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I stopped Lucian before he could say anything else.

These were the words I had practiced countless times for this exact moment ever since I heard Grand Duke Lucian’s name from Larino.

After all, even though Larino gave me direction, he didn’t tell me the method.

“First of all, I—

I mustered all my strength.

The sunlight cast a shadow over Grand Duke Lucian’s face, so it was difficult to make out his expression.

It was fortunate for me. I gulped.

“—I’m not interested in becoming the successor to the Grand Duke’s family. What I want is this. Getting out of the marriage. Nothing else matters. I already know that the Grand Duke has a child. I have no objection to the child inheriting the title of Grand Duke.”

I knew I was getting ahead of myself, but I desperately went on.

Again, a promise between two countries was at a stake in this marriage.

Based on this marriage, the Boswell Empire will send troops to my homeland, and in return, my father promised to open trade routes for the Boswell Empire.

It wasn’t such an empty promise that a lowly individual could break. Otherwise, the King of Medice will hunt me down and sacrifice me to Boswell. They said that they were my flesh and blood, but they still exalted others.


I rambled like a madwoman.

“I don’t mind if the Grand Duke is seeing another woman. I’ll say it again, what I want is to avoid the marriage, not to put pressure on the Grand Duke’s life. However, the Grand Duke will also need a woman of his status. I’m saying that I’ll be your shield.”

What does the Grand Duke think of this? It’s okay, Belissa, your proposal isn’t over yet.

“Thirdly, I can solve the problem of the infectious diseases currently spreading in The Navy.”

In fact, that was what kept Grand Duke Lucian busy at the moment.

There was an infectious disease going around in The Navy, which was also the reason why The Navy’s current vigilance was particularly high. Grand Duke Lucian was working hard to prevent the epidemic from spreading to Florence.

What happened was, after Frederick and I left, the epidemic spread in Florence, leading the current emperor to chain the grand duke’s ankle there.

As I took a deep breath, Grand Duke Lucian raised his hand.

His hand was rough-looking, with large calluses. Because I was transfixed by his hands, I lost the initiative.

Grand Duke Lucian spoke.

“Where did you obtain such information, Princess?”

He stood up and approached me threateningly. There was a sharp edge in the eyes looking at me.

My heart pounded. My hand gripping the handle tightened.

Grand Duke Lucian leaned his body toward me.

Before I knew it, a large hand went over my shoulder, to my chair. Then, as I crossed my arms, his other hand went to the chair’s handle.

My arms and body were completely taken prisoner by Lucian.

Grand Duke Lucian growled.

“Did someone plant a spy in the castle? Or did some senseless moron from The Navy let the princess’ maid through? Or was it the princess herself…”

“That isn’t the case. Don’t insult me.”

I spat out coldly.

“We boarded the same boat! I saw you on the way! I also saw bodies being thrown into the sea from the boat!”

Trapped in his shadow, I mustered those words as my blood ran cold.

“That was Grand Duke Lucian’s aide, Valek. Surely, everyone on the ship knew what was going on, right? I’m no exception. After all, Medice also has a similar predicament!”

His gaze was a gleaming blue blade that threatened to pierce me. The man’s intimidation slowly crushed me.

Grand Duke Lucian sharply responded to my words.

“So, you were feigning ignorance and only stepped forward when there was something to gain.”

“I’m no saint, Grand Duke. I don’t go to work in other countries without reason. As the Grand Duke said, there’s something I want to gain, and it’s the seat next to the Grand Duke. After becoming Grand Duchess, The Navy and I will have a close relationship. I only stepped forward because it will become my family’s business and not some other countries.”

I maintained my composure as I spoke.

Grand Duke Lucian kept eye contact with me and grinned, baring his teeth.

“Got it, Princess. You’re making a deal with me, with the lives of my soldiers as the bargaining chips.”

I took a deep breath.

He’s free to think that way.

It’d be too hypocritical for me to say that I made such a proposal for humanitarian reasons.

Grand Duke Lucian withdrew from me.

I ran the tip of my tongue over my dry lips. The tension could be cut with a knife.

“Please think of it as the effort of someone who is willing to do anything out of desperation.”

Grand Duke Lucian stroked his head, pushing back his hair. Then, he looked at me and pulled out a cigar only to put it back.

It took everything out of me to watch his pale white hand move. I felt like I had exhausted all my energy.

“Why do you want to get out of this marriage so badly?”

Maybe it would’ve been better to throw myself into the Grand Duke’s arms and profess my love to him.

However, the milk was already spilled.

“God sent me here.”

The man interjected.

“Then shouldn’t you follow that revelation?”

I saw the token of God that hung on his neck. When I avoided answering, using God’s will as a pretense, the man smirked.

“I’m useful. So, hire me.”

As he sharply glared at me, his gaze resembled the coolness of a blade.

I gulped with my heart fluttering like a little bird.

The scent of cinnamon pervaded the neat and tidy room, free of the sweaty smell characteristic of a soldier. The contrast created a bizarre atmosphere. Even more bizarre was the ascetic neatness of the man sitting like a statue in said perfect room.

His face looked more like that of a scion than a hardened soldier.

The abundant eyelashes hiding the lowered blue eyes gave off a unique atmosphere.

Without realizing it, I licked my lips.

Did I sufficiently pique Grand Duke Lucian’s interest?

My lower abdomen tightened with tension.

Just as I was about to open my mouth, about to say something, Grand Duke Lucian spoke.

“People can be useful anywhere. If it’s useless everywhere, it should be disposed of. Can something like that even be called a person?”

The man gave a twisted laugh.

“—Now, it’s about whether or not I need the princess’ usefulness.”

I was buried deep within his deep blue eyes, which took on the iciness and solidness of sapphire. The jewel-like eyes sparkled like morning stars and were devoid of any emotion.

The man’s gaze slowly swept over me from head to toe, sizing me up.

As a princess, I had no choice but to endure it in silence, even though I had never experienced such rudeness before. I kept my head high.

“So, in Grand Duke’s eyes, am I worthy enough?”


His sleek eyes narrowed. He was smiling, yet he still didn’t look friendly in the slightest. Perhaps it was beyond him.

“The princess will have to prove her usefulness.”

Lucian stood up with a chilling gaze.

“Show me how to cure this epidemic, Princess, and then we’ll talk.”

I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be that simple. Nevertheless, the important thing was that I got the opportunity.

My back was damp.

“Come with me.”

Grand Duke Lucian nimbly stood. I followed him at a slightly faster pace.

Who would’ve guessed that I would end up getting involved so deeply with The Navy?

Soldiers passing by looked at me with curious eyes, but when they saw Lucian, they lowered their heads and averted their gaze.

So many eyes were looking at me, my skin felt prickled with thorns.

…Come to think of it, had I ever been surrounded by so many men before?

Eleanor, evidence of the affair, Frederick, their child, the inheritance… And Countess Briana…

I ran those words over my head, and it worked. I regained my courage and strength.

I clutched my necklace.

The Seven Stars of the Goddess Medea.

Now, all the stars had lost their light. I recalled my mother, who gave me that necklace before she passed away.

May the star of Goddess Medea be with you, Belissa.”

Goddess Medea only helped those who worked hard.

It was my responsibility to pioneer a new path through the door She had opened for me.