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“Why are you embarrassed about something like that? It’s natural, whether it’s humans or animals, to mate.”

Karentina, who was unable to say anything with his simple words, could only mumble in response.

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s natural, but… no, what am I even saying? Anyway, that’s not the point.”

While she fanned her bright red face with her hand, Zion, looking at her with eyes that didn’t quite understand, slowly twirled his finger. In an instant, her hair turned black.

‘Ceria’s eyes were a transparent sky blue… so it might look similar at night. At least I don’t have to use magic power for that.’

Feeling slightly excited, her heart fluttered.

“How’s Damion’s condition?”

“He’s alive.”

Karentina nodded her head, preparing herself, and then firmly adjusted her robe.

“Leah, come here. It could be dangerous, so stay in my arms.”

[ Yes! ]

Then, she carefully embraced Leah, whose soft pink ears perked up.

“Warp consumes a lot of magic, so it might make you dizzy.”

She gave a small nod at Zion’s muttered warning while she pulled her hood tightly around her face.


Karentina swallowed dryly.

As he drew a circle with his hand, intricate magical runes unfolded, and in an instant, the surrounding scenery changed. She bit her lip tightly, feeling a little dizzy from the rush of depleted magic and her body shivering from the sudden change in temperature.

‘W-what is this?’

It was a scene so gruesome that it seemed inadequate to say she was in the midst of a fierce battlefield. The trees were blackened and charred, and the stench of blood was everywhere. In addition, the pitch-black fog made it difficult to even breathe.

[ I deliberately warped to a slightly distant location. The Crown Prince is killing the beasts. ]


Karentina held Leah tightly in her arms and hid behind a large tree, waiting for the right moment.

‘Damion… This is my brother.’

Not far away, Damion was lying unconscious with the knights. His distinctive silver hair made him easy to spot.

Although she wanted to run to her brother immediately, she couldn’t because of Ignis. He swung his sword without hesitation, wielding fire magic to slaughter the beasts. Karentina trembled in the face of his terrifying prowess as if his fearsome title of the strongest in the world wasn’t wrong.

As the giant beast burned to ashes, the flames flickering around Ignis disappeared in an instant.

It was at that moment that Ignis, who was trying to move to check on the knights’ condition, fell onto one knee and collapsed in an instant. A white breath escaped his lips.

Sadly, it was unfolding just like what she had read in the novel.

He remained motionless as he leaned against a barren tree with all its leaves shed as though he had lost consciousness.

Karentina carefully stood up.

‘Is there anyone around right now, Zion? Assassins or beasts, anything like that.’

[ No one. ]

At the answer, she hurried through the snow, melted by the fire’s magic. The situation she faced up close was even more dire.

She first checked the condition of the knights nearby, along with the dolls. Thanks to Ignis, it seemed like none of them were severely injured, though they were all unconscious and lying on the ground. The condition of the knights was deteriorating rapidly due to the frigid weather, not to mention the powerful poison.

“Leah, what do you think? Can you heal them?”

[ It’s a neurotoxin from the beast’s claws. I think I can heal them with my divine power. ]

“I beg you. Please save them.”