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“No, there must be something wrong with my ears,” she thought to herself.

There’s no way this man would say he’ll be my father…

“From today onward, we are a family,” the Grand Duke reiterated, as if putting the lie to her thoughts.

Her mouth fell open involuntarily, but she couldn’t gather her thoughts.

For an orphan like her, being told that they would become family was a truly heartwarming gesture.

However, hearing this phrase from this man was something she never expected and didn’t want to hear.

Because this man was Grand Duke Belloc!

Known for killing ruthlessly, he was the villain who would eventually lead a rebellion in the future!

She panicked for a different reason than she had before.

“Um, sir, are you saying you will be my… father?”


“Is it really alright for you to be my father? I’m an orphan, and I don’t have anything…”

“What does that have to do with anything when I have everything?”

Oh? Right, he’s a Grand Duke, so he must be wealthy.

But! He’s also a father to a daughter!

If she were employed as a servant, she could avoid interacting with him, but becoming his daughter meant facing him every day.

That would increase her chances of being killed.

“I, I have a habit of sleeping with mice!”

She blurted out her last protest, hoping he would retract his previous statement like a fussy lord would to a lady.

“So what?”


“It doesn’t matter if there’s a mouse in your arms or a squirrel next to it.”

Oh no, how did he find out?

She had been diligently covering them with her sleeve, trying to keep them hidden!

She peeked inside her sleeve, half expecting Lux and the sky squirrel to have been seen, but of course, they were well-hidden.

Meanwhile, the Grand Duke asked again, “Is there a problem?”

A problem? Yes, definitely!

…But she couldn’t bring herself to say it. Not at all.

“No, there aren’t any.”

She forced a small smile at the thought of a new family.

But inside, tears of despair flowed freely down her cheeks.

3. A Father Appears

Grand Duke Belloc.

I didn’t know his full name or the intricate details about him, just the rumors spread by Eugene.

Eugene spread rumors, but those were just rumors.

Yet, one thing was certain.

He was a ruthless killer who dispatched nuisances without mercy.

Most people, upon hearing “Grand Duke Belloc,” would think of this fact.

Hence, no one would have expected Grand Duke Belloc to adopt a common orphan girl as his daughter.

Just like the elderly butler in front of me, who looked at me with widened eyes.

“Could you please repeat that?”

The white-haired elderly man looked at me with fluttering eyelids, seeking clarification..

“This person is…?”

“My daughter.”

“Your daughter… Is that really what you mean?”


While the elderly man still seemed stunned, the Grand Duke remained calm.

Naturally, I understood the butler’s reaction.

Who could have predicted this situation?

Even I, directly involved, never foresaw this happening.

Indeed, my heart continued to race.

A moment earlier, before I could even scream, the Grand Duke whisked me here in an instant!

I could somewhat calmly consider that perhaps he used magic, but the sensation of appearing before this butler without warning!

“Th-then, is she… the child Lady Layla bore…?”

“The child has nothing to do with Layla. Nor with me.”

“I apologize.”

Tension filled the air instantly.

While I blinked in confusion, the butler cautiously spoke up.

“I, Dustin, will take care of everything concerning this child.”

With that, the Grand Duke either wielded magic again or vanished swiftly and completely.

Huh? Is he merely abandoning me here? What am I to do?

I didn’t expect any grand gestures or such, but I didn’t expect to be left alone in an unfamiliar place either.

Fortunately, the butler seemed as kind as his appearance suggested.

“Allow me to escort you, Miss.”

The butler extended his hand to me, looking at me as if to ask when I had last been surprised, with a calm expression.

Thanks to that, I calmed my surprised heart and took his hand.

* * *

—Wow, I’m stuffed! That was delicious!’ Lux exclaimed with a satisfied sigh.

Her bulging belly confirmed her satisfaction.

Likewise, the sky squirrel, not as plump as Lux but boasting a full belly, exclaimed,

—These are the best seeds I’ve ever had! Are they sunflower seeds?

—Miss! Don’t get too emotional! There’s still so much we haven’t tried yet!’

Lux suddenly got up, her arms outstretched toward the basket of food and treats the maid had left.

—This is like heaven!

The basket overflowed with mushrooms, seeds, fruits, and pumpkin slices.

Lux joyfully rolled around atop the goodies.

“Is it really that good?”

—It’s amazing!

“What about you?”

—I love it, too.

—Annie, you like it too, right? We have our own room now, and people give us lots of delicious things to eat!

I struggled to respond to Lux’ joyful outbursts.

This place was certainly an improvement from the orphanage.

I now had ‘my own room,’ not expressly readied for me but seemingly one of the available chambers

Nevertheless, it was quite overwhelming for me.

Never before had I possessed a room of my own.

“It’s always been communal living.”

Whether in the orphanage or serving Lady Mallon as a maid, I marveled, ‘Wow, my first room is this spacious…’

But the good points didn’t end there.

From enjoying meat in meals to indulging in expensive sugary snacks like candies, chocolates, and cakes.

Moreover, it wasn’t just cold water; there was warm, frothy water and ample lotion for soothing the skin!

This seemed to apply not just to me but also to Lux and the sky squirrel.

—Eek! What did you get on my fur! Don’t touch my tail! It’s groomed daily, you know!

—Come on, Miss. You think licking is enough? I dive into puddles every morning to soak, you know!

Lux and the sky squirrel were cleaned in places I couldn’t see.

Yet, I vividly heard their conversation.

As I finished bathing and listened to their banter, I felt utterly refreshed.

Then the maids dressed me in clean, soft clothes, which I liked.

The abundance and goodness weren’t just material things.

Not only the elderly butler but also the maids who bathed me, the gentle family physician who checked my health, were kind.

In particular, Doctor Johanna, the physician, took great care to treat even the tiniest scratches on my body.

Despite the short time, there were many things to appreciate.

Yet, there was one crucial flaw that rendered all these benefits meaningless…

Why did it have to be ‘Belloc’ here?

“If only this were another family or if I had entered as a maid according to my wishes.”

Or if Grand Duke was just a terrifying person by rumor.

Rumors often distorted things, and there were different types of killers.

Those who slew countless enemies on the battlefield for their nation.

The kind who killed only bad people doing unethical things.

The kind who just enjoyed killing people without remorse.

Regrettably, in my eyes, Grand Duke Belloc fell into the latter category.

Him taking me in was out of whim or curiosity, considering he casually left me here, just like the chocolate I’m eating.

“Just leaving me here in the estate…”

He saved my life and said he’d adopt me as his daughter, yet his attitude was indifferent.

If only the Grand Duke had taken a liking to me, perhaps that would have been preferable out of sheer terror…

“I’ll be executed for treason at the Crown Prince’s coming-of-age ceremony.”

If Grand Duke died as a traitor, the Belloc family would be labeled as traitors.

A successful rebellion leads to revolution; a failed one leads to execution.

What would happen to me, adopted into such a family?

“I’d probably be the first to be executed.”

It’s pitch black in front of me. I’ve just gained a father figure for the first time, and he’s not only a ruthless killer but also potentially a traitor!

Yet, there was one difference since I returned.

I still have both my arms thanks to giving Grand Duke a necklace in gratitude!

But prior to the scheduled execution for treason…

“No, I might die by Grand Duke’s hand before that.”

Unable to share this with Lux and the sky squirrel, I silently wept and slumped onto the table.

“If only I had entered as a maid, I could have saved until I was eighteen and left!”

How did everything become so entangled?

I definitely need to escape. As soon as possible!