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With the thought that he needed to hold onto this unknown woman, Ignis mustered the remaining strength to grab her wrist.


The hood of the woman, who was flustered and unsure of what to do, came off, and her long black hair danced wildly in the wind.


Before the beast’s venom completely loosened his grip on reality, he caught a glimpse of the woman’s eyes. Her eyes were a blistering beautiful blue, resembling the deep sea.



̊ · : * ✧* : · ̊



As soon as Karentina heard Zion’s story, she stood up abruptly from her seat. After she told Gemma that she would be gone for a while and asked her to watch Stella in the meantime, she then changed into a simple going-out dress and pulled out two large hooded robes.

Even though it may be a little short for Zion since it was for women, they weren’t in a position to choose between cold or hot soup.
[ T/N: It’s an idiom that means ‘People wouldn’t care whether something is good or bad when they desperately need it.’ ]

“Zion, take this.”

“Why me?”

“You and Ignis have similar faces. What if he misunderstands before I even get to explain?”

They shouldn’t risk both of them getting killed by the male lead, thinking they were people from the Empress. Therefore, it seemed better to keep Zion’s presence hidden until Ignis returned to the castle and provided a proper explanation.

‘He probably won’t recognize me anyway, but…’

A sudden thought passed through Karentina’s mind.

“Zion, can you change my hair color to black?”

She asked, brushing aside her shiny silver hair.

“It’s possible as long as there’s magic power.”

“Then, could you change it to black for a few hours?”


Karentina shrugged her shoulders in response to Zion’s questioning gaze.

“I want people to think it was Ceria who saved Ignis, not me.”

As Zion cocked his head as though he couldn’t understand, she muttered to herself.

“It might be crossing a line a little, but… the novel ended with an open ending. That’s why I want to connect them.”

“Anyway, when he comes here after subjugating the beasts, he’ll find out it’s Karen. The Crown Prince isn’t so clueless that he won’t recognize your face just because your hair color changed?”

She let out an inward groan at Zion’s words.

“Ignis won’t be able to see for a while because of the beast’s venom. So, how will he know who I am?”

“Ah. So you’re trying to look like that woman so you can connect them even if you get caught?”

“That’s right!”

Aside from wanting to throttle the author of this novel, Karentina also wanted to support Ignis and Ceria, feeling they were such a sweet couple that she couldn’t help but root for them. Could it be the small wish from a reader who wanted those two people who had been at odds to continue their relationship a little more comfortably?

‘I hope he doesn’t get twisted this time and loves healthily.’

As she continued to think about Ignis, descriptions of his incomparable stamina for satisfaction came to her mind, causing her face to flush red.
[ T/N: The author used the word ‘절륜함’. The original meaning was unrivaled, incomparable, or peerless. However, these days, the term is used to indicate one’s incomparable stamina (mostly in terms of sexual things). ]

“Master, do you want to mate? Why are you thinking about mating?”

At his words, Karentina shook her head violently in surprise.

“I-it’s just the content of the novel!”

She raised her voice, feeling embarrassed for no reason.