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It was a tender call. Eve listened to the voice while still half-sleep, wondering if anyone had called her so lovingly in years.

“Eve, you need to wake up.”

A soft touch ran through her hair. Eve slowly remembered the owner of the voice.


As soon as she woke fully, her eyes widened. Arsen, the notorious womanizer, dared to call her name.

But Eve panicked even more when she confirmed that she had slept with her head leaning on his shoulder.

‘Have I gone crazy?!’

Charles patted Eve’s shoulder, breaking her shocked silence.

“Eve, it’s me. Charles.”

“…..Charles? Oh.”

As she tried to push his hand away, Eve hesitated. Yes, this man wasn’t Arsen. She looked at Charles, who had the same face as Arsen, but wore a gentle smile that Arsen would never show in front of her.

“You called me by my name for the first time.”

“…..Is your name really Charles?”

“It’s a common name.”

Charles replied, thinking that Eve wouldn’t believe he was the Emperor anyway. But in reality, Eve began to doubt more and more as time passed.

His casual arrogance in speaking treason, the relaxed attitude he seemed to have from the beginning, and the occasional imposing presence that made everyone around him freeze.

He was different from the Emperor she knew, but as a mere noblewoman who never really understood the Emperor, she couldn’t truly tell. If the man in front of her was indeed the Emperor…

‘I could gain a great supporter.’

But Eve still didn’t let go of her suspicions. She couldn’t repeat the foolishness of her past life. She would trust no one, doubt, and be suspicious. No one could underestimate her or harm her.

“Anyway, since many eyes are watching, I’ll just call you Arsen.”

“Oh, does that mean when no one is looking, you would call me Charles?”

“What an honor.” Eve deliberately turned away from the smiling man.

“We seem to have arrived. Let’s get out.”

Charles, who had already descended before Eve, held out his arm to her.

“Hold on.”

How did he get here? Feeling slightly embarrassed, Eve took his arm and stepped out of the carriage. And before her, the grandeur of the palace she hadn’t seen in a long time unfolded.

The white marble, the blue-painted roofs, the serene beauty accentuated by the elegant gardens and the emblem of the imperial family, the blue and gold shield patterns. It was the Roseor Palace where the Emperor resided.

“Why did you move the residence here, Your Majesty?”

Originally, for generations, the imperial residence was not here, but at the Saint Michel Palace. Located to the west, it was larger, more splendid, and famous for its crystal greenhouse instead of glass, symbolizing the majesty of the imperial family.

This time, however, the newly crowned emperor had decided to move his residence to Roseor. There were many speculations about this, the most credible being that the Emperor had a disdain for the Saint Michel Palace, where his cousin had been killed.

Charles replied seriously to Eve’s casual question.

“Originally, the Tournai Empire began here. We’ve returned to our roots.”

Eve looked at Charles. He was staring at the palace with a contemplative expression.

“Golden roses, that’s quite interesting. Something that doesn’t exist in the world. Like someone.”

Roseor. The name of the palace literally meant “Golden Rose.” However, Charles’ expression seemed a bit lonely, not only because of the palace’s name.

Without realizing it, Eve added to his thoughts.

“…..If anyone saw you, they’d think you were the emperor.”

“Wow, still not willing to bend your will?”

“For now.”

“Stubborn, aren’t you?”

Charles said, but with a smile on his lips. Eve felt a strange relief at that, then surprised herself with the feeling.

“I should have had breakfast before I came out.”

It seemed she was a little dizzy from hunger. Eve made a clumsy excuse for her behavior as she entered the palace.

Inside, among the bustling crowd of nobles, there were those who recognized Duke Fontaine and his wife. Well, actually, quite a few of them did.

“Isn’t that Duke Fontaine and his wife?”

“Could the rumors be true? That Duke Fontaine has changed…”

“Could it be? Margrave Verratti came. Maybe he’s intimidating them into submission.”

“Where would his arrogance go?”

“It’s not like Mrs. Fontaine’s husband to tremble in front of anyone.”

As she listened to the murmurs that could be heard by everyone, Eve cursed inwardly. She wished people who gossiped about others would just keep their mouths shut.

Suddenly, Charles, who was standing next to her, smiled and said, “We seem to be quite popular.”

“Thanks to whom? Usually we’re just fodder for gossip. If you didn’t like it, you shouldn’t have come to the palace in the first place… Cha, no, Arsen?”

Catching her somewhat abrupt retort as she noticed Charles striding away, she quickly followed him. He approached a noble who had been gossiping and asked, “What did you just say?”


The noble’s expression turned uncomfortable at the sudden question. Eve quickly grabbed Charles’ sleeve.

“Arsen, why are you doing this? On such a beautiful day.”

“Oh, just curious. What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

The nobleman brazenly retorted and soon laughed mockingly and asked, “Did you hear something? What did you hear that made you act this way?”

Charles’ grip on the man’s jaw tightened.

Without knowing the subject, how dare he?

No one had ever dared to speak to him, the Emperor, in such a manner. It wasn’t because he was the Emperor, it was because he was such a figure from the very beginning. His dignity was unshakable, his nobility eternal.

But here was a man who dismissed him as a mere duke, a womanizer. And worse, he spoke ill of Eve. ‘I could guess the level of that woman who would welcome a man who’s rolled in dirt everywhere,’ he thought.

Finally, Charles snidely remarked, “You must have nine lives?”

“What did you say?”

“Oh, couldn’t you hear? I meant you wouldn’t feel refreshed even if you were hanged eight times.”


“Oh my, isn’t that Count Dupont?”

Eve stepped in front of Charles at that moment, smiling politely.

Charles was furious. ‘How dare that man speak to you like that?’

But the man, Count Dupont, chuckled at Eve’s polite greeting.

“Yes, what about me? Do you know me?”

“How could you not know the Count? Your wife’s taste is quite consistent.”

“Excuse me?”

Seeing the Count’s puzzled expression, Eve gracefully covered her smile with a fan and spoke.

“Oh dear, didn’t you know? It’s rumored among the noble ladies that Count Dupont’s wife has a penchant for middle-aged men with sparse white hair. It’s been gossiped about ever since I got married… pretty consistent, isn’t it?”

“That’s, uh…”

“Oh, but they say that as time goes on, those who meet her seem to get better…”

Eve looked at Count Dupont from head to toe, then added with a grin, “You should try a little harder, Your Lordship.”

Count Dupont’s face turned red and blue at Eve’s comment.

“What nonsense is this?”

At Count Dupont’s loud voice, Charles pushed Eve back and stepped forward. His gaze was more stern than ever.

“Why do you say that? Your wife flirts with every man. Before you get involved with other men’s wives, take care of your own, understand? Is that too difficult?”

Charles poked him threateningly in the chest.

“Mind your own business. Understand?”


Uh-oh, this could escalate into a fight. As everyone watched nervously, Tiago stepped in.

“His Majesty the Emperor is coming!”

Following the booming voice, the emperor appeared. It was time for everyone to kneel.

Following the example of the other nobles, Eve knelt and saluted the Emperor, and Charles reluctantly knelt as well. Count Dupont, who had been standing arrogantly, bowed hastily when he realized that all eyes were on him.

“….All rise.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Upon hearing this, Eve looked up at the emperor. Although he was standing far away and not clearly visible, his broad shoulders, slender waist, and long golden hair swaying like silk were unmistakable. And fortunately, Cecilia was nowhere in sight.

“Am I really that handsome?”

Charles asked Eve, who was concentrating, with a mischievous look. Eve glared at Charles.

“That’s not the point.”

“Right. If it weren’t for my wife, it wouldn’t matter.”

“Oh, really…”

This man shouldn’t act like this if he could be the real emperor. It was problematic how he always irritated people. Even if he did not know it, he seemed to have a knack for getting on people’s nerves.

“Anyway, let’s go first. In case Count Dupont feels like pouring some wine on me or something.”

Charles whispered as he noticed Dupont staring at them angrily. Eve nodded casually.

Then they walked away from Count Dupont as inconspicuously as possible. Suddenly, Eve burst out laughing.

“Haha, hahaha…!”


Charles watched her genuine smile for a moment before asking, “Was it amusing?”

“Yes, a bit. I didn’t expect it, but it’s refreshing inside. Did you see the look on Count Dupont’s face? Priceless.”

“Thank you. For filling in for me.”

Charles’ sudden gratitude made Eve pause in her cheerful banter. After a moment, she said with a slightly flushed face.