Beast Mountains before anyone noticed, even now.

“Thank you.”

Nonetheless, Kalcion’s clear smile made those thoughts vanish instantly. She had thought a man who could win any fight would suffice. But she hadn’t realized that he could also win any fight with his looks.

“Let’s rest for today since it’s late.”

Selina fled the conversation, but Kalcion just stared blankly at her.

“What are you waiting for?”

“Aren’t I brought here as your lover?”


“And we’re taking separate rooms? Doesn’t seem like a very passionate lover to others.”

Selina took a deep breath in and out. Normally, she would have scolded any man daring to suggest such a thing with ‘How dare you even think about getting into my bed!’ and kicked him out.

But this man was not normal.

He was the man the whole world would agree ‘caught the Northern Duke Selina’s eye.’ Sleeping separately would demote him to just another forgettable, unimportant man.

“…The sofa.”

With a heavy sigh, Selina pointed towards the sofa.

“Should I move to the bed before the servants come in the morning?”

Kalcion didn’t even blink, which only deepened her dilemma. Was she being too harsh on someone who had traveled dimensions and tumbled down the Beast Mountains?

Maybe spies could peek in.

After all, any unnecessary trick could be easily subdued by Selina.

“…Sleep beside me.”

“Is that okay?”

“On the left.”


“I sleep facing left.”

“Yes, understood.”

He compliantly followed her command and nestled into the left side of the bed.

Selina had already laid down on the edge of the bed, facing left. The sound of a stranger lying down behind her resonated. The thumping in her ears, resting against the pillow, sounded almost deafeningly loud.

“Good night.”


However, Selina found herself unable to fall asleep for a long time.

While she tossed and turned, the man behind her didn’t stir and was soundly asleep. Eventually, she sat up in frustration and looked down at the man. His face, illuminated by the moonlight, glowed faintly blue.

‘…Am I doing the right thing here?’

Her anger at those who disrespected the Duchy hadn’t subsided easily. Although she had a spark of an idea upon meeting the perfect candidate, she still wasn’t entirely convinced.

‘Let’s see for a while if it works out.’

She could always bury him if things went south.

Comforted by that thought, she finally managed to close her eyes and rest. Until she woke up the next morning kneading the man’s abs. It was quite a peaceful night.

“This should be convincing enough to others.”

Selina, who wouldn’t even hold his hand the day before, was kneading his abs after just one night. Kalcion conveyed pure praise instead of a morning greeting, noting the significant progress.

Her blood pressure skyrocketed from the morning.


* * *


“The first person we had to watch out for is Crown Prince Larsen.”

Over breakfast, Selina briefed on who they needed to be wary of over breakfast.

“He looks polished, attracting countless women, and his support base is just as extensive. Naturally, being the Crown Prince, he’s expected to become the king.”

“Wouldn’t that make him a good match?”

Kalcion asked logically.

Almost every love story features a prince, a royal, or a duke as its protagonist. Since Selina herself was a Duke, wouldn’t a Crown Prince be a suitable and perfect match in terms of status?


She bluntly assessed.

“A madman who thinks every woman should naturally fall at his feet. And if they don’t, he’d rather destroy them. I picked a random guy to be my fiancé just to annoy him… And he’s the prime suspect in my fiance’s disappearance.”

With that kind of temperament, he might really ‘bury’ him. Moreover, in this world where the king’s word was law, the feudal system prevails. Kalcion swallowed dryly, realizing he could be buried just as easily in such a situation.

“And there’s a b*stard named Fiorn.”

“Isn’t a b*stard naturally like a b*stard?”

“The first is an adjective, the second is an insult.”

“Cute but annoying.”

Selina was surprised and put down the fork she was bringing to her mouth.

“…How did you know?”

She was surprised that he could understand her language and expressions so precisely, a first for her. Meanwhile, Kalcion was thankful for his previous job, which allowed him to meet a multitude of people.

“There are such people.”

“Yes, you’ll see how annoying he is once you meet him. Anyway, he’s one of the dangers we need to be aware of…”


As Selina was about to continue, the butler rushed in.

“Lord Fiorn has suddenly arrived!”

She swung her fork through the air as she spoke.

“See? I told you he’s a b*stard. Even comes when called.”