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‘She’s just a partner in a political contract who only maintains her position without even holding an engagement ceremony. She’s a mere shell… a crown princess in name only!’

Sienna, who seemed to be holding back well, eventually became engulfed in anger. Resentment flared up like adding fuel to the fire.

She had to clench her teeth to keep her emotions from showing.

To be precise, Anastasia Chappelle was nothing more than a temporary fiancée who had entered into a marriage contract with the Crown Prince. Instead of receiving his affection, she became a presence that raised doubts about whether she even appealed to his heart.

Nevertheless, she was called the crown princess in the imperial palace and in social circles.

‘It’s pretty much a widely accepted fact anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Considering the prestige of the Chappelle, it’s nothing more than a title.’

Now, she even hated the Duchy of Chappelle. Sienna’s heart was ablaze.

She wished someone would just tear down that woman. If only that lofty arrogance could be flattened. Please, anyone would do.

‘Wait a minute. Come to think about it, one person…’

Sienna, who had been cursing Anastasia, suddenly held her breath. A very interesting thing came to her mind.

‘Does this woman know what risks the Crown Prince is taking because of a mere countess’s daughter?’

She became very curious about how the crown princess would do when she learned about Ariel Huckley.

The Crown Prince conducted a secret aptitude test, and he even violated imperial law to withhold the results. This woman knew nothing of either of the Crown Prince’s secret actions. No matter how much she occupied the position of crown princess, Anastasia was never trusted as much as Sienna herself.

She felt better, albeit slightly. She anticipated that this woman, who was called the crown princess, would crumble because of the Countess’s daughter. A subtle smile of amusement tinged with mockery appeared on her face.


A noble and chilly voice poured over her head. Almost lost in a strange reverie, she was immediately snapped back to reality by the Crown Prince’s ice-cold call.

“Your Highness, I have completed the task you ordered.”

“Then report to my office in twenty minutes.”

“Yes, I understand…”

“Your Highness, are you going to spend time with me for only twenty minutes?”

Sienna had to make a concerted effort not to frown at the intrusive voice. In the meanwhile, Anastasia clung to Devoncia’s arm with pitiful eyes as she went on.

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting His Highness today, but twenty minutes is too short.”

“It’s not twenty minutes, it’s ten.”

He gently interrupted her whining. Despite his smiling face, there was a chilling atmosphere lingering around him.

Anastasia, sensing his mood, withdrew cautiously. Even though she may act childish at times, she wasn’t oblivious to even the slightest shifts in atmosphere.

It was precisely this aspect of hers that Sienna found most detestable. Despite being annoyingly persistent, she managed to stay by the Crown Prince’s side because of her family’s prestigious lineage—the prestige of the Chappelle.

“Stay back, Sienna.”

At the Crown Prince’s command, Sienna had no choice but to step back and leave.

That was the position of the maid. No matter how close of a subordinate she might be or how much trust she received, she couldn’t throw tantrums or demand affection like Anastasia.

A maid was nothing but a subordinate and a confidant.

Anastasia’s violet eyes, looking at Sienna, curled into a grin. They were eyes infinitely aware of their superiority. It was a smile that knew full well that the Crown Prince wouldn’t side with a mere maid.

Feeling defeated by Anastasia, who treated her as if she were an ordinary servant, Sienna stepped back. She headed towards the office as if she was being kicked out.