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Truthfully, I thought that once I came to the Empire, I’d have to ask permission every time I wanted to see my sisters, but my worries were unfounded.

Not only was our house transformed into an imperial palace, we also gathered together at a restaurant to eat in the morning.

Aside from the fact that Youngest Sister rarely showed her face, and that the menu consisted of unfamiliar dishes I’d never seen before in Trovanza, nothing else stood out about it.

“Youngest, don’t forget to eat the carrots.”

“Liliana doesn’t feel like eating carrots today. It’s one of those days…”

When I tilted my head, Eldest Sister burst out laughing.

“There are days when you don’t feel like eating carrots?”

“Yes. Today is just one of those days.”

After breakfast, Eldest Sister would usually disappear. She had to attend various classes, including court etiquette, and fulfill her duties as the future empress. Perhaps because of how busy she was, Eldest Sister seemed even more tired than when she was in Trovanza.

Nevertheless, Eldest Sister would show up at breakfast and eat together with us. She’d also read me a storybook before I fell asleep, just as she did in Trovanza, even if it meant postponing her own dinner.

“Please eat one. You need to eat a balanced diet to be healthy.”

Due to my frail constitution, I even drank the magic potion that François had brewed, so the word ‘health’ was my weakness. As I glanced at the carrot and contemplated it, Eldest Sister brought up my Achilles heel.

“—And if you eat carrots, you’ll grow taller?”

My eyes went wide as I looked at Youngest Sister. She nodded with a serious look on her face. In our family, all three of them, including Youngest Sister, were tall.

On the other hand, I was particularly short among my peers.

“Ugh, then it can’t be helped…”

Eldest Sister stabbed the carrot with the fork, bringing it in front of my puckered lips.

I shut my eyes tight, held my breath, chewed the carrot, and swallowed it.

After that, I quickly munched on other food to clean my mouth.

“Hehe! I did it!”

I was relieved to be free from eating carrots, but then I spotted Edgar through the window of the restaurant door.

As soon as our eyes met, Edgar flinched in embarrassment and hid himself.

I squinted at that sight.

What kind of mischief is he up to today?


As I continued to watch the door, Edgar slowly got up. He glued himself to the window, spying at us. But when I stared at him, he ducked away from the door again.

Eldest Sister had noticed Edgar and smiled and whispered to me.

“I think Edgar wants to be friends with Liliana.”

“I won’t be friendly with him unless he becomes my subordinate.”

“It’s good to be friends.”

“I don’t like it. Edgar committed many misdeeds, so he can’t be anything other than a subordinate. I’ll leave first. Today, Edgar will finally learn who is the leader among us.”

I slowly left the table.

Since I had just finished eating, my sisters didn’t stop me.
I passed the long dining table and crawled on all four to the door.

If I do this, even Edgar won’t be able to find me, right?

As I leaned against the door and glanced at the window, I saw Edgar glancing around in confusion after my sudden disappearance.

I grinned and immediately sprung up, pressing my face against the window.


I yelled, causing Edgar to scream, “Ack–!” As he fell on his butt. I opened the door and ran out, laughing loudly.

Then Edgar, with a bright red face, glared at me and stood up.

“Why did you come here? Are you hungry?”

“I-I’m not hungry! I came today to… with you…

“What? Edgar, speak louder. I couldn’t hear you at all.”

“I came to… play with you.”

“You want to play with me?”

I was startled.

It was somehow possible for Edgar’s face to redden even further.

“That’s right! Since you came from Trovanza, you don’t have any friends here. I can play with you if you so desire.”


Edgar froze at my immediate refusal. His mouth was agape, as if it never occurred to him that he’d be rejected.

“I’ll consider it if you become my subordinate.”

“What kind of nonsense is that!? Why would I be your subordinate!?”

Edgar squeaked. I covered my ears with both hands and frowned.

I decided to just ignore Edgar.

I’ll just head back to my room and play soldiers with Cookie and Jelly.

Edgar followed me as I went out into the hallway.

“Aren’t we going to play?”

“Oh, so you’ve decided to become my subordinate?”

“What does playing have to do with becoming your subordinate?”

It’s different.

Haa, It’s no good. I can’t play with you, but there are things you can do for me.”

“What is it?”

“I want to see the Imperial Palace.”

At my request, Edgar stared at me blankly then smiled. He puffed out his chest and nodded.

“That’s just child’s play. Follow me.”

Then he took the lead as if showing off. I quickly ran after Edgar and made a suggestion.

“Let’s start with the garden.”

“The garden?”

“Isn’t there a garden in the Imperial Palace?”

“Of course there is! The garden of the Imperial Palace is splendid and vast!”

Edgar suddenly got angry at my question and picked up his pace. He held my hand, saying that he’d show me the most wonderful garden in the world.

Even though Edgar was six years old like me, he was nimble.

“Wait a minute, slow down a little!”

As a result, I struggled to catch up with him. If anything, it felt like Edgar was pulling me.

Because I was so winded, I almost stopped walking or let go of his hand, but Edgar dragged me with such force that I had to run.


Out of breath, I couldn’t run anymore. Somehow, I managed to release my hand and sat down on the floor.
Unlike me, who was breathing frantically, Edgar seemed unfazed.

Rather, Edgar looked down on me, displeasure showing on his face.

“Are you struggling with something as trivial as this?”

“It’s hot…”

I fanned my hands vigorously to cool the sweat on my face.

Having frizzy hair stuck to my neck and face was uncomfortable.

If I had known this would happen, I’d have asked Youngest Sister to tie my hair.

After I grow up a bit more, I’ll be able to tie my hair beautifully on my own like Youngest Sister. Right now, I still don’t have that ability. Hmph.

“See, you’re the subordinate! You’re too weak to be the captain!”

“What? Don’t try to usurp me!”

I’m the captain, what are you talking about?

Even though I was out of breath, I was so offended by Edgar’s excessive remarks that I jumped up from the floor.

“Let’s go quickly. I barely broke a sweat.”

I tried to hide my heavy breathing and nudged Edgar, pretending that everything was under control now.

Edgar squinted at me and snorted, before taking the lead.
Instead of running like before, he walked to the garden.

“This is the entrance to the garden.”

An arch-shaped fence marked the entrance to the garden.
A vine was growing on top of the fence, and beyond it was a dense, forest-like environment.


I covered my mouth in glee.

I could barely contain my excitement, and jumped up and down on the spot.

“It’s even more wonderful inside.”

“This is it…!”


“This must be the entrance to the secret forest, and the tower where the evil dragon imprisoned the princess lies ahead!”

Edgar tilted his head at my words, asking what kind of nonsense I was spouting.

“It’s just the entrance to the garden.”

“The princess awaits beyond this garden! In order to save her, we must avoid the evil dragon that watches over the tower!”

Antonio would’ve started playing hero the moment I said that it looked like the entrance to a secret forest, but Edgar still had this befuddled look on his face.

Smoke was about to come out of my ears, but I quickly improvised. Thus, I imagined myself as a warrior riding a stupid donkey named Edgar.

I got even more excited when I thought of him as a donkey.

“Quick, we have to hurry!”

Get down on your knees and crawl on the ground so that the evil dragon won’t see you!

Thinking like that, I was about to hold Edgar’s hand and enter the garden.

“You mustn’t enter.”


A servant carrying pruning shears appeared before we knew it. Perhaps having heard the conversation between me and Edgar, he stopped us.

“What is the matter?”

“Young Duke, I’m sorry to inform you, but you cannot visit the garden today.”

“Why is that?”

“Gardeners are pruning in the garden today, so it’s dangerous. You should come on another day.”

Edgar turned around to look at me, as if to ask if I was okay. He looked a bit dejected, but it couldn’t be helped since the pruning was in session.

If we carelessly wandered around, we would just get injured by a falling tree branch.

“It can’t be helped. Let’s do something else.”

So, we left the garden entrance.

After hesitating for a moment, Edgar asked if I was sad that my plan to see the garden had been canceled.

“Shall we do something else?”

“Why don’t we play kitchen over there?”

I pointed at the flower bed of the Imperial Palace.

Edgar muttered with a look of reluctance on his face.

“Play kitchen?”

“You don’t want to?”

“Uh… It’s a bit…”

“Then I’ll play alone.”

“I-I’ll do it! Let’s do it.”

“Okay! Let’s hurry and play!”

I was afraid that Ed might change his mind, so I rushed to the flower bed. It was cool because it was in the shade of the building.

I picked up a rock and crushed the petals.

Edgar sat awkwardly next to me and just watched me do it.

Good grief.

It seemed that he didn’t know how to play kitchen. I guess it fell upon me to teach him everything.

I plucked a blade of grass and gave it to Edgar.

“I’ll prepare some salad, so you grill the meat.”

“Grill the meat? How is this meat?”

Are all the empire’s kids like Edgar, and don’t know how to play? Or is Edgar a special case?

I frowned and looked at Edgar, then shook my head.

Although being in the shade was refreshing, I still felt hot from all the running around.

…Or wait, did he say something just now?

“Why because of me…”

“Because of you?”

“Why would you attack the maids because of me?”

This question again?

Tak—tak—tak. When I crushed the petals with a rock, red juice spilled out.

If I put this on my nails, will they turn red?

I thought nothing of it and answered Edgar.

“Edgar is a precious person. They shouldn’t say awful things towards such a person.”

I didn’t notice that Edgar didn’t say a word as I was busy spreading the juice from the crushed flower petals on my fingernails.

A while later, when I was puzzled, Edgar asked again.

“Me? A precious person?

When I looked up, Edgar was staring at me, his face as red as a tomato.